A Journey Beyond

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A Journey Beyond CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Hard
Tags Unlocks Silent Expanse
Location Detlas
Province Wynn
Combat Level 100
Starter NPC Elphaba
Reward As follows:

A Journey Beyond is a long level 100 quest. This quest introduces the player to The Silent Expanse.


The player joins Aledar, Elphaba and Lucio on a quest to reach the end of the Silent Expanse. However, as they travel through the expanse, many problems arise.

Stage 1

» Join Elphaba on a mission in Detlas at [419, 67, -1533].
Elphaba(AJourneyBeyond).png Aledar(AJourneyBeyond,Appearance1).png Lucio.png

  • Elphaba: Hmm, you might just be exactly what we're looking for. If you want to join a top secret mission, follow me.
  • (If you have done Reclaiming the House) Elphaba: ... <playername>? Is that you? It's been a while, heh. You know, we were actually looking for someone like you. Come on, follow me.
  • Aledar: Elphie! Have you found our fourth member yet?... Oh, <playername>!
  • Aledar: I... Am surprised to see you here. Looks like we've both come a long way.
  • Lucio: Can you get a move on, please? We got our spare, let's go!
  • Elphaba: Hold up. We need to brief <playername>. This mission is dangerous. Listen up.
  • Elphaba: Hundreds of years ago, people mined the surrounding areas around Detlas.
  • Elphaba: They eventually broke through to an entirely undiscovered area of the Wynn province.
  • Elphaba: What they found.. Was not good. It was cursed. Not corrupted... This was something else.
  • Elphaba: No one really knows what's beyond the mine because it was sealed to prevent the spread of a new threat.
  • Elphaba: We don't have much intel, but it's been named by some as the Silent Expanse.
  • Elphaba: Lately, creatures of darkness have been seeping through, and we think they are from the expanse.
  • Elphaba: The existence of this place has been kept on a strict need-to-know basis.
  • Elphaba: Our mission is to make our way through the mine, observe and report the threat level.
  • Lucio: Come on, we need to get going! Enough with the meetings!
  • Aledar: How many times do we have to tell you to stop doing that? Fix it, Lucio.
  • Lucio: Fine...
  • Aledar: <playername> If you are ready, let's go.

Stage 2

» Follow your team towards the Silent Expanse's entrance.

Aledar(AJourneyBeyond).png Elphaba(AJourneyBeyond).png Lucio.png

  • Aledar: Everyone ready? I'll lead.
  • Aledar: It's a twist of fate that our paths have converged here, <playername>. We started our journey together and now...
  • Elphaba: Aledar...
  • Aledar: I hear them too.
  • Aledar: Ah, no problem. I'll take care of these.
  • Aledar: No more running for us, huh <playername>? Ah, we're here.
  • Elphaba: This is actually our second attempt. The first time, it didn't go too well.
  • Elphaba: We have more numbers now, Lucio and yourself should help us overpower it.
  • Lucio: Can't be that strong, bet I can take it myself.
  • Elphaba: We managed to seal it in but with the 4 of us I'm sure we ca-
  • Lucio: Let's just do it!
  • Aledar: Wait... No!
  • Aledar: Lucio! You FOOL!
  • Lucio: What's the big deal? You said yourself we can take it!
  • Lucio: Ouch...
  • Aledar: We need a PLAN.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ZombieSoldier(AJourneyBeyond).png Zombie Soldier 6 - - - - - Abandoned Mines
WildMooshroom(AJourneyBeyond).png Wild Mooshroom 12 - - - - - Abandoned Mines

Stage 3

» Defeat the Beast

Lucio.png Aledar(AJourneyBeyond,Appearance1).png Elphaba(AJourneyBeyond).png

  • Lucio: The plan is attack!
  • Lucio: Argh!
  • Aledar: Lucio!
  • Aledar: Ahh!
  • Elphaba: No! Stop hurting them!
  • Elphaba: Ouch! This isn't working...
  • Lucio: Is it just me or are our attacks doing NOTHING?
  • Elphaba: Lucio's right! Change of plan. Lucio, help me hold it in place.
  • Elphaba: Aledar, you know what to do.
  • Aledar: <playername>, come with me! Cast a spell to block the cave's entrance so the monster can't leave.
  • Aledar: I'll block it from attacking, you block it up with a spell.
  • Aledar: They won't be able to hold it for long.
  • Aledar: Ready?! Cast any spell!
  • Aledar: Lucio, Elphaba! Run!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BlackGeist(Appearance1).png Black Geist 110 - - - ✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Abandoned Mines
Aledar(Defending).png Aledar 100 - - - - - Abandoned Mines
Elphaba(Defending).png Elphaba 100 - - - - - Abandoned Mines
Lucio(Defending).png Lucio 100 - - - - - Abandoned Mines

Stage 4

» Plan a way of killing the beast.

