Reclaiming the House

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Reclaiming the House CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Medium
Location Olux Swamp
Province Gavel
Combat Level 61
Starter NPC Elphaba
Reward As follows:

Reclaiming the House is a long level 61 quest that starts at Elphaba's camp in the Olux Swamp.

Stage 1

» Join Elphaba on a mission in the Temporary Camp at [-1499, 47, -5349]


  • Elphaba: Oh, a Wynnic soldier out here in the boondocks? Honestly, you're just what we need- I could use your help, if you're able?
  • Elphaba: Good, thank you. Let me lock down the camp before I give you the briefing, though.
  • Elphaba: My name is Elphaba. I've been working with the Gavellian army for a good few years now.
  • Elphaba: I'm the commander of the Olux Outpost down ahead. It's a strategic fortress, placed to monitor the Orcish capital.
  • Elphaba: It was safe for a long while, but especially in the past while the Orcs have gotten far bolder, more aggressive.
  • Elphaba: They overwhelmed the outpost- we had to retreat and set up this camp to watch over the place we used to watch over them with!
  • Elphaba: I need more firepower if I'm going... to get...
  • Elphaba: ...oh no. See, this is what I mean! The orcs are coming!
  • Elphaba: Brace yourself, soldier! Protect the camp!

Stage 2

» Kill the mobs raiding the Camp.


  • Elphaba: This is the third attack in three days! How many reinforcements have they got?!
  • Elphaba: Gah! Their casters are strong, careful!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Centerworld Orc Buffeter 63 4950 Ranged Arrow Storm - - Elphaba's Camp
Centerworld Orc Windweaver 65 ? Ranged Charge
❋ Dam
✤ Def
✹ Weak
- Elphaba's Camp
Centerworld Orc Blinker 67 8650 Rapid Ranged Heavy Teleport ✦ Dam
✦ Def
✤ Weak
- Elphaba's Camp
Centerworld Orc Sunderer
(Level 64)
64 ? Charge - - - Elphaba's Camp
Centerworld Orc Sunderer
(Level 66, Melee)
66 ? Melee Charge
- - Elphaba's Camp
Centerworld Orc Sunderer
(Level 66, Charge)
66 5600 Charge Explode ✤ Dam
❋ Weak
- Elphaba's Camp

Stage 3

» Talk to Elphaba for information on the upcoming attack.


  • Elphaba: Ugh, I think that was all of them... Come here now, I'll start up where we left off.
  • Elphaba: Not sure I could have done that myself. I'm lucky you came around when you did, soldier.
  • Elphaba: Anyway, it's clear I'm going to need more firepower if I'm going to have a shot at reclaiming that outpost.
  • Elphaba: You've certainly got the fighting chops, so I'd appreciate the aid, but we've got to come up with a plan, fast.
  • Elphaba: There's an old tower near the outpost- some old storage silo. It was built taller than the fort, so we might be able to spy on them from there.
  • Elphaba: It's a risk though, since it's so close by, but we have no other options. Meet me at the tower southeast of here so we can survey the situation.

Stage 4

» Go to the watch tower at [-1384, 42, -5273] to plan the attack.


  • Elphaba: Soldier! I'm right behind you. You can see our outpost- and the tower I mentioned.
  • Elphaba: We need to find a way in. A lot of soldiers were caught unaware during the Orcs' assault, too.
  • Elphaba: If there's any survivors in there, we should make rescuing them a priority.
  • Elphaba: After all, it means more manpower for us. We can't count on that being the case, though...
  • Elphaba: Come on, hurry inside before one of the orcs spots us!

Stage 5

» Enter to the watch tower at [-1384, 42, -5273] to plan the attack.


