King's Recruit

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King's Recruit CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Easy
Tags Storyline
Location Ragni Outskirts
Province Wynn
Starter NPC Caravan Driver
Reward As follows:

King's Recruit is the starting quest for Wynncraft. It is a long level 1 quest and is a tutorial that introduces players to the basic concepts of the game.

Stage 1

» Exit the caravan and talk to the Caravan Driver at [-1574, 51, -1625].

The Minecraft MMORPG

CaravanDriver.png Tasim.png Aledar.png

  • Caravan Driver: Agh!
  • Tasim: Hey, <playername>! You alright in there? Looks like we hit something.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Horse.png Horse 1 50 - - - - Ragni Outskirts
  • Caravan Driver: Hm... I swear I hit this same darn boulder every time I make this trip. Sorry folks.
  • Tasim: Ah. Does this mean we have to walk all the way to Ragni from here?
  • Caravan Driver: Unfortunately. Luckily, it's not that far from here. Just a straight path forward.
  • Aledar: Well, nothing to do but keep moving! Tasim, <playername>, I'll race you to the gate!

Aledar will then sprint to the gate.

  • Tasim: Wait, don't!-... He's already gone. We'll have to catch up with him. <playername>, lead the way.

Stage 2

» Walk down the path towards the Wynn Province at [-1525, 51, -1539].
Tasim.png Aledar.png

  • Tasim: I don't suppose you know much about Wynn either, do you?
  • Tasim: Of course, the King of Ragni's been recruiting Fruma soldiers, but...
  • Tasim: That war of theirs must be getting pretty bad if they need this much support.
  • Tasim: Oh, there's Aledar! And the gate, by the looks of it.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Grook.png Grook 1 5 - - - - Ragni Outskirts
  • Aledar: There you two are! You'll have to be faster than that if you want to stand a chance against the undead.
  • Tasim: Yes, yes, we'll be faster next time. So, is this the gate marking the border between Wynn and Fruma?
  • Aledar: It looks like it, yep! Are you two ready for the start of our new lives? Here we go!
  • Aledar: Well, what are you waiting for?

Stage 3

» Continue through the Wynn Province to the castle

The Province of Wynn

Tasim.png Aledar.png Soldier1(King'sRecruit).png

  • Tasim: So this is Wynn we've all been hearing about... It's beautiful.
  • Aledar: I guess the war hasn't made it this far. This is what we'll be fighting to protect.
  • Soldier: Hey, recruits! Come over here, I have something to tell you.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Grook.png Grook 1 5 - - - - Ragni Outskirts
WildBoar.png Wild Boar 1 5 - - - - Ragni Outskirts
Cow(King'sRecruit).png Cow 1 5 - - - - Ragni Outskirts

Stage 4

» Talk to the Soldier
Tasim.png Soldier1(King'sRecruit).png Aledar.png

  • Tasim: Right-Click on the Soldier to talk to him.
  • Tasim: A soldier? What are you doing all the way out here?
  • Soldier: There's a bit of trouble up ahead. They sent me out here to intercept new recruits.
  • Soldier: Do you see this cave over here? Caves such as these often contain useful loot that can help keep you alive. If you enter the cave, you can find armour to protect you.
  • Aledar: Well, you heard the man! Let's go get geared up.
  • Soldier: Enter the cave and get some armour in the loot chest.

If you wait:

  • Tasim: Let's enter the cave and get some armour, <playername>!

Stage 5

» Explore the Cave at [-1452, 47, -1519]

The character has to jump through a simple parkour course.
Aledar.png Tasim.png

  • Aledar: Hmph. The soldier didn't tell us the cave path was collapsed! We'll have to jump through.
  • Tasim: Come over here, we have a problem...
  • Tasim: Well, this is a problem... I don't think we can make this jump.
  • Aledar: Hm... There's got to be some way to... Oh! What if we could break that rock on the ceiling?
  • Tasim: ...And then it would fall and open up a path for us! <playername>, left-click the rock to attack and break it!

If you wait:

  • Aledar: Just left-click the rock to break it!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Stone.png Stone 0 1 - - - - Ragni Outskirts Cave

If the player left clicks the rock it falls and creates a new platform.

  • Aledar: It worked! Now we can reach that chest.

If you wait:

  • Tasim: You can right-click a loot chest to open it.

After you right-click the loot chest:

  • Aledar: Anything good in there? Come on, let's get back to the soldier.
  • You should go through the exit to leave the cave.

Soldier1(King'sRecruit).png Aledar.png

  • Soldier: Hm... Yes, that looks like it'll do.
  • Soldier: Normally these outskirts are pretty safe, but we've had some corrupted forces slip through recently.
  • Soldier: We're not entirely sure how they got here... Either way, they've been causing chaos. They've even managed to destroy the bridge!
  • Soldier: ... In any case. You've noticed your loot is currently unidentified, yes? You'll be able to identify it at the Item Identifier further down the path, on your left.
  • Aledar: Alright. Thanks for the warning! We'll be sure to stay safe. <playername>, lead the way.

Stage 6

» Identify your item and investigate the broken bridge at [-1375, 50, -1530].

