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An Unidentified Legendary Dagger (Outdated)

Identifications, or IDs, are bonuses found on a variety of items that can boost or hinder the player in various ways. Identifications can affect damage, defense, mobility, XP gain, and more. Major Identification provide even greater changes to gameplay.

The most common source of identifications is from weapons, armor, and accessories. Armor and accessory identifications are applied as long as they are equipped, while weapon identifications are gained as long as you are holding the weapon. You can also obtain identifications through the effects of potions, tomes, and crafted consumables from the Alchemism, Cooking, and Scribing professions.

You can view the identifications you currently have at any time by looking at your Character Info menu.

List of identifications

This is a full list of each available identification in-game, separated by category. For further explanation on identifications marked with a *, see the section below. All identifications can be either positive or negative, though not all identifications have an actual effect if they are negative. For example, negative damage IDs cannot make you deal negative damage, while negative health regen will cause you to lose health over time instead of gaining it.

Skill Points

Name Format Effects
Strength +X Adds or subtracts a value from your Strength skill point count.
Dexterity +X Adds or subtracts a value from your Dexterity skill point count.
Intelligence +X Adds or subtracts a value from your Intelligence skill point count.
Defense +X Adds or subtracts a value from your Defense skill point count.
Agility +X Adds or subtracts a value from your Agility skill point count.


Name Format Effects
Attack Speed* +X tier Increases or decreases your weapon's attack speed by an amount of tiers. See this section for more info on attack speed tiers.
Main Attack Damage (Raw) +X Adds or subtracts an amount of damage to all main attack damage you deal. The damage affected converts proportionally to the elements on your weapon.
Main Attack Damage +X% Increases or decreases your main attack damage by a percentage of your weapon's base damage. Does not affect the Neutral Main Attack Damage ID.
Spell Damage (Raw) +X Adds or subtracts an amount of damage to all spell damage you deal. The damage affected converts proportionally to the elements on your weapon. This damage is affected by the ability's spell multiplier. See each class page for more info on each ability's spell multiplier.
Spell Damage +X% Increases or decreases your spell damage by a percentage of your weapon's base damage per second. Does not affect the Neutral Spell Damage ID.

Health and Mana

Name Format Effects
Health +X Changes your base health by a raw number. Also known as Health Bonus, to avoid confusion with the Health stat on armor and accessories.
Raw Health Regen +X Changes your health regeneration amount by a raw value. Health regeneration occurs every 4 seconds. Negative values cause you to lose health over time instead of gain it.
Percent Health Regen* +X% Changes your Raw Health Regen ID by a percent value. See this section for more information on how this affects regeneration.
Life Steal* +X/3s Changes the amount of health you may gain or lose when using your main attack. See this section for more info on the mechanics of life steal.
Mana Regen +X/5s Increases or decreases the amount of mana you constantly regenerate.
Mana Steal* +X/3s Changes the amount of mana you may gain or lose when using your main attack. See this section for more info on the mechanics of mana steal.

Elemental Damage

Name Format Effects
Earth Damage +X% Increases or decreases all Earth damage you deal by a percentage.
Thunder Damage +X% Increases or decreases all Thunder damage you deal by a percentage.
Water Damage +X% Increases or decreases all Water damage you deal by a percentage.
Fire Damage +X% Increases or decreases all Fire damage you deal by a percentage.
Air Damage +X% Increases or decreases all Air damage you deal by a percentage.

Elemental Defense

Name Format Effects
Earth Defense +X% Increases or decreases your Earth defense by a percentage.
Thunder Defense +X% Increases or decreases your Thunder defense by a percentage.
Water Defense +X% Increases or decreases your Water defense by a percentage.
Fire Defense +X% Increases or decreases your Fire defense by a percentage.
Air Defense +X% Increases or decreases your Air defense by a percentage.

Passive Damage

Name Format Effects
Exploding +X% Increases or decreases the chance of an enemy exploding on death, dealing damage to other nearby mobs. Explosion damage is equal to the damage of your main attack.
Poison +X/3s Increases or decreases the amount of additional damage over time to an enemy after you damage them. Amount refers to the total damage over 3 seconds.
Thorns* +X% Increases or decreases the chance of the attacker taking damage when you take melee damage. See this section for more info on thorns and reflection.
Reflection* +X% Increases or decreases the chance of the attacker taking damage when you take spell or ranged projectile damage. See this section for more info on thorns and reflection.


Name Format Effects
Walk Speed +X% Changes your base movement speed. This ID has a maximum effect at +400% Walk Speed.
Sprint +X% Changes maximum sprint time before the bar is depleted.
Sprint Regen +X% Changes regeneration of the sprint bar.
Jump Height +X Changes maximum jump height.

