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Limited Time Event: This article covers an event that lasted for a limited period of time before ending.
The event's content will no longer be accessible after it has ended, but collectibles and cosmetics earned by the player will persist.

NPC Info
X: 429 Z: -1549
Location By the Detlas Airbase

"Kevin" is an NPC found in Detlas during the Festival of the Bonfire.


Did not complete Cowfusion

First Encounter

  • Cow: Moo.

Following Encounters

  • It looks at you like it wants you to leave it alone.

Completed Cowfusion

First Conversation

  • Cow: Moo.
  • The cow looks at you with recognition, then looks from side to side.
  • The cow slips you a piece of paper.
  • "Moo moomoo moo. Moo moomoomoo moomoo mooooo."
  • You look at the cow with confusion, and it gestures for you to flip the paper over.
  • You flip the paper over, and... there's a note addressed to you.
  • "...Hi! Gosh, this is probably a weird way to receive a letter. I hope it reaches you fine- the scout I'm giving this to is... eccentric."
  • "But- hey! Festival of the Bonfire! That's pretty cool! I would have come to visit it in person, but- uh- I've got a lot going on back here in the city..."
  • "So, well- I sent someone in my stead! I'm sure you and Kevin can get along fine. Probably. Just- if he starts saying weird things, ignore him. He's just like that."
  • "...Oh, man, I'm running out of room on this page. Well, uh- you know, have fun and all! I'll ask Kevin to bring me some souveni"-
  • The writer seems to have run out of space on the page. You look back up at the cow, and it nods at you.
  • "Kevin": Moo.

Following Conversations

  • "Kevin": Moo?
    • [1] So... Do you speak Wynnic?
      • The cow stares at you blankly, and tilts its head.
      • "Kevin": ...Moo.
      • ...Probably not, then.
    • [2] Moo.
      • The cow squints its eyes at you, and shakes its head.