Dr. Urelix

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Dr. Urelix
NPC Info
X: -6196 Z: -7614
Location Golem Factory
Quest Involved An Iron Heart Part II

Dr. Urelix is the NPC contacted at the middle/end of the quest An Iron Heart Part II. He is located first in his house, and then later, in his office in the Iron Golem Factory. When the player reaches his office, he offers them the choice of taking his bribe or reporting him to Detective Hart. If the player decides to take his bribe at the end of the An Iron Heart Part II, he will give them 12 Emerald Blocks and the Shameful Greaves.

A scene involving Dr. Urelix occurs in Realm of Light II - Taproot, in which the player is again forced to choose between supporting or stopping Urelix, however, in this case, the only actual option the player has is to help Urelix.

Dr. Urelix also reappears in A Hunter's Calling, where he enlists the player to lure three swamp dwellers to his laboratory to be turned into iron golems.

Golem Factory
-6196, 47, -7614