Continue along the path to the identifier.


  • Tasim: Oh, that must be the item identifier the soldier mentioned.
  • Aledar: Right. <playername>, you can right-click the identifier to identify your item! Let us know when you're done.

The identified item is a Tosach.

  • Aledar: You've got it identified? Great! Let's keep moving.
  • Tasim: Hm... The soldier said something about the bridge being destroyed. Maybe we should check it out.

Continue down the path.

  • Tasim: Well, that soldier wasn't kidding. This is some serious damage...
  • Aledar: Well, how are we meant to get to the other side of this ravine now? Ugh. Another thing gone wrong, just like-...
  • Tasim: ... Aledar? What's wrong?
  • Aledar: That's... weird. I was just thinking about something from before Wynn, but... it's gone. I can't remember.
  • Tasim: Hm. I can't remember anything from Fruma either... <playername>, how about you?
  • Aledar: Nothing. It can't be a coincidence we've all lost our memories at the same time, right?
  • Tasim: No, but... We can worry about that later. For now, we need to find a way to get past this ravine. Aledar, <playername>, you should look around for a way across. I'll keep looking here.
  • Aledar: Yeah... Alright. Let's go, <playername>.

Stage 7

» Search for another way across the ravine at [-1391, 50, -1556].
Aledar.png Tasim.png
Turn to the left and you can find a tree. Click on the tree to push it down. The fallen trunk will bridge the chasm.

  • Aledar: Woah! That's one way of doing it, I guess! Hey, Tasim, over here!
  • Tasim: Good work! You two, go on ahead, I'll be just behind you.


  • Aledar: Looks like that's the underpass up ahead... We just need to get through there, and we'll be at the castle!


  • Guard: Ah, the new recruits. Wait there a moment. There's a spot of trouble up ahead.
  • Tasim: What? What's going on?
  • Guard: A group of the corrupted have sieged the underpass. It's not safe to go unarmed, so you'll need weapons.
  • Guard: Let's see... A spear for you, a dagger for you, and... a {wand/bow/spear/dagger/relik} for you. There you are.
  • [+1 Oak Wood {Wand/Bow/Spear/Dagger/Relik}]
  • Aledar: Are we expected to fight already? I would have thought we'd need training first.
  • Guard: In a perfect world, yes. But unfortunately, that trouble up ahead won't wait for you to train. Good luck, recruits.

Stage 8

» Enter the cave at [-1293, 50, -1584].

Past this point, Aledar and Tasim will be carrying a dagger and spear respectively.

Stage 9

» Continue through the cave
A corrupted renegade will appear in a cloud of pink/purple particles.

  • Aledar: What's going on?
  • Tasim: I think that's one of the corrupted... <playername>, get ready. You never know when it could...
  • Tasim: Strike! Kill it, quickly!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CorruptedRenegade.png Corrupted Renegade 1 12 Melee - - - Ragni Underpass
  • Aledar: Phew... Good work, <playername>. Let's keep going.
  • Tasim: Hm... Something's wrong. I think we're about to be...

One Blazing Skeleton Mage and two weak zombies appear in front of the player.

  • Tasim: ...ambushed.
  • Aledar: <playername>, take the one in the front! We'll get the two in the back!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
WeakZombie(King'sRecruit,Cutscene).png Weak Zombie 1 - - - - - Ragni Underpass
BlazingSkeletalMage.png Blazing Skeletal Mage 2 32 Melee Meteor ✹ Dam - Ragni Underpass
  • Aledar: I think I'm starting to get the hang of this! These corrupted don't stand a chance!
  • Tasim: Likewise. Alright, let's keep going. It shouldn't be too far now...

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
UndeadMiner(Pickaxe).png Undead Miner
1 7 Melee - - - Ragni Underpass
UndeadMiner(Iron).png Undead Miner
1 10 Melee - - - Ragni Underpass

Stage 10

» Follow the guard's instructions.

Guard2(King'sRecruit,Injured).png Aledar(Weapon).png Tasim(Weapon).png

  • Guard: Finally, some backup! Help me out here, would you?
  • Tasim: What's happened! Are you injured? Were you attacked by the corrupt?
  • Guard: Injured, yes, but not by the undead. I'm well equipped for those. The issue is this here cave-in.
  • Aledar: This isn't seriously the only way through, is it? There's got to be something we can do!
  • Guard: If only I wasn't injured, I could use my weapon to cast a spell on those boulders to get rid of them...
  • Guard: ... You there, the quiet one with the {wand/bow/spear/dagger/relik}. What's your name?
  • Guard: <playername>, you're a {Mage/Dark Wizard/Archer/Hunter/Warrior/Knight/Assassin/Ninja/Shaman/Skyseer}, right? Walk up to the boulder for me.
  • Guard: You should be able to unlock your first ability... Just use your compass, and click on the ability tree on the left.

A red circle will then appear around your compass. Click on it, and then there will be a red circle around the Ability Tree, and then click that to unlock your first ability.

  • Guard: Now, cast your {Meteor/Arrow Bomb/Bash/Spin Attack/Totem} spell by clicking {Right-Left-Left/Left-Right-Right/Right-Left-Right}!

