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NPC Info
X: 157 Z: -5256
Species Dwarf
Location Thanos Bazaar
Quest Involved From the Bottom

Mastro is a Dwarf that resides in Thanos, mainly at its bazaar. His signature item he sells are his Ardent Magma Crystals. He is very passionate about his career as a salesman, which some dwarves at the bazaar seem to admire, such as Dohstaj, while others like Syni are more annoyed at him.


Before From the Bottom:

  • Mastro: Ardent Magma Crystals for sale! Pure, 100%! Accept no substitutes, unless you're paying in emeralds, in which case substitute...a lot of them!
  • Mastro: Specifically, 200,000 Liquid Emeralds! I'll be here all day and all night, selling Ardent Magma Crystals for a mere 200,000 Liquid Emeralds each!
  • Mastro: It's hot work, making these genuine Ardent Magma Crystals! Dirty work for a clean product! 200,000 Liquid Emeralds, and we're running an 80% off sale this week!
  • Mastro: Hot work! Sweaty work! Taxing work for only the MIGHTIEST of souls! Truly a BRAVE endeavour! A man's challenge! Ardent Magma Crystals! Only 200,000 Liquid Emeralds!

During From the Bottom:

  • Mastro: Ardent Magma Crystals for sale! Pure, 100%! Accept no substitutes, unless you're paying in emeralds, in which case kindly substitute...a lot of them!!
  • Mastro: Human! You have a keen eye for prices and values! I can tell by that glint in your eye- a real MAN's spirit! Even if you aren't a man, your spirit shines all the same as a man...!
  • Mastro: A SALES MAN! YES! Macho and brave! Chiseled and strong! Strong enough to carry 200,000 Liquid Emeralds to trade for this brilliant Ardent Magma Crystal!
  • Mastro: ...but hold on a moment. Hold on just one moment. Do I detect...a vein of ICE in that manly aura? A chill, pushing against that spirit of market machismo?
  • Mastro: YES, I DO! Human, you have Ice Drake Scales! I needn't see them to be sure! I was right about you from the start- Such burning passion!!
  • Mastro: AND SUCH NAIVETE! Let me strengthen your MIND! Ice Drake Scales are indicative of a great challenge having been overcome! A truly macho trophy of accomplishment!
  • Mastro: To tame Ice Drakes required UNBREAKABLE will! To overcome the sheerest cold with MACHO HEAT! And to outshine demons of lava and flame with that same determination! Those scales represent such resilience!
  • Mastro: And yet...I must wonder. Such a fiery spirit you have- THOSE SCALES HOLD YOU BACK! Your spirit cannot be contained in such a manner!
  • Mastro: DISRESPECT YOURSELF NO LONGER! I DEMAND YOU HAND OVER THOSE SCALES! But you will not leave empty-handed, no no, friend!
  • Mastro: You have ignited my passion as a salesman, so I shall present you with one of my own greatest accomplishments! For a spirit so WHITE HOT, only an ARDENT MAGMA CRYSTAL is fitting!
  • Mastro: YES! Your soul shines brighter than the shimmer of EIGHT-HUNDRED-MILLION EMERALDS! Forever may your spirit BURN, human!

After From the Bottom:

  • Mastro: MY EYES STING FROM THE HEAT OF YOUR DETERMINATION! Yes! Such passion flowing from you, now that you've experienced a treasure of EQUAL HEAT!
  • Mastro: It's only right that you learn more! My PRIDE! My SWEAT! My MUSCLED MIGHT! My WAY OF LIFE- Ardent Magma Crystals!
  • Mastro: Gold makes the world turn! But nearly every piece of gold you see- is impure! There are imperfections in it, no matter how brilliant the luster!
  • Mastro: But through HARD WORK! EXTREME HEAT! RIGHTEOUS SMITHING SKILL! It can be purified to shine like it was ALWAYS meant to! Shine like your SOUL!
  • Mastro: The process is only for the STRONG! It takes months upon months of work- single mistakes can destroy the gold! But nothing worth doing in life is easy!
  • Mastro: TRUE MEN will not give up! To be a man requires nothing of the body- it only requires a BLAZING SPIRIT! A weak body can be HONED! An impure metal can be PURIFIED!
  • Mastro: Ardent Magma Crystals are the PUREST of gold! I have perfected my craft- each one takes a season's worth of time, but such patience only practices my own PASSION!
  • Mastro: And with my gift to you, we are truly BOUND by our spirits, however fleetingly! Carry yourself with grace, friend- and with POWER! HEAT! SWEAT! AND TEARS OF FLAME!!!