XP and Gathering

Name Format Effects
Soul Point Regen +X% Increases the chance of gaining an extra Soul Point per day. No effect past +100%.
Loot Bonus* +X% Increases the chance of finding weapons, armour, ingredients, and more, from mobs and loot chests. See this section for more info on loot bonus and loot quality.
Loot Quality* +X% Currently found only on ingredients. Increases the chances of rarer loot from mob and loot chests. See this section for more info on loot bonus and loot quality.
Stealing* +X% Increases the chance of mobs dropping an Emerald when hit. See this section for more info on stealing.
XP Bonus +X% Increases the amount of XP you gain from mobs and dungeons. Experience from Quests, Discoveries, and Raids is not affected.
Gather XP Bonus +X% Currently found only on ingredients. Increases the amount of Gathering XP gained from gathering resources.
Gather Speed +X% Currently found only on ingredients. Increases your gathering power when gathering resources.

Spell Cost

Name Format Effects
Spell Cost* -X% Increases or decreases the mana cost of a specific spell by a percent value.
Raw Spell Cost* -X Increases or decreases the mana cost of a specific spell by a raw value.

Identification Notes

Loot Bonus and Quality

Loot bonus increases the quantity of items found from mob drops and loot chests, while loot quality increases the chance of getting rarer items while reducing the rates of getting common items. The mechanics of each are different depending on whether it is loot from a chest or loot from a mob.

On Chests

Loot bonus and loot quality have a soft cap on boosting loot from chests. Loot bonus softcaps at 80% while loot quality softcaps at 40%. This means that past these points, the effectiveness of gaining more loot bonus or loot quality will be greatly diminished.

Each interval of loot bonus becomes less effective the more you have. So, if you have 80% loot bonus, then the total real effectiveness of it on chests would be 50% more loot. If you have 40% loot quality, then the total real effectiveness of it would be 25% better loot.

Loot Bonus Real Effectiveness on Loot Total Real Effectiveness
First 20% (1-20%) 20% 20%
Second 20% (21-40%) 15% 35%
Third 20% (41-60%) 10% 45%
Fourth 20% (61-80%) 5% 50%
Every 5% Loot Bonus after 80% +1% >50%
Loot Quality Real Effectiveness on Loot Total Real Effectiveness
First 10% (1-10%) 10% 10%
Second 10% (11-20%) 7.5% 17.5%
Third 10% (21-30%) 5% 22.5%
Fourth 10% (31-40%) 2.5% 25%
Every 5% Loot Quality after 40% +0.5% >25%

On Mobs

On mobs, loot bonus and loot quality do not have softcaps, and they have the same effect on drop rates. 1% of loot bonus gives the same effect as 1% of loot quality. Both increase the drop rate of items from mobs by a percentage, so having 100% loot bonus would mean that items from the mob have double the regular drop chance, 200% for triple the drop chance, and so on.

Thorns and Reflection

Both thorns and reflection deal damage back to enemies that hit you. Thorns activates on melee hits, while reflection activates on projectiles and spells. If the attacker is a mob, it takes 150% of the final damage you took. If the attacker is another player, then they take 50% of the final damage you took.

Neither thorns or reflection decrease the amount of damage you take. The percent value of the ID only represents the chance that it activates upon any given hit. Having more than 100% thorns or reflection has no extra effect.

Mana and Life Steal

These two IDs allow you to gain mana or health when you hit mobs with your main attack. For each mob you hit, you gain a portion of your life and mana steal value. The portion of the value gained depends on your attack speed. Slower attack speeds will gain more health and mana per hit since they attack slower, while faster attack speeds will gain less health and mana per hit, since they can hit faster. However, it all balances out so that no matter your attack speed, you will gain the value of your life and mana steal by constantly attacking a mob for 3 seconds.

Additionally, life and mana steal triggers on weapon powder specials too. Hitting mobs with Quake and Courage's flare will trigger life and mana steal on each mob hit. Chain Lightning will trigger life and mana steal each time it chains to a mob.

Life and mana steal will not trigger when you hit passive mobs.

