Lootrunning Tips and Tricks (2.0.4)

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Lootrun Build - Hero Bash Scream Build

General Tips

Part A - Tips

1. Do not open End Reward Chest when world is about to restart.

2. Log out at 99/100 challenges and wait for daily resets. Complete the run and you get free extra pulls for doing nothing.

3. Sprint meter 0 will make you lose mana.

4. Doing /class pauses the lootrun.

5. /kill won't end the lootrun, use it to fast travel or when fall into the void. Dying during a run will not cause you to lose Soul Points. Wont lose boon effects either.

6. LB & LQ dont affect the End Reward Chest (but good for Materialism / flying-chest runs).

7. Clear the area before opening a chest. Ex. remaining stray bullets flying at the player while opening and it closed the chest with the mythic inside.

Part B - Faster Travel

1. In Rodoroc, there are geysers below shadow altar and bat cave which launches the player upwards to the cave's entrance, these save alot of time please use them.

2. In Sky Islands, they are a lot of **cloud spots** which launch the player upwards or diagonally.

3. In Lutho, they have void holes that teleport you past caves blocked by barriers such as blind burrow.

4. Use the /kill command.

Part C - Q&A

1. Not enough boon buffs or too much curses ?

  • Dexterity skill points and critical damage boons are REQUIRED to scale efficiently past 80ish challenges, an average curse stacked run will be too overwhelming for just raw damage increasing boons.

2. Beacon cycle --> sometimes the desired beacon wont appear ?

  • If you get stuck on the wrong parity, you will need to avoid Orange Beacons and reduce your beacon count before building it back up. Generally you should take Aqua + Orange as many times as necessary to maintain perfect beacon choice within 20-30 challenges.

3. No good mission choices ?

  • Always Aqua boost Light Grey beacons.

4. No Aqua + White at 10th-12th challenge ?

  • get a Red beacon ASAP (getting Red beacon at the 12th will end lootrun)**.

Beacon Tips

1. Stack Orange Beacons to expand your beacon choices to 5-6 choices (max is 6) before Challenge 10 to force out the Rainbow Beacon. Use rerolls after getting to 5-6 beacon choices, so that you can force out early Rainbow Beacon.

2. After you have Rainbow Beacon:

  • What I like to do is take Orange, then Aqua and back into an Orange to get the extra choices to last for +30 challenges.
  • Use reroll for a White after Aqua.

3. Only one Mission can be taken on at a time.

4. Grey Beacons can’t appear if there is an active mission. Also can’t appear before challenge 5. Players should also Aqua boost Grey for the extra mission choice.

5. Purposefully delaying your mission completion to sync with a Light Grey saves more beacons than "messing up then having to skip a couple just to Aqua boost the Light Grey".

6. If objective is not get boons/curses, players can do this trick : [Get Aqua --> finish objective --> Get Grey]. Grey is pretty much immediately 100% after you finish a mission, so thr timing for Grey is just take an Aqua right as you are about to finish the last mission. Ex. if objective is at 13/15 beacons and you're choosing, dont get Aqua right away (Grey is actually next next).

7. Reroll timing on beacons: rerolling even one challenge too early can screw up your next Aqua -> Red -> Green cycles which results in less purples.

8. Reroll when there are two off-challenge beacons in the pool to make the desired beacon pop out.

9. Aqua/Green/Red will not be offered more than once in a row (only get it every other challenge), meaning that the next set of choices CANT contain Aqua/Green/Red, and Blue Beacons / Rainbow Beacon / Greys / Oranges / Yellows / Dark Greys will pop out instead, time your choices to manipulate them. If you can only choose from Aqua/Green/Red, ur screwed.

10. Dexterity skill points and critical damage boons (**critical damage bonus** is good) are REQUIRED to scale efficiently past 80ish challenges, an average curse stacked run will be too overwhelming for just raw damage increasing boons.

  • Blues are taken before 20 because they become rare after like 25
  • Get your last Grey beacon (3/3) no later than ~27th challenge.
  • Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant Red requires Green Beacons to sustain time limit.