Festival of the Bonfire

NPC Info
X: 474 Z: -1586
Species Dwarf
Location Detlas

Mastro can be found in Detlas by the large bonfire in the middle during the Festival of the Bonfire if you have completed From the Bottom. He sells Ardent Magma Crystals for 500,000 Liquid Emeralds, making them impossible to purchase.

On your first conversation:

  • Mastro: HUMAN! Excuse me for one moment! I will take the time to greet your FIERY SOUL, right after my sales pitch!
  • Mastro: Ardent Magma Crystals for sale! Pure, 100%! There can be no substitutes for gold of the UTMOST PURITY! I'll be here every moment of this RIGHTEOUS FESTIVAL, selling Ardent Magma Crystals for only 500,000 Liquid Emeralds each! 50% off!
  • Mastro: Appreciate the BLAZING SPIRIT of Dwarven determination by buying an Ardent Magma Crystal today! Feel the sweat-stained PASSION of my LIFE'S WORK in these genuine Ardent Magma Crystals!
  • Mastro: Now then. Human! WELCOME TO THE FESTIVAL! Your salesman's spirit is EVER BLINDING!! It is a pleasure to see you here once more! Surely, the flames of the bonfire cannot hold a match to your SOUL!
    • After speaking to Mastro for the first time, his dialogue options become available, detailed below.

On subsequent conversations:

