An Iron Heart Part II

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An Iron Heart Part II CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Medium
Location Olux Swamp
Province Gavel
Combat Level 58
Starter NPC Detective Hart
Required Quest An Iron Heart Part I
Required Item Mechanical Reactor
Reward As follows:

An Iron Heart Part II is a long level 58 quest and the second in a questline revolving around the Iron Golem Factory near Olux.


The player is tasked with investigating the recent disappearances of a large number of Olux citizens.

Stage 1

» Speak to Detective Hart at [-1745, 66, -5479]



  • Detective Hart: Hotor, Athomo, Arperi, Etyir, Taiyroth, On'omi, Danin, Nesys, Onton. All missing...
  • Detective Hart: Etan is the latest. You don't happen to know anything about these people, soldier?
  • Detective Hart: Citizens are going missing at an alarming rate. We have lost 10 people in just 3 weeks. There hasn't been a trace of them anywhere.
  • Detective Hart: You wouldn't have expected it, with all the guard golems we've been donated recently! Olux should be safer than ever.
  • Detective Hart: Of course I have my suspicions, there are rumors floating around about...shady business going on.
  • Detective Hart: I don't know who to trust in these circumstances, so if you would be willing to aid in this investigation, I'd be rather thankful.
  • Detective Hart: The “Great” Daxe is a man with a criminal past. He knows things the police don't, but he won't talk with me, given my status.
  • Detective Hart: Can you try to get some information from him? You can find his hut west from here. Next to that Elven girl's camp.

Stage 2

» Follow the west road and speak with Daxe in his home at [-1924, 55, -5466]

Dialogue without Mechanical Reactor:

  • Daxe: Oh, so a human wishes to wander into the home of the great Daxe?
  • Daxe: Unfortunately for you, I'm not fond of visitors. I've left my criminal past behind.
  • Daxe: So go on. I don't have anything to tell you.
  • Duvale mentioned rumors about an illegal factory in the swamp... If Daxe's criminal past had to do with this, maybe the [Mechanical Reactor] will cause him to react. Duvale mentioned he had spares, should they be needed.

Dialogue: (with Mechanical Reactor)

  • Daxe: Oh, so a human wishes to wander into the home of the great Daxe?
  • Daxe: Unfortunately for you, I'm not fond of visitors. I've left my criminal past
  • Daxe: What's that device you have there? So you already know about this, then...?
  • Daxe: Hm! If you already know, what do you need the information for?
  • Guard Golem: BZZT. -------...? Mad----ne...?
  • Guard Golem: MADELEINE! Where's...wait! ------ ---------- where am I? WHO'S VOICE IS THIS?!
  • Daxe: Wait, what in the world is going on?! What did you do to my golem?!
  • Guard Golem?: They... m- --------... SHUT UP! QUIET! Who's giving me orders- -- ------- Cold! COLD!
  • Daxe: Wait, your daughter?! M-Madeleine...? I...h-how...what...?
  • Daxe: aren't...dead steel? You remember your name...?!
  • Guard Golem?: STOP GIVING ME ORDERS!! I'M...I'M THEODORE! I'M --- - -------- I...where has my life gone...? Where is...
  • Guard Golem?: Madeleine... Where are you- ------------ ----------- BZZT. ... ... ...
  • Daxe: I... I can't believe it. They didn't...they're still...
  • Daxe: Dear god, that...that must...I'll talk. I will tell you what I know.
  • Daxe: I broke into the golem factory for petty thievery...and found them. They gave me this Golem... Theodore...later to keep me quiet.
  • Daxe: They assured me that they were gone, that every last bit of them was erased. They...those monsters lied to me...
  • Daxe: Follow this road west and turn right. Look for Urelix. The factory is hidden in a cabin, it won't look like a factory.

Stage 3

» Head to the Golem Factory at [-2119, 55, -5557]

Stage 4

» Find a way to deactivate the Guard Golem

  • Maybe something can deactivate the golem guarding the entrance
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to deactivate the golem.

Right-click the golem with your Mechanical Reactor to deactivate it. If you lost your Reactor, see Tips.

The guard golem left...but the reactor has stopped working.

Iron Golem Factory
-2115, 57, -5565
Wynncraft Map


  • Urelix: And what do you think you are doing, barging into my humble home like this? Do they not teach humans manners in Wynn?
  • Urelix: Ah, yes. You are correct- I oversee the creation of Guard Golems. What of it?
  • Urelix: Oh, you believe that our company is illicit somehow? You insult me so!
  • Urelix: My golems have protected countless people for years. So if you think my company is corrupt, why don't you take a look around?
  • Urelix: Go on, search through my house. See if you can find anything.

Stage 5

» Find a way into the factory in Urelix's house

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get into the factory.

Right-click the lever at (-2118, 57, -5574). This will open the door at (-2108, 57, -5563); go through it and head all the way up the stairs to pick up the key at (-2107, 70, -5563). Go back down to the second floor and use the key on the door at (-2109, 63, -5569), then head to the room at (-2115, 63, -5567) and complete the puzzle by right-clicking the letters in the order A-B-C-D-E. The bookshelves will open, revealing a balcony with stairs to the roof. Enter the door at (-2117, 69, -5570) to get into the factory.

