Aldorei's Secret Part I (1.19)

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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.20 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Aldorei's Secret Part I CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
Location The entrance of Aldorei Valley
Province Gavel
Combat Level 76
Starter NPC Elrund
Required Item Gemstone Dust
Reward As follows:

For the updated version of this quest, please see Aldorei's Secret Part I.

Aldorei's Secret Part I was a long level 76 quest and the first of two quests in a questline taking place in the citadel of the Elves, Aldorei.


Part I takes place in Aldorei Valley, and involves the player searching for clues towards the cause of strange disappearances and events throughout the valley. As the quest progresses, secrets are uncovered concerning the mysterious Sol Embassy, and the true motives behind the strange occurrences. Choices during the quest have an effect on the outcome of Aldorei's Secret Part II. Starting the quest requires Gemstone Dust, which is rewarded from completion of Lost in the Jungle, a quest in Wynn's Dernel Jungle.

Stage 1

» Speak to Elrund outside Aldorei Valley.

 Location   The entrance of Aldorei Valley   X   -670  Y   97  Z   -4444  Wynncraft Map 


  • Elrund: Greetings, Human. I assume you are here to enter Aldorei Valley?
  • Elrund: I'm afraid we do not allow outsiders into our greedless sanctuary. All non-elf folk are the same.
  • Elrund: Although, we are not close-minded. There is a test one can take to be granted access.
  • Elrund: You come from the Wynn province, correct? There is a purple gemstone, if turned to dust, can be used in order to create a potion that can cure any illness.
  • Elrund: I believe it is only found in a distant Jungle in your province, it is extraordinarily rare.
  • Elrund: So if you wish to enter Aldorei, bring me some [Gemstone Dust] from the jungles of Wynn.

Stage 2

» Obtain Gemstone Dust from the Wynn Province and bring it to Elrund (Requires completion of Lost in the Jungle).


  • Elrund: Ah, so you have acquired the gemstone dust? Good work, that was quicker than I expected.
  • Elrund: I'll get started on the potion as soon as possible, thank so you much for your generosity.
  • Elrund: This pure gesture will grant you primary access to the valley, but only if you do one more thing for me. I need uninvolved eyes on the scene in the valley.
  • Elrund: You see, a few people in the valley have been disappearing at night.
  • Elrund: I need you to find out why. There are likely clues all over town that my old eyes were unable to see. Often, when you look too hard, you cannot find anything at all.
  • Elrund: If you discover the truth, I shall give you a great reward: Access to Aldorei Town, the village on the other side of the valley.

Stage 3

» Talk to the residents of Aldorei Valley and search for clues.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to where to find clues.
Go to Kaeli's house, follow the path behind her house to the sunflowers. Pick 1 seed (they are dropped near the flowers) then drop 1 seed on one of the yellow carpets in Kaeli's house at day time!
 X   -568  Y     Z   -4529  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 4

» Eavesdrop on the mysterious society.


  • Togak: Everything is in place, Daxand. I have such high hopes for the species.
  • Daxand: As do I. From what I have seen they are powerful, if a little rash.
  • Emie: Indeed. We do not know if their species are akin to our own, or to the villagers.
  • Togak: Quiet! I hear someone coming. I believe our guest has arrived.
  • Rausan: Ooh, he has figured it out.
  • Togak: Indeed. The townsfolks will be pleased their efforts were not for nothing.

Stage 5

» Speak to the mysterious society.


  • Sol Embassy: Greetings, we are the Sol Embassy.
  • Lucri: You have passed our little test of the Valley.
  • Emie: We do apologise for leading you into thinking that we were something sinister.
  • Daxand: But we have to make sure that you are of the same mind, not like some common Gert. Only someone with a strong mind would find their way here.
  • Rausan: Indeed. The Sol Embassy was established to ensure that Elvish lands will never fall into the hands of sin.
  • Lucri: The Embassy is a huge organisation. We hate all greed here, which is why no villager has passed our test.
  • Emie: Elrund has rarely let anyone into our valley. You are a welcome sight indeed.
  • Rausan: There are no missing people to be found. But the fact that you took it upon yourself to find out what was going on, is honourable.
  • Daxand: Agreed. You have displayed many of the traits that we idealise.
  • Emie: It is now up to Elrund if he allows you to enter Aldorei Town or not. Something weird definitely is going on there.
  • Sol Embassy: Congratulations on your success, we welcome you to Aldorei. Return to Elrund now for your final verdict.

Stage 6

» Leave the society's lair.


  • Togak: I have watched Aldorei since the day it was built. I have seen it grow, like a flower...

Stage 7

» Return to Elrund.