Elphaba(AJourneyBeyond).png Lucio.png Aledar(AJourneyBeyond,Appearance1).png

  • Elphaba: We all here? Where's Lucio?
  • Lucio: Guys... Any help? I'm stuck!
  • Elphaba: Phew, here. Let me get you out.
  • Lucio: I'm sorry, team. I've never seen a monster like that before.
  • Aledar: It looks like our problem isn't fire power. It's something else. It's like our weapons just didn't affect it at all.
  • Aledar: I know someone who might be able to help us. A blacksmith on Black Road.
  • Elphaba: <playername>, I've written the house's coordinates on your book. Meet us there.

Stage 5

» Meet the other soldiers at [730, 61, -1434].


  • Elphaba: Just in time. We're all here.
  • Elphaba: It looks like the Blacksmith knows what's wrong...
  • Elphaba: So, Dren. Do you know why we can't damage the beast?
  • Dren: Certainly! Your issue is elemental. As you know, there are 5 elements...
  • Dren: Earth...
  • Dren: Fire...
  • Dren: Air...
  • Dren: Water...
  • Dren: And Thunder...
  • Dren: But.. There is a hidden element, ❂Darkness..
  • Dren: In order to damage a creature of Darkness, you must remove that influence from your soul.
  • Dren: Some Dark creatures use a sort of synchronous barrier that prevents them being harmed by other creatures influenced with Darkness.
  • Dren: In order to purify you, I will need 2 powerful items.
  • Dren: Firstly, a shard from a Dernic Beast. There is one living in the depths of the Roots of Corruption.
  • Dren: I will use this to reveal the darkness element in you all.
  • Dren: And then, of course, a Light item, to purify all of you...
  • Lucio: Wait... what do you mean a Light item?
  • Dren: Something from any Light creature would work, you could get some dust from Gavel faries if you wanted...
  • Elphaba: Alright. Aledar, you get the darkness item with <playername>, and I'll go get the Light item with Lucio.
  • Aledar: Yes ma'am! Let's go <playername>!

Stage 6

» Get the Shard with Aledar.


  • Aledar: Here we are, the roots of Corruption. Let's go, <playername>!
  • Aledar: We found that the caves around the roots are far more complex than we thought...
  • Aledar: There's one with far more powerful creatures... Somewhere... Here!
  • Aledar: What are you waiting for? Let's go!
  • Aledar: I don't think we can spell our way across, <playername>! We need something like... Wings!
  • Aledar: I've never used wings like this before...
  • Aledar: I think if we just hold them and walk normally, it should help us glide across.
  • Aledar: Don't drop them and don't get hit by the lava geysers, obviously.
  • Aledar: Don't forget why we are here, we're looking for a creature of darkness. Shout for me if you find one.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DemonicDragon.png Demonic Dragon 102 20000 Melee - ❋ Dam
✽ Def
- Roots of Corruption
  • [+1 Beastly Wings]

Stage 7

» Go deeper into the cave at [241, 39, -1225] for the Shard.


  • [-1 Beastly Wings]
  • Aledar: That's our target! Go after it!
  • Aledar: Wait, why isn't it fighting us here? Careful! It might be trapped!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
MangledProgeny(Cutscene).png Mangled Progeny 104 - - - ✹ Dam
✦ Def
- Roots of Corruption

Stage 8

» Chase the beast for the Shard.

You will need to go down a corridor to approach the Progenitors. Several pits will open beneath you and spikes will consume you.

Stage 9

» Kill the Progenitors to open up the entrance.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Progenitor.png Progenitor 102 20000 Crawl - ✤ Dam
✹ Def
- Roots of Corruption

Stage 10

» Kill the Mangled Progeny for the [1 Corrupted Pearl].

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
MangledProgeny(Boss).png Mangled Progeny 104 110000 Melee Charge
✹ Dam
✦ Def

Corrupt Pearl
Roots of Corruption


  • Aledar: Wow, I'm impressed <playername>. I honestly thought you would need my help.
  • Aledar: Well, we got what we came for. Let's head back to Dren.

Stage 11

» Return to the Blacksmith with the Darkness Item.


  • Dren: Looks like we lucked out on this one. Did you get an item of darkness?
  • [-1 Corrupt Pearl]
  • Dren: That should do it. Let's see if this will work. Come here <playername>!
  • Dren: It's done! You ought to be free of the dark influence. You ought to be able to break through that barrier that was giving you trouble.
  • Elphaba: Are you sure? I don't feel that different. Well... I guess there's only one way to find out.

