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Item Buyer.png
Type Items, Emeralds and Repair Scrap Merchant
Location Cities in Wynn, Gavel and Corkus Provinces
Disambig.png This article is about the merchant. For the NPC involved in the Bob's Lost Soul Quest, see The Blacksmith.

Blacksmith, previously known as the Item Buyer, is a type of NPC merchant that buys, scraps and repairs items.


Selling and Scrapping Items

Players can sell Weapons, Accessories, Potions, Armour, all type of Crafted Items and Crafting Ingredients to a Blacksmith in exchange for either Emeralds or Repair Scrap. The rarity and level of the item are both factors that are used to determine the amount of Emeralds or Repair Scrap given.

The calculation for the average amount of emeralds given (for legendaries) is 41.4+4.6x. Where "x" is the level of the item.

Repairing Items

Blacksmiths can repair the durability of Crafted Items and Gathering Tools by using Repair Scrap. When repairing, Scrap is used from both the players inventory and Bank, however, if your tool is barely even used, he will repair it for free.


  • In the 1.19 Update, durability was added to Gathering Tools, allowing the Blacksmith to repair them.
  • Blacksmiths replaced Item Buyers in the 1.18 Update. Previously, Item Buyers would only exchange Weapons, Armour and Accessories for Emeralds. In the 1.18 update, the Crafting System was introduced so Blacksmiths gained the ability to Scrap Items and repair Crafted Items.
  • In the 1.17 Update, Item Buyers were overhauled to be much more user-friendly. Before this, only one item could be sold at a time and they were slower and harder to use. They were also given the Gold Nugget as their merchant icon.
  • Item Buyers replaced Weapon Trade Merchants in the 1.11 Update. Previously, Trade Merchants would only give 2 emeralds for any weapon or armour, but now, the emeralds are given based on rarity and level of the armour.