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NPC Info
X: ???, 419 Z: ???, -1533
Location Olux Swamp, Detlas
Quest Involved Reclaiming the House, A Journey Beyond

Elphaba is the starter NPC for the quests Reclaiming the House and A Journey Beyond. In the two quests, the player joins her in retaking a Gavellian army outpost from Orcs and in journeying through the Silent Expanse, respectively. In the quest, the player joins Aledar, Elphaba, and Lucio on a adventure to reach the end of the Silent Expanse.

Reclaiming the House

In this quest, Elphaba enlists the player to help her retake the Olux Outpost, which was recently overrun by Orcs. While scouting the outpost, she is injured by an Orc cannon, so the player has to finish retaking the outpost by themselves.

A Journey Beyond

In this quest, Elphaba enlists the player as the last member of a four man team, Elphaba, Aledar, Lucio, and the player, to enter and journey through the Silent Expanse.


After Reclaiming the House is completed:

  • Elphaba: Oh, <playername>! Good to see you’re doing well. Wish I could say the same for the repair work, but it’s not my responsibility anymore.
  • Elphaba: One of my old friends called me to go on a mission far more important than guarding this fortress. I suppose I’ll say hello if our paths cross again in the future.


  • While Elphaba originally only appeared in A Journey Beyond, in the 1.20 update, she was additionally added to the new version of Reclaiming the House.
  • Elphaba is likely a reference to the Broadway musical ''Wicked''.