Stage 12

» Re-open the closed entrance with the other warriors.


  • Lucio: Everyone here? Great! Time to finish what I started!
  • Elphaba: Lucio! No! When will you learn?
  • Lucio: Right, yes. Sorry, what's the plan?
  • Elphaba: We don't want that thing to escape, it could cause widespread panic.
  • Elphaba: We'll open up a small entrance to get in, and fight it once inside.
  • Lucio: Fine...
  • Lucio: Let's go!

Stage 13

» Kill the Black Geist.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BlackGeist(Appearance2).png Black Geist 110 88888 Crawl Vanish
Heavy Teleport
✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Abandoned Mines


  • Elphaba: We... We actually did it!
  • Aledar.: Thank grook for that. I was wondering if we'd ever be rid of this nightmare.
  • Elphaba: We have an extremely old map of the mines to help us, but we have no idea what's waiting for us.
  • Aledar: I want to warn you, this may well be a one way ticket for all of us.
  • Lucio: Yeah right! Check this out!
  • Elphaba: Rocks are one thing, Lucio. The creatures we're about to face require more than brute strength. You need force of mind.
  • Lucio: Oh my. Maybe this isn't the best idea.
  • Elphaba: It's too late now. We've got to finish this mission.

Stage 14

» Explore the Silent Expanse.

The Silent Expanse
Road to Dern ❂


  • Aledar: Remember the goal Elphie, we must reach the end of the expanse.
  • Elphaba: It's still empty here. But it looks like they were here only yesterday.
  • Lucio: I thought you said the miners were here hundreds of years ago?
  • Aledar: They were. I don't know why it would be so well presevered. It's as if nothing has touched it.
  • Aledar: According to the documents, we need to make our way to the end of the road.
  • Elphaba: Argh! Bugs! Get off!
  • Elphaba: So much for nothing being here.
  • Elphaba: Why are they only going for me?
  • Elphaba: Aledar, how far is it to the end?
  • Aledar: I read the same map as you. It didn't even have scale. There should be a bridge ahead, though.
  • Lucio: Uhh... A destroyed one. And it wasn't cause I blew it up this time!
  • Aledar: Hmm, well we will have to go around.
  • Aledar: This doesn't really look like corruption, does it?
  • Elphaba: Uhhh... I'm not feeling very wel-... Aahhh!
  • Elphaba: Aaahhh! My liver! It took my liver!
  • Aledar: Elphaba! No! It's an illusion!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Irtitack(Appearance1).png Irtitack 102 - - - - - Abandoned Mines
Irtitack(Liver).png Irtitack 102 - - - - - Ruined Olmic City


  • Aledar: Where has she gone? ELPHABA?
  • Lucio: Aledar, maybe we should just double back now?
  • Aledar: Elphaba is an extremely able warrior. We will fight on and find her.
  • Lucio: Do you really think it was just an illusion?
  • Aledar: I'm not sure. I hope so.
  • Lucio: What if we're infected too? Shouldn't we just go back?
  • Aledar: We can't, Lucio! We have a mission as you very well know. We continue.
  • Aledar: Besides, we might be carrying some of those things too. We can't risk them infesting Wynn.
  • Lucio: Looks like we need to go around to the right, here?
  • Aledar: It feels like something is watching us...
  • Lucio: Aledar, what is this place? You didn't tell me there was a city here.
  • Aledar: There is. A big one, too; there's more ahead. But it doesn't look like anyone's home . The map doesn't have a name for it either.
  • Lucio: Wait a sec, is that one of the miners? Is she hurt? HEEEEY! YOU OVER THERE!
  • Aledar: Lucio, no! It's a trap!
  • Aledar: LUCIO! Don't get closer!
  • Lucio: Wait, what's going on? Why can't I move?
  • Obsessor: Please, you have to understand!
  • Obsessor: It's so dangerous here!
  • Obsessor: We can't live alone like this!
  • Obsessor: It's too painful!
  • Obsessor: Listen to me!
  • Obsessor: You need to come with us!
  • Obsessor: It's the only way to keep you safe!
  • Obsessor: It's the only way to make you happy here!
  • Obsessor: It's the only way to make us feel whole!
  • Lucio: AAAH! S-Stop screaming at me! I can't understand!!
  • Obsessor: YOU STAY OUT OF THIS?
  • Aledar: No! How did she disable my spell?!
  • Obsessor: PLEASE, WE NEED THIS!
  • Obsessor: WE'LL KEEP YOU SAFE!
  • Lucio: ...aaaah... Stop talking... H-help...
  • Obsessor: Just please, stand still a little longer!
  • Obsessor: We'll bring you someplace warm!
  • Obsessor: You won't be hunted! We promise! No one hunts us!
  • Obsessor: You agree? YOU AGREE!
  • Obsessor: YOU'LL BE SAFE WITH US!
  • Obsessor: Foreeeever...

