Realm of Light II - Taproot

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Realm of Light II - Taproot CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Medium
Tags Storyline
Location Dark Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 62
Starter NPC Lari
Required Quest Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes
Reward As follows:

Realm of Light II - Taproot is a long level 62 quest in which the player learns more about the Realm of Light.


The player and Lari are summoned to the Taproot, in which the player must face a test of their worthiness to be selected by the Light.

Stage 1

» Find Lari in the Dark Forest at [-1257, 43, -5474]



  • Lari: ...oh. <playername>, you're back. Ehm...I have to say, I'm...rather busy at the moment.
  • Lari: I have...important things to do. This accursed Decay...I have to end it. This all needs to stop.
  • Lari: I am thankful for your aid with the...the Grootslang, but I do not believe you will be able to help with this- Simply a matter of scale.
  • Lari: I apologize, but I need to focus on my task here. If, perhaps, you could come back another time? And, I do mean that sincerely...
  • Lari: I can't even recall how many attempts this will make...but all my knowledge has gone into this. This must work.

Stage 2

» Follow Lari to the black spot next to her camp.
You should follow Lari. There has to be something you can do.

Dark Forest
-1298, 43, -5481
Wynncraft Map


  • Lari: ...I suppose I can't fault you for being curious. You may have seen a large, dark-looking patch of ground on your way here- I am trying to tend to it once more.
  • Lari: It is...the most obvious stain of the decay, and very intense...if I can scrub this out, the rest should follow.
  • Lari: This concoction of mine the trick!
  • Lari:'s working!! I can feel it, the land is reacting positively!
  • Lari: I...I... It was working, a-and... Agh, why can't I get this RIGHT?!
  • Lari: How many decades have I been doing this? How much time have I wasted, just...flailing like this?!
  • Lari: Look, <playername>, I...I don't know what you expect to do against this. The Wyrm was one thing, but...this is beyond your comprehension.
  • Lari: I think you sh... Should...w-what is... Now, of all times? As I fail?!
  • Lari: The road, look! He's contacting me! A-are you finally giving me the answers I've asked for?

Stage 3

» Follow the trail of magic leading from the black spot.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to where to follow the trail.
Go along the path to the north-west, then turn right towards the north-east. Follow the path up the mountain, until you reach a small cave with a gate at (-1329, 85, -5606).

Stage 4

» Talk to Lari outside the weird gate at [-1329, 85, -5606]



  • Lari: ...I followed you seeking answers...and here, I am presented with more questions. Why did he bring us here?
  • Lari: This gate has appeared, immovable and impassable, since the moment that...that everything started.
  • Lari: I don' he trying to remind me of what's at stake? Did he want to show y- No, that's...he wouldn't know you...but then, what IS this about?!
  • Lari: Rrgh... ANSWER ME! PLEASE! I've begged you for so long to answer!
  • Lari: You gave me my task and your light but never told me what to DO! I've tried everything I can think of!!
  • Lari: Tell me! Please, just t-tell me already!! I don't know how much longer I can stand this!!
  • Lari: I...a-another one? Where are you leading me now?
  • Lari: It...the gateway...? Are you...I can't understand! Why this, again?
  • Lari: You showed me this before... At first, when you first contacted me. I made the choice...
  • Lari: Must I make it again? Is that it, do I need to prove myself to you once more?
  • Lari: I...what? present me with this, but refuse to let me do what you want?
  • Lari: <playername>...please, can you investigate the doorway? There must be something wrong that I don't understand.

Stage 5

» Enter the door.

Stage 6

» Listen to the meeting.



