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The (currently outdated) list of official Wynncraft commands can be found under the "Commands" section of the Wynncraft Help.

Game Commands

A list of general commands.

Command Aliases Description
/help Show help for commands.
/buy cash, store, gold, goldcoins, gc, shop If you bought gold coins before the old store got changed in September 2016, you can spend them using this command.
/class classes Opens the character selector.
/daily Collects rewards of the daily objective completion.
/kill suicide, die Kill your character (useful if you're stuck).
/duel <player> Challenges another player to a duel.
/find <player> Find out what world the provided player is currently on.
/fixquests Returns lost but needed quest items to the player.
/fixstart Fixes the tutorial quest (King's Recruit) if broken.
/forum Starts the process of linking your forums account with your game account.
/report <player> <reason> Report the provided player to the Wynncraft Moderators.
/hub leave, lobby, port, change, wcl, servers (the s at the end of servers matters!) Moves you back to the lobby.
/trade <player> share Sends a trade request to the provided player.
/itemlock Locks item that is being held, so it cannot be dropped.
/skiptutorial Skips the tutorial if you have completed it in another class.
/stream Hides the server you are on and shows your name as "Player" to everyone else. You are invisible to everyone and they are invisible to you, unless they are in your Friend list, Guild or Party.
/switch <world> Switches you to the specified world.
/totems Opens the mob totem interface.
/claimitembomb Claims a thrown item bomb.
/claimingredientbomb Claims a thrown ingredient bomb.
/rules Displays the server rules.

Chat Commands

Chat commands

Command Aliases Description
/g <message> Sends the provided message into the Guild Chat.
/p <message> Sends the provided message into the current Party Chat.
/msg <name> <message> tell Sends someone a private message.
/r <message> Quickly reply to a message. You are required to send/receive a message to someone first.

Toggle Commands

Used for toggling in-game settings. All commands in this category should be used along with the /toggle prefix.
Example: /toggle autojoin

Argument Description
swears Toggles swear words.
blood Toggles blood particles of mobs.
insults Toggles insults.
autojoin Toggles whether you start in the class selection menu or automatically log into your last class upon joining a server.
music Toggles the in-game music.
vet Toggles if the VET tag is shown or not (only for people who got a rank before Mojangs EULA update August 2014)
war Toggles war messages (e.g. territory attack messages).
guildjoin Toggles login messages from guild members.
attacksound Toggles the sound for melee attacks.
rpwarning Toggles the warning you get when you don't have the server resource pack enabled.
100 Toggles whether level 100+ announcements are shown in chat.
sb Toggles the Objectives Scoreboard.
autotracking Toggles quest auto-tracking.
pouchmsg Toggles the message shown when an item is added to the Ingredient Pouch
combatbar Toggles the bar at the top shown when attacking a mob.
ghosts Toggles whether players from other worlds are shown. Has levels: none/low/medium/high/all.
popups Toggles generic popups.
guildpopups Toggles guild popups.
friendpopups Toggles friend popups.
beacon Toggles the compass beacon.
queststartbeacon Toggles showing beacon beams at quest start locations.
bombbell Toggles the Bomb Bell alerts.
outlines Toggles player outlines.
pouchpickup Toggles ingredient pouch pickup.

Cosmetic Commands

Handles cosmetic and visual game mechanics.

Command Aliases Description
/pet pets Opens the list of pets interface.
/crates Opens the crate interface.
/use Activate items that you have purchased from the store or claimed from Loot Crates.
/renamepet <name> Rename a pet or horse.
/renameitem <name> Rename a crafted item. (Only the creator of a crafted item can rename it.)
/relore <lore> Adds lore to a crafted item. (Only the creator of a crafted item can relore it.)
/particles <off/low/medium/high/veryhigh/highest/(particles per tick)> pq Limits the time (in game ticks) between each game particle (20 is equivalent of 1 particle per second)
/changetag <VIP/VIP+/HERO/CHAMPION/RESET> Changes your rank tag.

You can buy Ranks, Loot Crates, Pets, and Bombs in the store.

Friend Commands

Used for handling Friends. All commands in this category should be used along with the /friend or /friends command.
Example: /friend list

Argument Description
add <player> Adds a new player to your friend list.
remove <player> Removes the provided player from your friend list.
list Lists all players that are currently on your friend list.

Ignore Commands

Used for handling the ignore list. All commands in this category should be used along with the /ignore command.
Example: /ignore add AnnoyingPerson

Argument Description
add <player> Adds a new player to your ignore list.
remove <player> Removes the provided player from your ignore list.

Party Commands

Prefixed with /party or /p.

Command Aliases Description
create Creates a party.
invite <player> Invites <player> to the party.
leave Leaves the party.
list Lists the users in the party.
kick <player> Kicks <player> from the party.
promote <player> Promotes <player> to party leader.
ban <player> Bans <player> from the party.
unban <player> Unbans <player> from the party.

Guild Commands

Used for handling Guilds. All commands in this category should be used along with the /guild or /gu command. Example: /guild leave

Argument Rank Needed Description
join <name> Accepts the invite and join the provided guild.
leaderboard Shows a leaderboard (XP-wise) with your guild, 5 guilds above yours, and 4 guilds below yours.
leave Leave your current guild at the cost of 3 soul points.
list List all members of your guild.
stats Show the current level, XP, tag, name, and player count of your guild.
log View the log of your guild's activities.
xp <percentage> Set the percentage of your gained XP that will go towards your guild.
rank Captain Set the rank of another member of your guild.
invite Recruiter Invite a player to your guild.
attack Captain Attack the territory you are currently in.
kick <player> Chief Kicks the provided player from your guild.

Available Ranks: Recruit < Recruiter < Captain < Chief < Owner

Housing Commands

Prefixed with /housing or /is .

Command Aliases Description
invite <name>
kick <name>
ban <name>
unban <name>
allowedit <name>
disallowedit <name>

Disabled Commands

A list of commands that were either disabled or have no use.

Command Description Reason
/end <something>
/dismiss Cancel an active mission. Missions caused problems and were removed.