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Version 2.0
Release Date September 8th, 2022





2.0, also known as the Spellbound Update[1], is a major update added to Wynncraft that was released on the 9th. September 2022. It was first announced in a trailer video[2].

The main features of the 2.0 Update were a revamped ability system, a new Raid called The Nameless Anomaly, several new Quests, and a revamped Galleon's Graveyard.


Ability Tree

  • Each class has 70+ unique upgrades connected together in a tree.
  • Abilities are distinguished in effects on gameplay by their color, which are white, yellow, pink, and red. White abilities tend to have minor effects while red abilities can change gameplay entirely.
  • Ability Points (AP) are used to unlock abilities, which are obtained by leveling up. Abilities cost 1-2 AP.
    • Some abilities have archetype requirements as well, being that you have to have a number of abilities from an archetype to unlock it.
  • The highest abilities for each class will be unlocked at Lv. 104.[3]
  • To reset the Ability Tree, you use Ability Shards, which can be obtained from your Daily or Weekly Objectives and Recover the Past. They can only be used in towns.


  • Archetypes are unique playstyles that can be mixed and matched.
    • Some abilities for one archetype will cancel other abilities.
  • Each class has 3 archetypes.
    • Warrior
      • Fallen: Becomes stronger if you have less HP. The main gimmick is the Corruption system. While Corrupted, you cannot heal, but each % of health gone increases your damage output and allows for powered-up abilities to be used.
      • Battle Monk: Relies on swift close-ranged combat. Somewhat of a hybrid of Assassin and Warrior.
      • Paladin: Based on enduring damage and supporting allies.
    • Archer
      • Boltslinger: Deals a massive amount of hits that excel at close range, and revolve around arrow spam.
      • Sharpshooter: A long-ranged playstyle that has great aim and does brutal damage, becoming stronger when they don't miss by building up Focus, which allows for more damage to be dealt.
      • Trapper: Place exploding traps and use beasts, controlling large areas and creating mayhem from a safe distance.
    • Mage
      • Riftwalker: Bends time and becomes stronger as a fight goes on with high mobility. The main gimmick is the Winded effect, which enemies receive the longer the fight goes on, allowing damage to exceed what it normally does.
      • Light Bender: Supports allies and becomes stronger as they heal. Even without friends, you can summon your own orbs which can be healed and lets you scale damage to allow for an independent healer playstyle.
      • Arcanist: Arcanists cause destructive damage and chaos, which save up Mana and unleash it in a torrent of high-damaging abilities. With enough skill, an endless loop of spell-spam will ensue which you and your foes will struggle to control.
    • Assassin
      • Shadestepper: Hides themselves and deals huge damage at the right time, stacking huge damage boosts and one-shotting enemies with surprise attacks.
      • Trickster: Summons clones and confuses enemies with various tricks. Great at crowd control and managing large groups of enemies.
      • Acrobat: Agile and combo-heavy fighters that are usually in the air rather than the ground.
    • Shaman
      • Summoner: Uses Totems and Summons to overwhelm enemies. Stays at a safe distance and buffs minions to deal heavy damage.
      • Ritualist: Uses miracles through hymns and dances. Its main gimmick is the Mask system, swapping through 3 different states quickly for different buffs and abilities.
      • Acolyte: Sacrifices their own health to deal more damage and support allies. The Blood Pool system is used to enhance abilities.



  • A new raid was added, The Nameless Anomaly.
    • Located in the Silent Expanse and will be the highest-level raid (105).
    • Requires a party of 4.
    • Has rooms with more depth in them compared to other raids.
    • Features some entirely unique rooms, such as a capture the flag room and a darkness room.

Delayed Additions



  • Special Modifiers will be added to improve replayability. These are disabled in Story Mode.
    • One modifier that was teased was 'The Water is Lava', which turns surrounding water into lava with safe spots being made to prevent getting damaged.
    • Another modifier teased was 'Hurricane', which causes waves to spawn from all sides. Getting hit by a wave will damage you and push you back.
  • Dungeon Secrets have also been teased with the mode selection of dungeons.