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Obsessor(Defending).png Obsessor 102 - - - - - Ruined Olmic City


  • Aledar: No no no!! This is bad, really bad! We have to go <playername>! Quick!
  • Aledar: We can't stay here.
  • Aledar: Who's that?! Elphaba?! Lucio?!
  • Aledar: Wait, you're just one of the miners. This doesn't feel like an illusion...
  • Aledar: Look, you need to get out of here. It's not safe- Wait, what's that noise...?
  • You quickly escape the worm before it eats you...
  • ???: OURGURGH!
  • Aledar: AAHHHHHHH!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Irtitack(Appearance2).png Irtitack 102 - - - - - Abandoned Mines

Stage 15

» Find Aledar, Lucio and Elphaba in the Fallen City.

The Obsessor will appear and guide you to where Lucio is.

  • Is that the monster that captured Lucio?! Don't let it get away!
The Silent Expanse
489, -601
Wynncraft Map
  • This pickaxe can only be used a few times as it's almost completely broken...
  • Lucio: <playername>! She was completely right. You ought to come with us...

The player is confronted with a pit of tar that blocks any form of travel. They must grab a pickaxe at the crossroads right before the pit and head above to knock down rocks. The player has to create 7 platforms across the pit to parkour across. Note that each pickaxe has 7 uses and then must be thrown out. If the player uses a new pickaxe with all 7 uses then any rocks previously knocked down will be removed. As the player heads to the lower room, Lucio will appear before turning into an Enraptured Obsessor.


  • Lucio's body appears out of the Enraptured Obsessor. He must have become one.
  • You must find Elphaba and Aledar before it's too late.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EnrapturedObsessor.png Enraptured Obsessor 105 70000 Melee Pull ✽ Weak
✦ Dam
Lucio's Skull Ruined Olmic City
Obsessor(Hostile).png Obsessor 105 60000 Melee Heal ✽ Weak
✦ Dam
- Ruined Olmic City

Stage 16

» Find Aledar and Elphaba in the Fallen City.

The Silent Expanse
465, -399
Wynncraft Map

The player must follow an Irtitack that teleports around the path, leading the player into a cathedral-like room. There are red carpets leading down a hole which lead to a room where the player can obtain a Sound Wave Emitter. The player can then right-click with the emitter in their hand to cause certain portals to make sounds. Follow the sounds to determine which portal to enter and reach the top of this cave. Then the player will enter a room with a Mutated Irtitack. Killing the Irtitack reveals Elphaba's dismembered body.

  • Is that the monster that captured Elphaba?!
  • You have to find a way of following them to the top!
  • Right-clicking this Item emits sound connections with the Irtitacks...
  • It's... Elphaba! Aledar might still be alive... Quick!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Irtitack(Appearance2).png Irtitack 102 - - - - - Ruined Olmic City
MutatedIrtitack.png Mutated Irtitack 105 100000 Melee Multihit
- Elphaba's Chestplate Ruined Olmic City

Stage 17

» Find Aledar in the Fallen City.

The Silent Expanse
595, -680
Wynncraft Map

The player must stand where Aledar did previously to be eaten by the giant worm. The player will be teleported inside its stomach where lava will continuously rise and fall on a timer preceded by an audio queue. The player must hop from island to island until they reach Aledar. Once the player has reached Aledar the lava will stop. They must back-track a short distance to pick up his healing potion before jumping out of the worm.

  • You should use the body parts to enter the worm and find Aledar...
  • This is where Aledar was taken... Perhaps you can lure the worm somehow.
  • The stomach acid seems to rise and fall consistently.


  • Aledar: <playername>! <playername>!
  • Aledar: I think my leg is broken. I have a potion to fix it, but I dropped it back up there.

You then have to go back a bit to get Aledar's Potion.

