Portal to Dern

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Portal to Dern PathIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Thought to be only a myth, this portal's existence confirms the legends that the Silent Expanse is a road to Dern. How to access it, though, is perhaps a mystery that can't be solved yet...
Coordinates X: 1300, Z: -460
Access Points The Eldritch Outlook
Suggested Level 101
Quest Starts A Hunter's Calling

The Portal to Dern, also known as the Pathway to Darkness or The Gate, is a void of floating islands in the deepest reach of the Silent Expanse that houses a giant black gateway to the Realm of Darkness. The area is accessed from the Eldritch Outlook, requiring completion of the level 101 Quest A Journey Further and at least one run of the Eldritch Outlook Dungeon.

The Portal's surroundings consist of a path of floating rocks over the void leading to it, as well as desolate cliffs around and below the path, apparently completely devoid of life. Currently, the Portal to Dern itself remains inaccessible.

Points of Interest


Quick Travel

  • A one-way teleporter back to Lutho is located directly across from the Portal.



  • The Portal to Dern is one of only a few areas with open void, the others being the Sky Islands and the area around the Canyon Colossus in Gavel.
  • The void around the Portal was likely created by the Nameless Anomaly; according to the Raid, its disassembly of reality threatens to spread the phenomenon into the Void Valley and the rest of the Silent Expanse.