Portion of Life/Mana Steal Gained Per Hit
Attack Speed Single Attack Double Attacks Triple Attacks Quintuple Attacks
Most main attacks Archer's Double Shots
Assassin's Double Slice
Shaman's Main Attack
Archer's Triple Shots
Shaman's Hand of the Shaman
Super Fast 7.8% 3.9% 2.6% 1.56%
Very Fast 10.7% 5.35% 3.57% 2.14%
Fast 13.3% 6.65% 4.43% 2.66%
Normal 16.3% 8.15% 5.43% 3.26%
Slow 22.2% 11.1% 7.4% 4.44%
Very Slow 40.2% 20.1% 13.33% 8.04%
Super Slow 65.4% 32.7% 21.8% 13.08%

Spell Cost

Percent spell cost and raw spell cost are groups of four "sub-identifications" each: one for each spell, encoded as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. These are displayed based on the class being played, which might cause some confusion in the cases of weapons; a Spear that reduces the cost of the Bash spell by 1, if viewed by a Mage, will instead show that it reduces the cost of the Mage's Heal (despite the fact that Mages cannot use Spears) because Bash and Heal are both the 1st spell for their respective classes.

The mana cost to cast a spell is calculated in the following steps:

  • Base cost: This is determined by the spell, the class and the combat level (see a given class' specific page for these values).
  • Intelligence bonus: The base cost is modified based on your total Intelligence stat. This bonus ranges from 0% cost reduction at 0 Intelligence to a maximum of 80.8% reduction at 150 Intelligence.
  • The cost is then modified further by your spell cost IDs.
    • Raw spell cost: Raw bonuses and penalties are calculated first, and are relatively straightforward. A -1 bonus will reduce the total cost by 1, a +2 penalty will increase the cost by 2, and so on.
    • Percent spell cost: Finally, percent spell cost bonuses or penalties are applied. Any bonus, even -1%, will reduce the cost by at least 1, while any penalty will increase it by at least 1. Beyond that, the percent thresholds required to modify the final mana cost by a whole point are dependant on the result of the previous step, with higher total costs having lower per-point thresholds. A percent spell cost bonus of -89% is currently the maximum required to reduce the cost of any spell to 1.

The absolute minimum final cost to cast any spell is 1 mana (except in the cases of certain Major IDs; see below).

Also, note that when casting the same spell several times in quick succession, the cost will increase each time, and even with extreme spell cost bonuses (such as when teleporting with Warp) the increasing mana cost will eventually become unsustainable.

Attack Speed Bonus

This ID allows a weapon to attack faster (or slower for negative values).

One tier is equivalent to one step up or down the list of attack speeds. Attack speed is always bound between Super Slow and Super Fast, so a -20 tier attack speed ID would only result in a Super Slow attack speed.

Attack Speed Hits per Second
Super Fast 4.3
Very Fast 3.1
Fast 2.5
Normal 2.05
Slow 1.5
Very Slow 0.83
Super Slow 0.51

Major Identifications

Major IDs are a type of special identification introduced in the 1.19 Silent Expanse Update. Major IDs are only present on specific items, are not randomly rolled, and provide a wide range of effects that cannot be acquired elsewhere. Because of this, some of these IDs are only available with certain Classes. Major IDs stack with each other (meaning you can have both Hawkeye and Greed at the same time) but don't stack with themselves (meaning having two items with the Greed Major ID won't heal you for 30% of your max HP instead of 15%).

In addition to items, Major IDs can be obtained from Raid Buffs.