Stage 11

» Cast your spell, when you do so, the boulder will explode.


  • Guard: Well done, recruit! It's a straight path to the castle from here. You three, head on towards the castle.

Stage 12

» Continue down the cave

  • Guard: ... Wait. What is THAT?!
  • Guard: Aghh! Let me go!
  • Tasim: Quickly, after that thing! We need to save the guard!
Chase down the skeleton!
  • Don't forget you can use your new spell to attack the zombies! Use {RIGHT-LEFT-LEFT/LEFT-RIGHT-RIGHT/RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT} to cast it.

A Corrupted Skeletal Mage will ambush your group, taking the guard. You'll then have to chase after the monster, although 3 walls impede your path. The first wall is opened by defeating some Weak Zombies, the second wall is opened by defeating some Weak Zombies and Reanimated Skeletons, and the final wall is opened by defeating the Corrupted Skeletal Mage.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CorruptedSkeletalMage(Cutscene).png Corrupted Skeletal Mage 5 - - - - - Ragni Outskirts
WeakZombie(King'sRecruit).png Weak Zombie 1 6 Melee - - - Ragni Outskirts
ReanimatedSkeleton.png Reanimated Skeleton 2 11 Melee - ✹ Dam - Ragni Outskirts
CorruptedSkeletalMage.png Corrupted Skeletal Mage 5 42 Melee Charge - - Ragni Outskirts
  • Guard: ... That was close. Thanks for the save!
  • Guard: I think you three are going to make good recruits - not many can handle themselves like you just did.
  • Guard: You should head on to the castle, now. I'll take care of any leftover corrupted.

Stage 13

» Enter the castle at [-10563, 6, -2097].
Aledar(Weapon).png Tasim(Weapon).png Ragni'sKing.png

  • Aledar: We... we made it! We really made it! Gods, that was a close one at the end.
  • Tasim: ... Still think those corrupted don't stand a chance against you?
  • Aledar: Ha ha. Very funny. Let's just head inside and talk to the king.

The King will be down the right hallway if you are facing the fireplace. As you approach him Aledar and Tasim will walk away.

  • Ragni's King: Ah, you must be the last recruit. Please come over here and speak to me.

Stage 14

» Talk to Ragni's King at [-939, 67, -1567].

  • Ragni's King: Hello! Your friends just left. They told me quite the story about what happened to you three on the way here.
  • Ragni's King: Welcome to the Wynn Province!
  • Ragni's King: This is the noble fort of Ragni, one of the oldest and most influential cities in the province!
  • Ragni's King: Your job as a soldier of Wynn is to stop the growth of the monsters that are ravaging the province.
  • Ragni's King: You might want to train a little more before hand, though. Many lives are lost everyday...
  • Ragni's King: ... Anyway, good luck! If you are lost, use as it is very useful if you don't know where to go.
  • Ragni's King: Take this [1 Ragni Teleportation Scroll] too! It will bring you back here if you use it.

The player may then leave the palace by following the hallway to their left.


As the player exits the castle, they can speak to Tasim for more advice on what to do.


  • Tasim: ...oh, <playername>! Over here. Aledar's gone on ahead, but I figured I'd stay back and wait for you to be done.
  • Tasim: So! Wynn, huh? It's pretty exciting to finally be here. I'm going to head off in the direction of Detlas soon, but I wanted to tell you about something first.
  • Tasim: There's this handy item we were all given on our way here- the Content Book. It displays most things you can do in this world- quests, caves, and more.
  • Tasim: It also lets you track any content you want, which will create a beacon you can follow. Here, why don't you try it out? Use your content book, and click on the highlighted quest.

You will then be prompted to start Enzan's Brother.

  • Tasim: Well, there you go! I'm going to head off to the end of the Emerald Trail, to the entrance of the Nivla Woods. You should meet me there once you've gotten a little stronger.


  • As a soldier of Wynn, you start out from the province of Fruma. This is also the only area of Fruma that's accessible as of right now.
  • You can use the command /skiptutorial in order to get to the stage where you talk to Ragni's King. However, if you get too far in the tutorial, you will be unable to use the command, and you will also not receive any additional items gained in the tutorial, such as the Tosach.
  • The quest underwent several changes.
    • Prior to the 1.14 Gavel Update, this quest was far more basic and rudimentary. See King's Recruit (1.13) for the very first iteration of this quest.
    • This quest became substantially revamped following the Gavel Update. See King's Recruit (1.17) for the second iteration of this quest.
    • In the 1.18 Economy Update it was changed to teach players about Professions and was revamped again, now introducing two new characters, Aledar and Tasim.
    • On May the 19th 2019 it was changed to focus less on professions.
    • For the 1.20.2 update, this quest was changed to remove professions and change some mob stats.
    • For the 2.0 Spellbound Update, it was minorly changed so it introduces players to the Ability Tree.
    • The 2.0.3 Lootrun Update updated the quest a bit more with additional character movements and changing the last section of the quest from an escape sequence to a pursuing sequence.
  • There is a pile of broken wheels near the caravan after it crashes.