Stage 6

» Escape the Golem Factory and find Urelix.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get out of the factory.
Follow the first path, avoiding objects falling from the ceiling. Go through the tunnel, then follow the next path, which will trigger the following dialogue:
  • ???: Initiating Chip Insertion Machine - All personell in machine be advised, avoid the spikes.

Avoid the spikes pressing repeatedly from the ceiling, then head through the second tunnel, and follow the next path while avoiding the mobs on it. Go through the next tunnel, then stand on the platform to get it to start rising and dodge the flamethrower attacks from the turrets on the walls. Once you reach the top, go across the path, then drop down without hitting any of the blocks. Enter the next tunnel, and head across the next path while avoiding mobs again, then enter another tunnel, triggering the following dialogue:

  • ???: Intruder Detected - Emergency meltdown initiated. Please evacuate immediately via the emergency exit.
Parkour across the path, avoiding lava and drops, until you reach an open chamber, in which you must kill a miniboss, the Factory Sentinel. Use its drop to open a door and escape.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SubmissionSentry.png Submission Sentry 60 2300 Ranged AI - ✦ Def - Iron Golem Factory
UnfulfilledGolem.png Unfulfilled Golem 58 2850 Melee AI - ✹ Weak - Iron Golem Factory
FactorySentinel.png Factory Sentinel 65 20000 Melee AI Charge
✹ Weak
Explosive Chip
Iron Golem Factory

Stage 7

» Talk to Dr. Urelix in his office

Iron Golem Factory
-6196, 47, -7614


  • Dr. Urelix: Well well, look at you, here at the end of my factory. I wasn't expecting you to survive the production line. I thought you'd be one of ours by now.
  • Dr. Urelix: That's that, I suppose. Yes, this is indeed where all the iron golems you've ever encountered were made, and if you've gotten here, you know how we make them.
  • Dr. Urelix: Yes, metal forged with unbeatable combination. Emotions and memories must be repressed in order to maintain obedience, of course...
  • Dr. Urelix: Have you ever looked at a golem's eyes? Sometimes they look back, yes. The person they once were is still in there. I almost feel a connection when I make eye contact with them...
  • Dr. Urelix: It's odd, honestly. I'm sure they don't feel much except cold, supposing our safeguards stay in place, of course. I have to assume malfunctions happened to have had you find us out...
  • Dr. Urelix: Oh, look at me now, rambling! I must say I have been alone for a while...well, lacking any company that converses! So, I shall make you a deal, human.
  • Dr. Urelix: I will give you a substantial amount of emeralds and a piece of quality iron armor in return for your silence on my little operation here.
  • Dr. Urelix: I'll advise you to take my deal. Imagine what will happen if you should report my operation to the police. Yes, you'll save a few folk here, but how will the golems be made?
  • Dr. Urelix: Without them, both Gavel and Wynn would struggle under the weight of our wars. Is this operation so immoral, then? Sacrifices must be made in order to survive.
  • Dr. Urelix: I'll give you some time to consider my proposition. Take from my chest if you wish to take up my offer, otherwise get out of here and do not return.

Stage 8

» Either take the bribe or return to Detective Hart

If you take the bribe:


  • Dr. Urelix: Ahh, a wise choice. Production will continue then...and you've earned yourself a pocket full of emeralds at the same time.
  • Dr. Urelix: Whether you truly see things my way or simply understand that my work is necessary, I couldn't care less. What matters is not your morality, but your choice.
  • Dr. Urelix: Enjoy your armor and money, and please escort yourself to the exit.
If you return to Detective Hart:


  • Detective Hart: You've returned, I see. Any news on the situation?
  • Detective Hart: Yes, we're aware of the Golem factory. Were the criminals using it as a base?
  • Detective Hart: Wha...fleshcrafting?! Golems are powered by suspended villagers?! Is this true, soldier?
  • Detective Hart: We'll need to round up reinforcements immediately, and storm this factory! This cannot go on a moment longer!
  • Detective Hart: Don't think you'll go unrewarded, soldier. There will be justice for this grave defilement of our people.



  • The fully unscrambled guard golem dialogue is the following:
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the unscrambled golem dialogue.
  • BZZT. [ERROR]...? Madeleine...?
  • MADELEINE! Where's...wait! What's happening, where am I? WHO'S VOICE IS THIS?!
  • They... my daughter... SHUT UP! QUIET! Who's giving me orders- NO ORDERS! Cold! COLD!
  • STOP GIVING ME ORDERS!! I'M...I'M THEODORE! I'M NOT A SERVANT! I...where has my life gone...? Where is...
  • Madeleine... Where are you- RE-AFFIRMING DIRECTIVES. BZZT. ... ... ...
  • The guard golems are likely a reference to the Cybermen from the show Doctor Who.
  • This version of the quest is the reworked one from the 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update, the older version can be found here.