  • ???: My pulse... Human. I must inquire to you. I present you a test. Guide your attention to those you see.
  • ???: I must see the rhythm your heart beats. Listen well.
  • Mayor: This has gone far enough. I can't do this anymore! I can't give you any more and I refuse to apologize for it!
  • Dr. Urelix: You know our deal. Remember what good you are doing by following the plans I've laid out for you.
  • Dr. Urelix: Are you going to let your emotions cloud your judgment? You're a smarter man than that, Mr. Mayor.
  • Mayor: You can't possibly believe that throwing away the lives of innocent people is right! I can't go on with this on my conscience!
  • Mayor: Detective Hart WILL be hearing from me, and he'll be hearing everything. We can't keep sacrificing our own like this!
  • Dr. Urelix: Our golems have single-handedly turned the tide of the Humans' corruption war. You would save ten here and sentence a thousand to die overseas?
  • Mayor: You're a sick, twisted man, Urelix. I will not abide by this a moment longer.
  • ???: My pulse, you must decide. Three paths diverge upon your road.
  • ???: You may leave. The rays of fate will see to destiny unfolding.
  • ???: You may end this ''Mayor's'' life. Blood upon your hands in many ways.
  • ???: You may end the life of Urelix. Heartbeats ceased by a bleeding heart.
  • ???: Which way does your heart beat? How will you cast your light? Can you see?

Stage 7

» Make your choice.

If you choose to leave or kill Urelix:
  • ???: My pulse... The blood of a bleeding heart has poisoned me. Even if you believe the sun should shine elsewhere, you must direct it yourself.
  • ???: You must realize what is needed. You must see light through my lens.
  • ???: To leave... As destiny unfolds, the sun shall set.
  • ???: To end this ''Mayor's'' life... To snuff out one whose heart aches is painful.
  • ???: To end the life of Urelix... The shadows of war shall engulf all.
  • ???: My pulse, there is only one choice. You must do what is required, I beg of you.
If you choose to kill the Mayor:
  • Dr. Urelix: Ah, you recognize necessity. That couldn't have been pleasant...but what's needed isn't pleasant, in the end.
  • ???: My pulse, you are worthy!

Stage 8

» Enter the door.



  • Lari: ...I didn't think you would be able to help, but I had to ask. So...was this for nothing?
  • Lari: Wait...y-you...had a choice? He gave you the choice too?! A-Already?!
  • Lari: Wh- I don't understand! just arrived to Gavel! You haven't seen its decline! Felt its pain!
  • Lari: What did you do?! The gate is opening? YOU did this?! I know your heart is in the right place, but you're a stranger to this land!
  • Lari: I...I...rrrgh... AAAAGH!! This isn't fair!! I've worked for decades and the light just...throws me to the wayside?!
  • Lari: PLEASE! Just let me in!
  • ???: My pulse, you must leave her be. Her heart's emotions have overpowered her mind's judgement. She must learn to separate them as you have.
  • Lari: Please... You can't DO this to me!!
  • Lari: Why do you want this human to enter the Taproot?! What's special about them, what's their connection? What have they done that I haven't?! Tell me, please! Let me be useful!!

Stage 9

» Enter The Taproot

Stage 10

» Explore the weird realm

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TappedRoot.png Tapped Root 60 2165 Melee - - - Weird Realm

You must parkour across the weird realm, while avoiding the occasional mob, to trigger the lines of dialogue.

  • ???: Your heartbeat beats in time with mine. Your mind is unclouded, despite the fury you have been steeped in. My pulse, you are needed.
  • ???: Your eyes cannot see the scope of the realms. You must allow me to shed light upon them- You must see the connections.
  • ???: Light... Dark... We oppose. I am light. It is dark. Our places reflect this land...and it is plain- The sun is setting. Light is fading
  • ???: The land you visit warps with the slow siphoning of my light, my blood. It becomes outlandish and strange-Oppressive and alien.
  • ???: As dusk approaches- As darkness spreads- My heart slows and stops. My pulse, you are needed. You shall be as one with me, and you shall see.
  • ???: The Realm of Light needs life anew- A new pulse. It need you.

Stage 11

» Explore the Light Forest.