  • Elphaba: Alright, this is a pretty clear view. Let's see what's going on in there...
  • Elphaba: Wh- I'm shocked! In the middle there- they just caged the soldiers instead of killing them? That's... kind of a relief.
  • Elphaba: There's definitely too many orcs in the plaza for us to take down on our own...
  • Elphaba: ...but that cage is held up by those ropes. If we can cut them, the other soldiers should be able to help!
  • Elphaba: Alright, now I just need to figure out how we can both get in... There's sentries on the perimeter, so going over may no be an option...
  • Elphaba: Maybe we can keep an eye out on their sentry patterns and look for an opening-
  • Orc: Humans on old tower! Junhur will shoot! This our place now, get out!!
  • Elphaba: Aw, not now! I knew this was a risk, no time to get out... Brace for impact!!
  • Orc: Old tower fall! Junhur is best cannon shooter!!
  • Elphaba: Agh, soldier!! Are you alright, where'd you fall?!
  • Elphaba: Ah... Wow. You barely look scratched, you must've gotten really lucky.
  • Elphaba: Not so much here... I'm pretty battered after that. At least one of us is in good condition...
  • Elphaba: Unfortunately, that means figuring a way in is up to you. We can't examine their sentry patterns from down here.
  • Elphaba: I'll survive, sure, but I won't be able to walk around and defend myself for a while.
  • Elphaba: I hate leaving you on your own like this, but if it's any consolation, you should be tough enough, or lucky enough, to get through.
  • Elphaba: Explore the perimeter of the outpost. Try to find a way in, but be careful, okay?

Stage 6

» Explore the outpost's surroundings to find another way in.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding a way in.
Go to [-1411, 45, -5168] and watch the muddied orc be let in.

Stage 7

» Follow the trail of mud left by the orc. It leads to the cave at [-1522, 47, -5152]


  • Without the orcs to bother you, you should be able to concentrate and break this barricade with a spell...
  • The orcs are taking a mud bath, it looks like. Some of them you can barely even tell are orcs underneath it. Maybe you can disguise yourself!
  • They didn't see you before you covered yourself in mud... and they aren't hostile! The disguise is working!
  • You should be able to trick the guard orcs into letting you enter the outpost now!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Naked Orc 62 2275 Melee - - - Muddy Cave

Stage 8

» Enter the outpost while covered in mud.


  • Orc Guard: More muddy orcs? In, now!

Stage 9

» Cut the ropes to free the guards from the cage.

You can avoid being seen by looking out for the exclamation marks above the orc's heads. Only press when there are no exclamation marks available


  • You can't let the orcs see you cutting the ropes, or they'll see through your disguise.

Stage 10

» Kill the Orcish Overtakers.


  • Soldier: Good thinking with the mud disguise, soldier! They never suspected a thing, now come help us out over here!
  • Soldier: Kill the Orcish Overtakers, we'll help keep the other ones off you!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Centerworld Orc Occupier
65 3350 Melee - - - Swamp Outpost
Centerworld Orc Occupier
65 3350 Charge - - - Swamp Outpost
Centerworld Orc Overtaker
(Level 68, Melee)
68 15000 Melee Blindness Resist
Knockback Resist
- - Swamp Outpost
Centerworld Orc Overtaker
(Level 68, Charge)
68 17500 Charge Blindness Resist
Knockback Resist
- - Swamp Outpost
Centerworld Orc Overtaker
(Level 68, Crawl)
68 20000 Crawl Blindness Resist
Knockback Resist
Heavy Charge
- - Swamp Outpost
Centerworld Orc Overtaker
(Level 70)
70 25000 Melee Blindness Resist
Knockback Resist
Heavy Charge
- - Swamp Outpost

Stage 11

» Open the gate with a spell


  • Soldier: The Overtakers are down, the other Orcs are flailing! Open the outpost's entrance with a spell now, we've got this under control!

Stage 11

» Talk to Elphaba.


  • Elphaba: Phew... That's some fine work there, soldier! The outpost is back under our control!
  • Elphaba: Glad to see some more capable Wynnic hands over here. Though, I didn't catch your name. Would you mind?
  • Elphaba: <playername>, huh? I'll remember that. You barely even needed my help, heh... Wish I hadn't been such a burden, but at least it worked out.
  • Elphaba: Here- it's some of my own personal spending money, as a thank-you gift.
  • Elphaba: Alright everyone, let's get this place ship-shape! Everything needs to be repaired in case of another attack!!


  • Use F3+B to turn on hitboxes. This will show the orc's line of sight and you will be able to tell more easily if they are looking at you.
  • You can walk freely, it only matters if they are looking at you while you are cutting the rope.
  • As of it's Gavel Reborn release, it is still bugged. If there are no dialogue after completing Stage 2 - Please relog and try again.