Elder Prometheus

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Prometheus speaking to his fellow Elders.
Character Info
Location Aldorei Town
Quest Involved Aldorei's Secret Part II
Personal Info
Relations Elder Hickory (fellow Elder),
Elder Elm (fellow Elder),
Six Elders of Aldorei (handpicked successors)
Status Dead
Lifespan Likely hundreds of years[1]
Information The head Elder of Aldorei over a thousand years ago, who often received visions from the Elves' deity, Orphion. Due to a misunderstanding, he destroyed the original Guardian of the Forest, leading to the opening of the Light Portal, and, in a chain reaction, to the opening of the Nether Portal and the Dern Portal as well. As such, he is indirectly behind most of the events that have occurred during the War of the Realms. Died due to old age after appointing the current Six Elders of Aldorei.[2]
People of Aldorei! Today is the day where we meet our God!
~ Aldorei's Secret Part II

Elder Prometheus was the head Elder of Aldorei over a thousand years ago, before the opening of the Nether Portal and the attack of the Parasite in Gavel. He was in touch with the Light, to the point where he would often receive visions from the Light Beast, Orphion. He had two known contemporary Elders to his side: Elder Hickory and Elder Elm. Elder Prometheus is currently the overarching antagonist of Wynncraft.

Eventually, in 0 AP, Prometheus received a warning vision from Orphion, meant to discourage him from trying to open the Light Portal by cutting down the original Guardian of the Forest. However, being unable to fully decipher the vision's meaning, it had the opposite effect: Prometheus believed that Orphion was encouraging him to destroy the Guardian, thus opening the Light Portal and allowing Prometheus and all the other Elves of Aldorei to "touch the light", meeting their god, something which had never been done before without dying in the process.

Prometheus and the other Elders announced their plan to take down the Guardian and reach Orphion to the people of Aldorei Town, and although one young elf expressed her disapproval in continuing with the plan, she was ignored and they went through with it anyways, opening the Portal and allowing entrance to the Realm of Light.

However, Prometheus was blocked from entering the Realm of Light due to his actions, and what he'd done turned out to have had catastrophic consequences all over the world: through a chain reaction beginning with the activation of the first Portal, the Nether Portal in Wynn and the Dern Portal in the Silent Expanse activated, thus enabling the spread of Corruption into Wynn and sparking the Corruption War, as well kickstarting a new active phase of the War of the Realms which still continues today.

After the event, Elder Prometheus elected the modern-day Six Elders of Aldorei to succeed him and keep the secret safe under the tree at the center of Aldorei Town, where the remains of the original Guardian of the Forest were housed. He then died of old age, not acquiring the immortality that every Elf after him would obtain from the Guardian's residual magic.[2]


  • Due to his role in the opening of the Light Portal and the consequences that came from it, namely the opening of the Nether Portal in Wynn, Elder Prometheus is directly or indirectly responsible for most of the events that have occurred in the story.
  • Elder Prometheus can be seen wearing some sort of ritual mask. He is the only known Elf who wears such a headpiece.
    • This might have been part of some ancient Elven custom that has long since disappeared.


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