  • Aledar: I feel a bit better.. But something is still wrong.
  • Aledar: Let's just get out of here, soldier on. There's only one way out.
  • Aledar: Jump with me, come on!
  • Aledar: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
  • Aledar must've fallen somewhere near the road too!
  • Aledar: Urrrgh. <playername>, this hasn't gone to plan. According to my map we aren't even half way.
  • Aledar: I can't walk. But equally we can't stay here.
  • Aledar: The mission must be carried out. The plan has changed but it's imperative we get to the end of the expanse, together.
  • Aledar: There has to be a way.. Even if you have to push me in this thing!
  • Aledar: No, I'm not joking. You guard the cart, I'll lead the way.

Stage 18

For this stage, the player must guide Aledar along a path that crosses through the Eyeball Forest while defending him from mobs. Aledar has 20 hearts and each hit will cause him to take 1 heart of damage. There will be 5 waves of monsters with Aledar stopping the cart at each wave. Each wave will consist of one "large" monster type that targets the player and one "small" monster type which targets Aledar. On the 5th wave there are small monsters and Sclera with no other monsters spawning. Once the player has killed Sclera, they can proceed into Lutho. Note that if either the player or Aledar dies during this stage then the player will be teleported to the beginning of the path. Also note that the monsters deal very high amounts of damage very frequently. It is recommended to have a sustainable healing source for the duration of this stage.


» Escort Aledar through the Eyeball Forest to Lutho at (685, -407).

  • Aledar: According to the map, the miners started a town a little ahead.
  • Aledar: Who knows what's left, but it's got to be safer than here.
  • Aledar: I think the Small Monsters will try to Kill me.
  • Aledar: While the Big Monsters will try to Kill you.
  • Aledar: It's going to be on you to make sure we both get through this.
  • Aledar: The fate of the mission relies on the two of us working together.
  • Aledar: Are those... Eyes on the trees?
  • Aledar: Look out, <playername>!
  • Aledar: Watch out, the small monsters are coming for me! I can't fight in this thing!
  • Aledar: Another one's coming! Pay attention!
  • Aledar: Great job! It looks like they've stopped coming. Let's keep going.
  • Aledar: They're here again, <playername>!
  • Aledar: Let's keep going! Before they come back.
  • Aledar: A lot of those small ones are coming for me!
  • Aledar: This one was close! We're getting close to the town.
  • Aledar: We'll have to stop again! We can't go past so many monsters.
  • Aledar: We're almost there! I can see the town from here!
  • Aledar: Oh no!
  • Aledar: Great job! It looks like they've stopped coming. Let's keep going.

When Aledar takes damage:

  • Aledar: Ouch! I got hit! Be careful, <playername>!

When arriving at Lutho:

  • Aledar: Finally, we've arrived... It's not exactly the town on the map.
  • Aledar: The lost miners are here... How? they must be hundreds of years old!
  • Aledar: What is this obelisk? It's.. comforting. I recognise this feeling from my time in Gavel.
  • Aledar: Maybe.. It's been touched by the light? If so.. It could heal me.
  • Aledar: Let's see if it does anything to me...
  • Aledar: It worked... Kind of. I feel at least 70%.. We still have a ways to go.
  • Aledar: Let's take some time to gather ourselves before we press on. I'll meet you on the other side of town.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Darkness(AJourneyBeyond).png Indistinct Silhouette 102 30000 Melee Charge
✹ Dam
✦ Def
- Eyeball Forest
WickedEyeball.png Wicked Eyeball 102 500 Target - - - Eyeball Forest
SicklyToxin.png Sickly Toxin 100 20000 Ranged Pull ✦ Dam
✤ Def
- Eyeball Forest
KillerImp.png Killer Imp 102 500 Target - - - Eyeball Forest
DarkGiantRat.png Dark Giant Rat 100 500 Target - - - Eyeball Forest
DernicNightmare(30000Health).png Dernic Nightmare
(30000 Health)
102 30000 Melee Pull
- - Eyeball Forest
DernicNightmare(50000Health).png Dernic Nightmare
(50000 Health)
102 50000 Melee Pull
- - Eyeball Forest
DernOutlander.png Dern Outlander 102 20000 Melee Teleport ❋ Dam
✽ Def
- Eyeball Forest
PerishingSpider.png Perishing Spider 100 500 Target - - - Eyeball Forest
HaggardBat.png Haggard Bat 100 500 Target - - - Eyeball Forest
Sclera.png Sclera 105 100000 Ranged Teleport
✦ Def - Eyeball Forest


  • After completing Stage 17, there is a chest area at (490, -325).
  • Dren's name is an anagram of Dern.
  • Originally the Sickly Toxin enemy was called "Eyeball Tree Sapling".
  • The worm that shows up in the Worm Tunnel is approximately 466 feet (142 blocks) long.
    • Originally the worm was much smaller, with the measly diameter of 3 blocks