  • ???: Our light is synchronous! You may see what I must have you see...
  • ???: Follow the road. You must witness the reason behind my trial.
  • ???: See my memories. The memories of the realm. See...and be enlightened.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Cow(Level1).png Cow 1 9 - - - - Light Forest
Grook.png Grook 1 5 - - - - Light Forest
ForestGuardian(Passive).png Forest Guardian 70 20000 - -

- Light Forest
RussetOwl.png Russet Owl 60 5000 - - - - Light Forest
SmokyOwl.png Smoky Owl 60 5000 - - - - Light Forest
ConstructionCrew.png Construction Crew 60 35000 - - - - Light Forest
Around Wall
DocileWolf.png Docile Wolf 64 2450 Melee -
- Light Forest
ForestGuardian(Hostile).png Forest Guardian 70 6000 Melee Multihit


- Light Forest
LightFungus.png Light Fungus 65 2005 Melee Charge
- Light Forest
LostBearCub.png Lost Bear Cub 61 2200 Melee - - - Light Forest
ForestOwl.png Forest Owl 70 3000 Melee -


- Light Forest
Abelia.png Abelia 65 2000 Burst Ranged -

- Light Forest
File:ScionofTalor.png Scion of Talor 65 40000 Passive - - - Light Forest
Shrine at -1624, -6994

Travel along the path until you reach a door at (-1850, 41, -6942). The watchman will emit a series of particles and attack you.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Watchman.png Watchman 65 10000 Ranged Charge, Meteor
- Light Forest

Kill the watchman to open the door.

  • The door is being opened...

Then, keep going until you reach another door at (-1892, 50, -6800).

  • The cog is missing a piece...
  • Maybe there is something you can use around. Might be good to backtrack.
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to fix the cog.
Pick up the Golden Cog Piece at (-1945, 64, -6860) and right-click it into the cog at (-1889, 52, -6796) to fix it and to open the door.
  • The piece of metal fit in the cog...
  • The mechanism has been fixed...

Continue along the path until you reach a dark spot behind two stones.

  • ???: Witness it... The Equinox. Learn why you are needed, my pulse.
  • ???: Witness it. The vile emergence...
  • ???: Witness the beginning of decay.

A long cutscene of Lari fighting a darkness parasite will then play.



  • Lari: My light...I won't let you down!
  • Lari: You! You don't belong here!
  • Lari: Wah! Back away, I don't want to hurt you!
  • Lari: I can do this... Orphion, lend me your voice!
  • Lari: Return to your realm in peace!
  • Lari: Your power is blinded by light. You cannot win!
  • Lari: Peace, strange creature! You must be peaceful!
  • Lari: Why isn't this working? Even Orphion's voice...
  • Lari: It's scarring the land... I need to end this, quickly...
  • Lari: His light... This power... I can do this!
  • Lari: The embodiment of light supports me!
  • Lari: You cannot fight the focus of pure light!
  • Lari: Be done! I bind you with Orphion's light!
  • Lari:'s n-not holding?!
  • ???: Lari... A conflicted heart failed to channel my light. She refused to battle.
  • ???: The vile intruder was weak... But every opportunity to strike, exchanged for words to the deaf.
  • ???: My pulse... it pains me. Her light simply fails to shine where it is needed, and so we are here.

Stage 12

» Talk to Lari outside the Taproot gate.



  • Lari: I... I...hope you'll forgive me, <playername>. My anger wasn't with you. I...j-just...
  • Lari: I work for untold years, trying to save this province, to save a Realm... All to so little avail. To the sound of silence from the one I'm trying to help.
  • Lari: And then, you appear, and... I still haven't ever been in there. I'd...I'd ask what it was like, but it's...probably private, right?
  • Lari: least I have an ally now, r-right? But...I'm afraid that... N-no, it's silly, you don't need to hear me fretting.
  • Lari: I... I promise I can still be useful. I'll... I'll find a way. I promise you. I'll...get out of your way, for now.