Aldorei's Secret Part I

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Aldorei's Secret Part I CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Easy
Tags Unlocks Aldorei Town
Location Aldorei Valley
Province Gavel
Combat Level 74
Starter NPC Elf Guard
Required Item None
Reward As follows:

Aldorei's Secret Part I is a long level 74 quest and the first of two quests in a questline taking place in the citadel of the Elves, Aldorei.


The quest takes place in Aldorei Valley, and involves the player searching for clues regarding the theft of magical plants from the Elven garden. As the quest progresses, the player gathers clues regarding the use of the plants and the criminal, in order to find them and gain access to Aldorei Town.

Stage 1

» Talk to the Elf Guard at [-462, 132, -4460].


  • Elf Guard: Halt, traveler! Entry to Aldorei Town is forbidden at present.
  • Elf Guard: There is a dangerous criminal on the loose in this valley.
  • Elf Guard: These doors shall remain closed until the criminal is captured.

Stage 2

» See if anyone in Aldorei Valley knows what happened

Aldorei Valley
-543, 112, -4449
Wynncraft Map


  • Damys: An outsider in our midst? Exciting to see. I have wished to share our magic with new people for a long while.
  • Damys: However, I am...well, rather hungry. And I must tend to my garden here for the time being.
  • Damys: Have you heard the saying “You scratch my ears, I scratch yours”? People must help one another.
  • Damys: If you would be so kind as to bring me a loaf of fresh bread you may take my enchanted bucket.
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to prepare the bread.
Across the open area from Damys, there is a cooking area. To prepare the bread, you must first gather four Wheat, which you can get from nodes around the area, and buy a bottle of water from the Water Merchant. Then, right-click the mortar and pestle 4 times, the bowl once, and the oven once to cook the bread.


  • Damys: I saw you toil to bake this yourself. Frankly, that is above and beyond what I expected, so here is your exchange.
  • Damys: If you require help in the future with anything, do not be afraid to ask. If you put such effort for me, I shall give you the same.

Stage 3

» Find a use for Damys' Bucket

Aldorei Valley
-504, 112, -4425
Wynncraft Map


  • Vaenr: This is utterly insane. A full lockdown, over a petty theft... Are we not to help one another? To thieve is unnecessary.
  • Sylvar: The thieving is not the reason, from what I have heard. It is that the grove was jealously hidden due to the potency of the plants there.
  • Sylvar: Tattytale, Iridesca, Subtraxerim... The Light only knows what else. It is impossible to reach without unusual means- And that is cause for grave concern.

Stage 4

» Find a way to grow the plant by the waterfall

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to make the plant grow.
Bring the bucket up the hill behind Vaenr and Sylvar, and right-click the waterfall with the bucket to fill it. Then, right-click the sapling at (-499, 121, -4397) to make it grow and let you up.

Stage 5

» Explore the secret garden

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get into the garden.
Fill the bucket again in the small pond and right-click the other sapling right next to the pond with the filled bucket to make it grow and let you into the garden.
Aldorei Valley
-466, 166, -4382
Wynncraft Map


  • Guard: Halt! This area is strictly off limits, especially for an outsider. Turn back now!
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to exploring the garden.
To the right of the guard, there is a tunnel that you can access by right-clicking it to sneak around the garden. You have to travel through many similar tunnels to sneak around the garden, with entrances at (-472, 167, -4375), (-439, 171, -4344), at the bottom of the waterfall at (-450, 163, -4361), and (-424, 196, -4354). Then, you will reach a window which you can break open by casting any spell. Once inside the building, fill your bucket again at the fountain, and use it to grow the sapling at (-423, 170, -4400) to climb to the top of the building. Then, follow the path out of the building and right click the disturbed plant at (-452, 197, -4392) to progress.

Stage 6

» Investigate the [Iridescent Leaves]

Aldorei Valley
-545, 112, -4446
Wynncraft Map


  • Damys: Aha, the outsider returns. Is there something troubling you?
  • Damys: ...mmm. Unfortunate, that. I cannot help with this.
  • Damys: It is not a matter of secrecy or morals- I simply do not know what that leaf is from or what it may be capable of.
  • Damys: I am no botanist- Simply a gardener. The mistake is understandable, if regrettable.
  • Damys: However, I was taught under a much more storied botanist who may have the answers you seek.
  • Damys: Her name is Fiona- Her home is across the valley from here. Take the bridge across. She often stays inside studying.
  • Damys: She has forgotten more than I will ever hope to know about plants. If she cannot help you, I fear none can.

Stage 7

» Go to the botanist's house at [-541, 106, -4538]


  • Fiona: This is outrageous! To think one of our own would stoop to such thievery and destruction!
  • Fiona: Outsider, this is not the time to be asking me anything. My home has been ransacked!
  • Fiona: Mm? Damys sent you... You have leaves of Iridesca? Hm... Then perhaps we may be able to help one another.
  • Fiona: They tore through my shelves and furniture searching, and scanned the pages as fervently once they found it.
  • Fiona: Afterwards, they threw the book into the back garden, and forced a carnivorous plant to grow and consume my notes!
  • Fiona: I assume when the desired information was found, they went into my garden, threw the book into the carnivorous plant and stormed off towards the lab.
  • Fiona: I have researched the Iridesca bloom, and many other plants, for a long time. All my knowledge is stored in that book!
  • Fiona: Retrieve it for me, and I will share my knowledge with you.