  • Mastro: The FLAMES of the bonfire harden my resolve! HUMAN! You have fortuitous timing, as I am resting my vocal chords for a moment!
  • Mastro: Even a STRONG salesman such as myself must accept his limits. If only I could hone my voicebox the way I have honed my body and trade! Alas, I must take a moment between my sales pitches!
  • Mastro: But for a BLINDING spirit such as yourself, I may talk for a moment!
    • [1] What brings you to the festival?
      • Mastro: Is it not obvious? A TRUE SALESMAN must search for opportunities wherever they lay! An ocean is NOT A BOUNDARY in the pursuit of business!
      • Mastro: Word reached the Thanos bazaar of a BURNING-HOT FESTIVAL, and I am not disappointed! The people of this town are enlightened by the roaring flames!
      • Mastro: And such a hub of trade, this town of Detlas is! I have seen a dozen merchants here for every one I have found in the bazaar, and from all walks of life, all places!
      • Mastro: The traders in the bazaar are old hat! Their sheer persistence brings them back, and we see few new faces. But here is a veritable NEXUS of the tradesmen. A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to sell my Ardent Magma Crystals!
    • [2] Do you have any apprentices?
      • Mastro: To create an Ardent Magma Crystal, and to learn how, is a trade that has stayed with the Aellioxus family for GENERATIONS! We are more than willing to share our secrets.
      • Mastro: There are many who have sought to follow in our footsteps! And there have been NONE able to withstand and perfect the rigorous purification process! And so, the method has remained a family trade.
      • Mastro: But I do not merely offer apprenticeship for creating Ardent Magma Crystals! I am also a motivational speaker! My speeches have ENFLAMED the hearts of hundreds, and encouraged them to forge their own path- to hone their OWN MIGHT!
      • Mastro: The spirit can only be broken if you LET IT be broken! Everyone can become indomitable and motivated! It is nothing but SHAMEFUL to see foul depression take over the lives of many.
      • Mastro: I must be honest with you- for a long time, I thought myself a failure. I could barely purify Iron in my younger years- how was I to maintain that level of quality to a more fragile metal, for seasons at a time?
      • Mastro: I felt weak. It felt as though success was unattainable, and for a dark time in my life, I languished. My spirit did not burn bright- it was nothing but a fizzling ember. During that time, I met a man by the name of Dohstaj.
      • Mastro: He is a quiet man. And at the time, I thought that we were kindred- both meek, quiet, unmotivated. But that could not have been further from the truth! His goal, as he told me, was to restore ancient wartime artifacts.
      • Mastro: In particular, a Dogun Flameshooter! It is believed to be impossible. But Dohstaj said simple words to me. that ignited my spirit one day.
      • Mastro: "If you tell yourself it's impossible, it's impossible. So I won't tell myself that."
      • Mastro: There, it became clear to me that Dohstaj was not depressed as I was- his spirit was small...but shone as the SUN! And through those simple words, I was reinvigorated! He helped me find myself that day- he passed his flame into me, and I felt what it was like to BURN!
      • Mastro: I swore to myself that I would never give up again! That my spirit WOULD NOT BE CONTAINED!!! And shortly after, I successfully created my first Ardent Magma Crystal, not mertely to live up to the family trade, but as PROOF to myself that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
      • Mastro: And I pass that BURNING PASSION to anyone and everyone I meet! Even the festival goers have found themselves motivated by my machismo! There is a man with a balloon who dreams of flight- and look at him now! FLYING on WINGS OF BLAZING SUCCESS!!!
    • [3] Have you heard the Dogun War is over?[1]
      • Mastro: Yes, I have! As a matter of fact, news only reached Thanos of the war after it had already concluded! It has spurred many feelings into me!
      • Mastro: Anger, at our ancestors for demonizing the Doguns! I had always wondered about it- beings of such fierce flame, of sheer MOLTEN STONE! How could they be so horrible, being as they were? But I never thought to question what I had been taught.
      • Mastro: Sadness, at the death of the Rodoroc prince! I had seen the boy himself a few times- and such DRIVE he had! Indeed, the world is dimmer for his absence. More people with his passion, and more importantly COMPASSION, are solely needed!
      • Mastro: And now, excitement! Being able to aid the Doguns and be aided in kind by them has opened up a hundred new possibilities! Imagine how powerful our forges may become with the aid of a Dogun!
      • Mastro: I have considered breaching the topic of an apprenticeship with one! However, it seems as though Korzim is not keen on the idea. It is unfortunate, that, but with Axelus passed I will match his passion tenfold for his absence!
      • Mastro: And Dohstaj, too- we have begun to work together in repairing the old Dogun artifacts as a means of reparation! Quiet his soul may be, but between his shining DETERMINATION and my own SALESMAN'S SPIRIT we will surely help make things right!
    • [4] Have you made any sales since you got here?
      • Mastro: YES, I HAVE! I have made six sales of Ardent Magma Crystals!! That is three million Liquid Emeralds that I will be bringing home!
      • Mastro: But wait- what's that shocked look you wear? Are you surprised at such a sum of money? Come now! Pick your jaw up from the floor and stand with PRIDE, my friend! The Aellioxus family is known far and wide for its magnanimity!
      • Mastro: If we are able to find evidence of people whose spirits are DAMPENED by unfair living conditions, then we will do whatever we can to lift them up with GENEROSITY! Pay whatever is necessary, in tax and out of pocket, to improve their lives and let their souls BURN BRIGHTLY!
      • Mastro: It is a point of pride that the nobility in Rodoroc report zero poverty within the city thanks to our donations! And if that should change, if that should be proven wrong, I will SMITE the conditions with an EMERALD-ENCRUSTED GIFT!
      • Mastro: Though, confusingly, many villagers are in need of our services have REFUSED! They seem to believe that taking charity is weakness, somehow! That answer of why they might believe that still elides me to this day!
    • [5] I want to buy an Ardent Magma Crystal.
      • Mastro: AHA! So my sales pitch has reached you! As it happens, I still have half a dozen to sell!
      • Mastro: I would be HONORED to provide you one of my genuine Ardent Magma Crystals, my friend! It will be a trifling [500,000 Liquid Emeralds], if you please!
        • [1] Here's the money.
          • Mastro: UNFORTUNATE! It seems you haven't got enough money! Perhaps you merely miscounted your funds?
        • [2] I can't afford that.
          • Mastro: Then take it as a point to strive for!! Think of it- one day, you will be the proud owner of the purest gold imaginable! REACH THAT GOAL, HUMAN! I will keep one in waiting for you for that day!
    • [6] Just wishing you good luck.
      • Mastro: I AM HONORED BY YOUR GRATITUDE!! I wish you as well, friend- Now go! Bring your brand of SOULFIRE to this festival!
      • Mastro: As for me... I have rested long enough! ARDENT MAGMA CRYSTALS FOR SALE!! Pure, 100%! The highest quality gold in existence, brought into this world by SWEAT, TEARS, AND PASSION!!


  • Mastro replaced Govid in the 2.0 iteration of From the Bottom.
  • The main reason why it is impossible to purchase an Ardent Magma Crystal from Mastro is because that the maximum amount of Liquid Emeralds you can carry on you would be 232,960, or 3,640 Stacks of Liquid Emeralds. To carry the maximum amount, you would need to unlock all Bank pages (882 Slots) and fill each of them with a Tier X Emerald Pouch filled with as much LE each can carry (256 LE per pouch), as well as filling up your own inventory (28 Slots) with Tier X Emerald Pouches.


  1. This option is available once you have completed Dwarves and Doguns Part IV.