ID Name Effect Item(s)
Alter Ego Awakened can be activated after saving 40% less mana, but its duration is reduced by -25% Apex
Cavalryman You may cast spells and attack with a 70% damage penalty while on a horse Galloping Spurs
Cherry Bombs Your Smoke Bombs explode instantly on contact, and increase their Neutral Damage by +90% Blossom Haze, Conspirator's Trickpockets
Coagulate Blood Connection launches you further and higher upon teleporting to a nearby totem Bloodborne
Dead Weight Totem's horizontal velocity is greatly increased at the cost of vertical movement Tremorcaller
Divine Honor Increases the bonus from Radiance by 5%. Bash deals -15% per hit Veritas, Empyreal Emberplate
Entropy Meteor falls three times faster Violet-Shift, Lachesism
Escape Route Frenzy and Time Dilation charge twice as fast, but to a halved maximum Tachyon
Explosive Impact Your "Exploding" ID can trigger when hitting mobs with your main attack Scarlet Veil
Expunge When using Heal, cast one instant pulse that heals 20% of your max health Psionic Pretense
Festive Spirit Plays wintery tunes[1] Santa Earmuffs
Fission Explosions from your "Exploding" ID are twice as big and twice as strong Collapse, Hesperium
Flashfreeze Ice Snake is instant and freezes for longer at a reduced range Heat Death, Cold Wave, Impact Winter
Forest's Blessing Your archer summons have increased movement speed, attack speed, and vision. Bomb Arrow's damage is reduced by -30% Briars' Embrace
Freerunner Double your sprint speed when your sprint bar is under 30% Panic Attack, Ornithopter, Air in a Can
Furious Effigy Totem effects are twice as fast, but duration is halved Tachypsychia, Panic Zealot
Gentle Glow Orphion's Pulse restores more health, with an increased rate to allies and Fluid Healing effectiveness. Health is restored much slower Pyrrhic Respite
Geocentrism Aura radiates from you instead of your Totem and can be cast at any time[2] Narcissist, Gnossis
Gravity Well Meteor has increased blast radius and pulls enemies instead Pure
Greed Picking up emeralds heals you and nearby players for 15% max health[3] Old Keeper's Ring, The Exploited, The Jingling Jester
Gruesome Knots Twisted Tether spends twice as much of your Blood Pool to deal triple damage Pain Cycle
Guardian 20% of damage taken by nearby allies is redirected to you Guardian
Hawkeye Condense Arrow Storm into a tight beam. Arrows deal 10%, 1%, and 1% Deadeye, Nighthawk
Heart of the Pack Nearby players gain 35% of the health you naturally regen Ignis
Hellfire Boiling Blood always activates and becomes much stronger, but does not slow enemies and steals Bash's power Apocalypse
Juggle Stronger Multihit adds an additional 12 hits. All hits are reduced by -10% Roiling Ruckus
Lightweight You no longer take fall damage Steamjet Walkers, Seven-League Boots, Passus Lux, Double Vision
Lunge Hop's horizontal velocity is greatly increased Daredevil
Madness Casts a random spell of your class every 3 seconds[4] Pandemonium
Magnet Pulls items within an 8 block radius towards you Vindicator, Gravity
Overwhelm Bash will hit +2 times Overreach
Peaceful Effigy Your totem will last twice as long Philosopher, Procrastination
Perfect Recall Memory Recollection adds 1 extra spell. Increases Chaos Explosion's mana bank requirement to 150 Third Wish
Plague Poisoned mobs spread their poison to nearby mobs Plague Staff, Uranium Aegis, Cytotoxic Striders
Rally Charge heals you by 10% and nearby allies by 15% on impact, but becomes harmless Infernal Impulse, Rhythm of the Seasons
Reckless Abandon Increases the damage of Tempest by 15% and adds one charge. War Scream no longer grants a defence bonus Anti-Causality
Roving Assassin Vanish will no longer block mana and health regeneration Weathered
Saviour's Sacrifice While under 50% maximum health, nearby allies gain 30% bonus damage and defense[5] Hero, Eleventh Hour
Snowy Steps Leaves a trail of snow behind you[6] Snowtread Boots
Sorcery 30% chance for spells and attacks to cast a second time at no additional cost[7] Rewind, Time Rift
Soul Eater Devour and Harvester grant double mana. Decreases maximum marks by 1 Ysengrim, Keeper of Souls
Strings of Fate Your puppets have a lifetime of 3 seconds, and deal double damage with attacks and explosions Marionette
Taunt Mobs within 12 blocks target you upon casting War Scream Strobelight, Signal Flare
Temblor Bash gains +1 Area of Effect and is 20% faster Fissure, Iosis
Transcendence 30% chance for spells to cost no mana when cast Nirvana
Windsurf Righting Reflex lasts twice as long and is affected stronger by movement speed Propeller Hat
  1. Plays the OST track Craftmas Carol, which is played on Craftmas Island, when worn.
  2. Aura can be cast without an active Totem. The Enclosure upgrade remains at your totem's location if it is placed. Haul is unchanged.
  3. Does not work with self-dropped emeralds.
  4. No mana cost.
  5. Affects the wielder as well, not just nearby allies.
  6. Snow particles appear at your feet while worn.
  7. Second cast is delayed 2 seconds. Affects random spells cast by Madness.