Stage 8

» Kill the carnivorous plant and loot the book
You must kill three carnivorous plant mobs around the plant to get the book to drop.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CarnivorousPlant.png Carnivorous Plant 80 30000 - Arrow Storm, Multihit ❋ Weak
✤ Dam
✤ Def
- Behind Fiona's house

Once you have the book, bring it back to Fiona.

  • Fiona: ...disgusting. I will have to hang the pages to dry later, but first, our exchange.
  • Fiona: Hmm... Herbstzeitlose... Death Whistle, no...where is Iridesca, again...?
  • Fiona: Aha, there it is. The pages were sticking together. Iridesca leaves are potent in various ways and are very versatile in their use.
  • Fiona: They have an incredibly broad range of usage, from soothing joint pain or curing sickness to emetic effect and lethal poison, depending on what it is brewed with.
  • Fiona: Mm? The book thief also possesses Iridesca...? This... This is very troubling. There are few notes aside from mine on how to heal Iridesca poisoning.
  • Fiona: They were headed in the direction of the potionmaker's guild. If they intend something wicked...

Stage 9

» Investigate the alchemist's shop at [-495, 112, -4430]

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to investigating the shop.
Around the alchemist's shop, there are book pages saying how many of each color base are required for a potion. In a room towards the south, you can collect the bases by right-clicking on their respective barrels. You will need 1 orange, 2 yellow, 3 green, and 4 purple to brew the potion. Once you have them, bring them up to the platform at (-450, 121, -4425) and right-click the correct number of each into the machine, then click submit and right-click the cauldron next to the platform to drink the brew.

Then, follow the footsteps up the stairs at (-463, 112, -4427) to find the criminal.


  • Criminal:! You have been seeking me! I have seen you tracing my footsteps...
  • Criminal: I apologize for this... But what I do is a necessity!
  • Criminal: I beg you, do not pursue me any further!

Stage 10

» Chase the criminal.
You must follow the criminal out of the shop and across Aldorei Valley.

Aldorei Valley
-480, 125, -4421
Wynncraft Map


  • Criminal: Outsider, I realize the circumstances appear damning, but you must stop!
  • Criminal: What I have done is needed, and if there were another path I would have taken it over this.
  • Criminal: I must take my concoction to where it is needed!
  • Criminal: See me as I truly am- My name is Korben, and I musn’t be delayed further!
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to following the criminal.
Climb up the stairs near where the criminal jumps from and walk over to the window in the upper level to get out of the building. Then, follow Korben around the valley to a bridge. He will use a spell to break the bridge and fall down to the lower area, you can jump down either using a movement spell or by climbing down a series of air particles that will appear. When you continue, he will cast another spell to grow a plant and block your path, but you can break the plant by right-clicking it. He will then use an elevator to go back to the upper area.
Aldorei Valley
-620, 65, -4500
Wynncraft Map


  • Korben: A damnable pace you have... I cannot let you stop me for a moment longer!
  • Korben: It will be done soon, but I must reach my destination first!
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to following Korben.
Soon after Korben uses the elevator, it will return and you can use it to follow him. When you reach the top, follow him into the house right by the elevator, and go up the stairs in the house.
Aldorei Valley
-613, 97, -4453
Wynncraft Map


  • Korben: Finally... I apologize for the delay. I needed to take strong measures to get this to you.
  • Korben: Here, here... Drink, father. It will clear your throat.
  • Korben: ...there. It is done. Now... Outsider... Hear me, please.
  • Korben: I am aware of exactly what I have done. Shredded Fiona’s research, disturbed the forbidden gardens, unsettled the hearts of many...
  • Korben: My father fell ill. A trek to Efilim’s borders left him stricken with Kerasot poisoning. He was near death...
  • Korben: Efilim’s village is one of outcasts- to visit is, stupidly, forbidden. He would have been exiled, and that would have ensured his death with his affliction.
  • Korben: Desperation causes one to do strange things. I thought only of his safety- I cared little about anything else.
  • Korben: Even now I am simply relieved for his safety. If you must turn me in, I understand- I have already done what I set out to do.
  • Korben: Though I wish to remain free, whether you choose to report my activities or not does not matter to me now.

Stage 11

» Choose

If you choose to report Korben:
Aldorei Valley
-461, 132, -4459
Wynncraft Map


  • Elf Guard: Traveler, I must remind you- The doors shall remain shut until the criminal has been found.
  • Elf Guard: ...ah. You have found him, then. The name is Korben... Understood. We shall interrogate him for his actions.
  • Elf Guard: This being the case... You may come and go as you wish to Aldorei Town. We shall re-open the doors.

The guard will then give you 2 Liquid Emeralds and a Receipt.

If you choose to let Korben go:
Aldorei Valley
-613, 97, -4453
Wynncraft Map


  • Korben: You are... You would lie to the guards and say I perished in the chase? You will keep my identity secret?
  • Korben: Outsider... You show generosity akin to my father. He passed his Sol Medallion onto me to continue his legacy...
  • Korben: ...after what I have done, I do not deserve it. You take it, instead. It is in sufficiently worthy hands, I believe.
  • Korben: I shall beg the Light to shine upon you for the rest of your days. A thousand thanks to you.

Korben will then give you an Elven Medallion.


  • It is recommended that you choose to let Korben go rather than turn him in, so you can obtain the Elven Medallion instead of 8192 emeralds, because this choice will ultimately result in more emeralds (12288 emeralds) by trading the Elven Medallion for 3 LE at the Collectibles Merchant in Aldorei [-286, 103, -4405].