11. Dark Grey Timing : take an Aqua + Dark Grey any time you feel it's safe

  • Take it around 30-40th challenge so Dark Grey exits the beacon choices
  • Take it as a Cleansing Ritual fuel
  • Take it ASAP after getting Equilibrium

12. List of 600% beacon buffs :

  • Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant Purple = 6 Curses 6 Pulls
  • Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant White = 30 Challenges
  • Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant Orange = +1 option for 30 challenges
  • Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant Dark Grey = +18 End Pulls, +18 Curses (very dangerous!!!)
  • Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant Blue/Vibrant Light Grey = 5 boon/mission options
  • Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant Red = +12 Challenges
  • Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant Green = +12 min (720s)

13. Red needs a challenge buffer (ex. After 11/12 Challenges, when you complete Red, it will say lootrun completed).

14. White DOES NOT need a challenge buffer (ex. After 15/16 challenges, when you pick White, it wont say lootrun completed).

Mission Tips

1. Restart if you get two useless missions that aren't Equilibrium, Cleansing Ritual, High Roller or Ultimate Sacrifice.

  • Ultimate Sacrifice is used in every run to maximise pulls and should never be skipped unless there is Equilibrium or Cleansing Ritual which are rarer to find.
  • High Roller + Ultimate Sacrifice maximises the rerolls you can get in a lootrun (except Gambling Beast)
  • Ultimate Sacrifice + Redemption = 75% sacrifice

2. Ultimate Sacrifice (usac) downside: lose boon every 120s

  • Finishing challenges above 15min cap wont add to the 120s timer countdown. Even Green Beacons wont add to the 120s timer... (ex. start at 20 min, finish Green and becomes 22 min, but at 20min still loses boon)
  • Normally you’d just cycle a Red, Green, Aqua and Purple every 4 challenges or smth but you’d lose all your boons doing that with usac.
  • If you get usac first mission, you should pass (usually there’s like high roller or redemption there or rare missions too that can be taken instead).

3. Cleansing Ritual or Equilibrium are needed for a good run

  • With just Cleansing Ritual, you take Blue Beacons and Purple. maintain a few curses, so it works as intended
  • With just Equilibrium, you take Purple and Red.

4. Cleansing Ritual only activates right after you finish a challenge, and "the challenge counter has gone up" --> which is why you need a minimum of a 2 challenge buffer.

5. upon activating Materialism, you will not gain the flying chests on that challenge. upon activating Cleansing Ritual, it will immediately eat up a curse on the same challenge you activated it on if any curses are avaliable.

6. "Completing a challenge when over the 15 minute cap or during a Red, the game will say you have gained +1s after the completion ?"

  • Dont be fooled, this is visual and WILL NOT reset your Ultimate Sacrifice timer to count another 120s before losing a boon.
  • During Ultimate Sacrifice DO NOT eat Green to go over 15 min cap** (b.c. afterwards when you complete a challenge, it wont reset 120s timer)

7. Bad interactions WILL harm your run:

  • Bad Omen & Cleansing Ritual : The boon Bad Omen will take away one boost of that boon (max 10 boosts) for every curse removed and WILL go into the negatives until that boon gets deleted or the run ends.
  • Midas Touch & Ultimate Sacrifice : The boon Midas Touch, for every boon you gain, get X effect. If you have Ultimate Sacrifice and it takes away a different boon that isn't the original midas touch, it will make the original midas touch lose one stage of its effect going into negatives

8. If you have "gain X time" missions, you can spam /kill outside of a challenge to remove 1 min because any bonus time above 15min doesnt count.

  • BEWARE : DO NOT /kill if your Aqua is active, you will lose the effect. It is advised to /kill 8 min to include the beacon after Aqua.
  • Green Beacon does still count even if you are at 15 min cap ex. Vibrant Aqua + Vibrant Green still contributes 720s towards gain time objective even though you are at 15 min cap.

9. "I took Ultimate Sacrifice at 6 minutes on the clock, but now I have 15 minutes. Will dropping to 13 minutes make me lose 1 boon, or is it 0 because I have delayed it +9 minutes from the original 6 minutes ?"

  • Test Result : Finishing challenges above 15min cap wont add to the 120s timer countdown. Even Green Beacons wont add to the 120s timer... (ex. start at 20 min, finish Green and becomes 22 min, but at 20min still loses boon).