  • Elrund: As my Sunflower pendant flowers, I know that you figured it out.
  • Elrund: But you were gone for a while, so I imagine you must have put a lot of effort into it.
  • Elrund: I must apologise for the misgivings. I suppose a test like this must seem odd to a human. However trials such as these are common among our people.
  • Elrund: I shall now grant you access to Aldorei Town. A place where no villager has ever set foot.
  • Elrund: To get there however, there is another trial. I shall give you a clue. Listen carefully.
  • Elrund: "To the east, eat only 3 bites from a treat of flour, then align the red with the flower."
  • Elrund: I have also written this down in your quest book, but that is the last bit of help I can give you.
  • Elrund: In the meantime, for helping with my investigation, I present you with these boots as a gift. I hope you use them wisely.

Stage 8

» To the east, eat only 3 bites from a treat of flour, then align the red with the flower.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to solve the riddle.
 X   -471  Y     Z   -4429  Wynncraft Map 
Travel to the eastern buildings of Aldorei Valley, and then specifically the large, open room with bookshelves and a long table. A cake is set on the table, with a stone button nearby. Each time the button is pressed, one bite will be eaten from the cake. Press it three times to satisfy the first requirement.

Next, move to the eastern wall of the room; a button is set in the wall, and two pressure plates are on the ground. A redstone block is in the wall; it can be moved to the left or right by triggering the corresponding pressure plate on the ground. On the opposite wall is a large banner of a sunflower; once the redstone block has been aligned with the centre of the flower, press the button on the wall to open a hidden door.


  • Kansard: Hey! Those boots you have! They are mine, I lost them recently. I can't afford to pay for them, but I would sincerely appreciate their return.
  • Corak: Those boots are worth a fortune! No way, if you found them, they are rightfully yours! I will happily buy them off you for a very good price!

Stage 9

» Give the Sunblight Boots to Kansard or Corak.


If giving the boots to Kansard:
  • Kansard: Incredible. Corak offered you a lot of money right in front of me, and yet you still chose to return them.
  • Corak: Pity. I really wanted those boots. You missed out on a great deal. I was going to pay through the roof.
  • Kansard: Stick a cork in it, Corak. The Human has made their choice. It sounds like you are being possessive, greedy, even.
  • Corak: No, no. Not at all. I was just disappointed. I of course, respect the Human's honourable decision.
  • Kansard: Indeed, thank you, Human. I am very grateful. You are a credit to your species.
  • Corak: Oh, you were on your way to Aldorei town, weren't you? We got quite distracted.
  • Kansard: Yes, of course! How rude of us. You can continue on to the town from here.
  • Corak: We should warn you that the town is not like any you will have encountered. Elves are very different to other species, and some strange things are happening in the town.
  • Kansard: Agreed. I would not go prying too hard into people's business in the town. I don't think I've ever seen a Human in the town, now that I think of it.
  • Corak: Oh Kansard, let us not scare the Human before they have even seen the place! Go and explore, enjoy!
  • Kansard: Oh, wait, take this. It's a common symbol of trust between two people in our culture. That is for returning my boots to me, I hope it serves you well if you need it.
If giving the boots to Corak:
  • Corak: You have made a grand choice, I am willing to pay you a lot of emeralds for those boots!
  • Kansard: I suppose the law of “Finders keepers” do apply here, but I will not lie, I am disappointed.
  • Corak: Now, now Kansard. We cannot judge the Humans decision harshly.
  • Kansard: True. There are many who would have done the same.
  • Corak: Well, this seems to be in order. They really are a nice pair of boots, Kansard.
  • Kansard: I know, pity that I lost them. I spent many days searching the valley.
  • Corak: Here you go, your money. Now that I think about it, why are you in this tunnel anyway?
  • Kansard: Isn't it obvious, Corak? The Human has been granted access to the town.
  • Corak: Oh, how quaint. A human in Aldorei, what a wonderful prospect.
  • Kansard: Indeed it is. Elves and Humans have not had much contact. I do hope our views are akin.
  • Corak: You can get through to the town through the cave, oh and before you go, take this receipt, just as a proof of purchase. They are expensive boots afterall.


  • Bring the Gemstone Dust before you start the quest, as it will make the quest go a bit faster.
  • It is recommended that you choose to return the boots to Kansard instead of selling them to Corak to obtain the Elven Medallion instead of trading it for 8192 emeralds because this choice will ultimately result in more emeralds (10240 emeralds) rewarded in Aldorei's Secret Part II.


  • Elrund is a reference to Elrond, an elven character from the Lord of the Rings series.
    • His naming pattern (replacing a vowel with "u") follows that of NPCs from the removed Lord of the Clock quest, another reference to Lord of the Rings.
  • The quest was reworked in 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update.