Base Spells

  • Most spells are slightly different than from before, while others got massive changes.
    • Warrior
      • War Scream pulls enemies instead of pushing them.
      • Uppercut's vertical velocity has been greatly reduced.
      • Charge will not send you vertically before launching you horizontally anymore.
    • Archer
      • The first spell is now Arrow Bomb.
      • Arrow Bomb's explosion will now deal self-damage if caught in the AoE.
      • Arrow Storm now has recoil and spread.
        • Some abilities will reduce or nullify the effect.
      • Escape will not slow down your fall anymore as well as being able to be cast mid-air, although you must land before casting again.
    • Mage
      • The first spell is now Meteor.
      • Heal is not instant and takes about a second for it to heal fully.
      • Teleport has much more freedom of movement and will rarely prevent you from teleporting during normal gameplay.
    • Assassin
      • Vanish has been replaced with Dash.
        • Dash is the same as Vanish, except the invisibility has been removed.
        • Vanish will be unlocked later in the Ability Tree.
        • Dash's vertical momentum can only be cast once in the air, and you must touch the ground to reset it.
        • Now has a cooldown.
    • Shaman
      • Aura's AoE is now a sphere instead of a circle, but its enclosure upgrade is now removed.
      • Uproot's default setting is now pushing mobs away instead of pulling. Sneaking pulls mobs instead, and now knocks back mobs even if they are not directly hit.
  • The appearance of spells has changed.[3]
    • Spell particles are more cleaner and nicer.
    • They are now more accurate to their hitboxes.
    • A particle limit system has been implemented to reduce lag from spell particles.

Damage System

  • The Damage System formula was changed.
    • Spell Damage Conversion now applies to all damage types and is no longer a conversion, but rather an addition directly to damage.
    • A third damage type has been added only found in the ability tree called Additive Damage. Additive Damage is added as pure damage not affected by your spell attack speed modifier before item bonuses kick in. Unlike Raw Damage, Additive Damage is not affected by your spell damage multiplier.
    • Raw Damage is now added proportionately to all damage types.
    • A new elemental-only raw damage was added, although it will not be on any items in the game yet.
  • Mana Steal and Lifesteal are not triggered by random chance, but rather on every Main Attack hit you deal. The amount given is reduced or increased based on attack speed or attack 'amount' (Like Shaman's 3 beam attack).
  • Warrior's base resistance is now 100% instead of 120%. Abilities can increase it up to 110%
  • Mobs now knock you back when dealing damage.
  • Mobs will no longer be in your face as much to allow for more visual clarity when fighting them.
  • Mobs will jump randomly less often.
  • The Compass Menu's damage calculation will be more accurate than before.
  • A bug was fixed that multiple spells had a square-shaped AoE instead of a circle.
  • The Status Effect system was changed to now queue up based on strength, prioritizing the higher and better statuses for the player, and mobs will now show their active statuses at all times.

Skill Changes

  • Intelligence now also increases your maximum mana and has had its spell cost reduction nerfed to 50% at 150 points.
  • Defense scaling has been reduced as the cap was decreased from 80 to 70.
  • Agility will not fully nullify damage when being triggered anymore, but rather attacks will deal only 10% of the damage they would normally do and will not knock you back.

Other Changes

  • The Character Info menu has been updated to be more compact.
  • Several changes were made to Damage Holograms.
    • Damage Holograms now bounce up and down instead of being static.
    • Damage Holograms now ramp up on a single hologram instead of several spawning for fast-hitting spells such as Arrow Storm and Multihit.
    • Critical Hit Holograms will be bolded.
    • Fire Damage Holograms will be easier to tell apart from Neutral Damage Holograms.
    • Poison Damage Holograms will have their own color and icon.
    • New holograms spawn when you dodge attacks and more.
  • Items dropped from mobs now spread in all directions with a colored particle trail based on rarity.
  • Pet AI has been improved so they stay out of your way when following you.
  • Mobs will try to attack you even if you hit them outside of their vision range.


  • Galleon's Graveyard has been entirely reworked.
    • Redbeard's appearance has changed.
    • New Underwater sections have been added with fast swimming (faster than Vanilla 1.13), and you can breath underwater through air bubbles that also give speed boosts. These are mainly limited to exploration and puddles.[4]
    • Combat sections have been improved. [5]
      • Challenging minibosses have been added with unique spells and interactions, such as The Megalodon.
      • Tokens have been replaced with simpler mob counters to make gameplay more fluid.
    • A TNT Room has been added.
    • Dungeon modes have been added, being Story Mode and Normal Mode. The options are unlocked after completing Galleon's Graveyard for the first time.[4]
      • Story Mode has cutscenes, dialogue, and animations.
      • Normal Mode excludes everything of the above, allowing you to speedrun it.