Minimum/Maximum Identification Values

Note that the maximum and minimum values shown below are estimated values. The maximum values are also for all current known armour and weapon items, and may change with any new releases.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value Minimum Value Item(s) Maximum Value Item(s)
Strength -35 +75 Dissociation Black Abyss
Earth Damage % -195% +1,156% Blade of Purity The Specialist
Earth Defence -350 +330 Second Wind Earth Sanctuary
Earth Main Attack Damage +2% +10% Apex Predator
Earth Spell Damage % +6% +46% Tremorcaller Decaying Headdress
Raw Earth Spell Damage +18 +104 Overreach Decaying Headdress
Dexterity -100 +100 Black Abyss Skaxis
Thunder Damage % -195% +983% Blade of Purity The Specialist
Thunder Defence -350 +320 Second Wind Thunder Sanctuary
Thunder Main Attack Damage % +4% +20% Despondence
Raw Thunder Main Attack Damage +57 +247 Despondence
Thunder Spell Damage % +5% +23% Psionic Pretense
Raw Thunder Spell Damage +52 +425 Roiling Ruckus The Nothing
Raw Thunder Damage -1,300 -700 Expedition's End
Intelligence -100 +55 Ambivalence Gravitation Lance
Water Defence -850 +340 Achilles Water Sanctuary
Water Damage % -1,300% +1,529% Immolation The Specialist
Raw Water Spell Damage +34 +147 Soul Ink
Water Spell Damage % +6% +26% Ancient Waters
Raw Water Damage +30 +130 Expedition's End
Defence -99 +50 Phantasmagoria Immolation & Praesidium
Fire Damage % -715% +1,300% Divzer The Specialist
Fire Defence -200 +350 Pandemonium Fire Sanctuary
Raw Fire Spell Damage +425 The Nothing
Raw Fire Main Attack Damage +60 +1,105 Fire Sword Style-2 Cinnamon
Fire Spell Damage % +7% +30% Marionette
Agility -550 +60 Divzer Moontower
Air Damage % -195% +1,300% Blade of Purity The Specialist
Air Defence -220 +300 Guillotine Eden-Blessed Guards & Air Sanctuary
Raw Air Spell Damage +57 +425 Pain Cycle The Nothing
Raw Air Main Attack Damage +9 +175 Darting Blur Spearmint
Air Main Attack Damage % +6% +26% Wind Spine
Air Spell Damage % +2% +46% Bloodborne Propeller Hat
Raw Elemental Spell Damage -104 +1,275 Roiling Ruckus Forest Aconite
Elemental Damage % +6% +26% Aleph Null
Raw Elemental Damage +80 +235 Prologue Epilogue
Raw Elemental Main Attack Damage +4 +18 Overreach
Elemental Spell Damage % +9% +38% Violet-Shift
Elemental Defence % +10% +46% Veritas
Main Attack Damage % -500% +195% Amulet of Rejuvenation Helm Splitter
Raw Attack Speed -129 Tiers +9 Tiers Stinger Overdrive & Skien's Madness
Raw Main Attack Damage -32,500 +3,510 King of Hearts Dawnbreak
Poison -100,000/3s +41,600/3s Amulet of Rejuvenation Toxoplasmosis
Spell Damage % -52,000% +1,268% Silent Ballet Overdrive
Mana Steal -208/3s +172/3s Knucklebones Lunar Spine
Mana Regen -70/5s +52/5s Recharge Aquarius
Raw Spell Damage -52,000 +1,521 Silent Ballet Glissando
Raw Neutral Spell Damage +53 +231 Violet-Shift
Raw 1st Spell Cost +72 -520 Lower Silent Ballet
1st Spell Cost % +390% -150% Shine Suffacator Royal Hydrangea
Raw 2nd Spell Cost +20 -520 Blightsaber Silent Ballet
2nd Spell Cost % +100% -130% Ambivalence Panic Zealot
Raw 3rd Spell Cost +12 -520 Third Wish Silent Ballet
3rd Spell Cost % +100% -130% Ambivalence Panic Zealot
Raw 4th Spell Cost +50 -20 Orange Lily Swimmer Net & Lower
4th Spell Cost % +100% -58% Ambivalence Arbalest
Health Regen Raw -858 +760 Rhythm of the Seasons Guardian
Life Steal -2,386/3s +1,850/3s Knucklebones Quetzalcoatl
Raw Health -7,800 +7,800 Cataclysm Guardian
Health Regen % -260% +195% Warp Phoenix Wing
Walk Speed -300% +234% Amulet of Rejuvenation Warp
Sprint Regen -80% +416% Skipjack Ornithopter
Jump Height -1 +8 Tremorcaller & Rusted Root Olympic
Sprint -150% +100% Ornithopter Skipjack
Loot Bonus -39% +200% Shimmersight Discoverer
XP Bonus -32% +40% Jester Ring, Jester Bracelet, Jester Necklace Trench Scourer
Stealing -6% +20% Templar Galleon & Vandalizer
Bonus Elemental Defence +2% +15% Resplendence Boundary
Exploding -650% +433% Bonder Zero
Healing Efficiency -650% +130% Immolation Absolution
Reflection -100 +433% Black Abyss About-Face & Sreggad
Payment Day +2% +6% Payment Day
Soul Point Regen -195% +100% Bete Noire & Inhibitor Peaceful Rest & Sigil of Existence
Thorns -100% +433% Desperation About-Face & Sreggad
Weaken Enemy +2% +6% Briars' Embrace