Ahmsord's Origins

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Ahmsord's Origins SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Much like their other outposts, they Skyraiders were forced to abandon their strongest defence after pressure from the Villager Forces
Coordinates X: 937, Z: -4577
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

Ahmsord's Origins is a Secret Discovery found in Ahmsord in the Sky Islands. The discovery is about the skyraiders retreating back to their southeastern outpost after the Villagers landed into Ahmsord presumable to take control of it.

937, 148, -4577
Wynncraft Map


  • Pick up the Hay Sickle from the crafting table.


  • Walk over to the hay bales and right click on the particles to dig up the hay.


  • Enter the hole to trigger the cutscene.



  • Ghostly Skyraider: Oi, have ye heard back from the c'mmander yet?
  • Ghostly Skyraider: Nah. las' I heard, she was losin it' over some villagers comin' near the city.
  • Ghostly Skyraider: Yeah... Speakin' about that... the villagers 're really startin' to push their luck, huh?
  • Ghostly Skyraider: OI! What're ya ladies doin', relaxin in here?! The villagers just landed!
  • Ghostly Skyraider: Huh? Villagers? Here? We goin' to fight them off?
  • Ghostly Skyraider: No, ya idiot! There are too many of them! Let 'em have Ahmsord if they want it so bad! We're headin' to our outpost southeast of 'ere!