Other Changes

  • Several bugs were fixed.
    • The Raid Party Finder will no longer send players to worlds that are about to restart.
    • Noteblock songs will no longer be slightly off-tuned.
    • Crates no longer spawn in blocks.
    • Resource nodes will no longer be partially black in high versions.
  • Some items can now only be dropped in certain regions.
  • Projectiles will no longer be blocked by entities that cannot be hit anymore. (Merchants, NPCs, Players, etc.)
  • Endgame Profession Spots have been buffed.
    • Every Lv 80+ gathering spot apart from Woodcutting will be changed into one of the following:[6]
      • Resource Gathering: These areas are for bulk collection, gathering large amounts of resources without the need to level up, which aren't loopable but have huge node counts.
      • Grinding: These areas are for raw XP grinding, which are loopable and contain a moderate but still sizable amount of resource nodes.
      • Decorative: These exist purely for decoration which aren't loopable and only contain a few nodes to look nice.
    • More changes have been made to Lv 80+ gathering areas.[6]
      • Walkability has been improved.
      • Eye strain has been reduced.
      • Builds have been changed to increase accessibility.
      • Removed or lowered mob density.
  • Multiple lake textures have been improved.
  • Several areas on the map were changed, which include:
  • Added three new Secret Discoveries.
  • Added various new Guild Arenas.
    • Among these include Nesaak, Thesead, Ragni, and the Canyon of the Lost.
  • Bosses in The Qira Hive have been improved with unique spells.[7]
  • Several new items have been added.

Undocumented Changes


Hotfix #1

  • Network stability has been improved.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

Hotfix #2

  • Shaman's abilities have received some rebalancing.
    • Shaman's base defense has increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Archer's abilities have received some rebalancing, mainly for Sharpshooter to shift the power of Focus to other abilities instead.
  • Assassin's abilities have received some rebalancing, mainly making Shadestepper more viable as an archetype.
  • Mage's abilities have received some rebalancing, mainly making the speed Winded can be built up slower without affecting its high damage potential for Riftwalkers.
  • Warrior's abilities have received some rebalancing.
  • Pure's Major ID Entropy has been replaced with a new Major ID, Gravity Well.
    • Meteor has an increased blast radius and pulls enemies instead.
    • Entropy has been moved to a new Fabled Item, Violet-Shift.
  • Improved rewards from The Nameless Anomaly.
  • A new ability was added to the The Nameless Anomaly as a boss.
  • Added a new theme song for Garvan, Waltz with Despair, by corpe_.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Hotfix #3

  • Warrior's abilities have received some rebalancing, mainly for the Paladin archetype as it was the strongest archetype from early to endgame, presumably coming from the aggro and defense mechanics, so they have been nerfed and other aspects have been buffed.
  • CHAMPION's backup feature has been temporarily disabled due to some bug reports.
  • Mobs of The Nameless Anomaly and Undergrowth Ruins have been buffed.
  • Mobs of The Canyon Colossus, Infested Pit, and Ice Barrows have been nerfed.
  • Nerfed some of The Nameless Anomaly's spells.
  • Reduced the Weakness and Slowness mob spell durations.
  • The logic for placing Ingredients and Emeralds into your inventory has reversed; shift-click to put it in a pouch, left-click to put it in your inventory.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Hotfix #4

  • The Festival of the Bonfire has been reworked to be on par with all the other festivals that followed it in 2021. All the old cosmetics from the 2021 festival returned and some new ones have been added to Bonfire Crates, Detlas has been revamped, and a new minigame, the Battle for the Bonfire has been added. Some content from the Festival of the Spirits has also been added as well.
  • Archer's abilities have received some rebalancing.
  • Assassin's abilities have received some rebalancing.
  • Mage's abilities have received some rebalancing.
  • Shaman's Totem cost has been reduced from 35 mana to 30.
  • Warrior's abilities have received some rebalancing.
  • The Chain-Lightning Powder Special won't have a reduced life steal effect anymore.
  • Players must now meet the combat level requirements on a scroll to receive its buffs.
  • Damage holograms will now only show for your attacks.
  • Removed the Ability Shard Merchant in Detlas.
  • The amount of Ability Shards obtained from Raids has been reduced, except for Orphion's Nexus of Light, which still gives 3.
  • Improvements to performance have been made to reduce server crashes.
  • The Corroded Key for the secret discovery Far From the Roots has been moved to the top of Therck's staircase.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Hotfix #5

  • Archer's abilities have received some rebalancing.
  • Assassin's abilities have received some rebalancing.
  • Mage's Arctic Snake's freeze duration has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds.
  • You can now enter the Ability Tree reset menu by right-clicking an Ability Shard while in a town.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Hotfix #6

  • Assassin's abilities have received some rebalancing.
    • Vanish's cooldown has increased from 5 seconds to 12 seconds. (This was not actually implemented, it was rather a joke from the Hotfix #6 of 1.20.)
  • Shaman's abilities have received some rebalancing.
  • Mage's Diffusion can now only transfer up to 10 Winded per mob killed.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.


  • According to a livestream from Salted[8], the CT took over 20 tries to beat the boss from the Nameless Anomaly and every attempt was a loss except for a few which were victories from cheats.
  • The update was originally going to be the 1.21 update, but was changed because of the magnitude of content changed in the update.
  • New scripting and internal tools were used to create some new features. [9]