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NPC Info
X: -7112 Z: -12825
Location Old ??? Meteor
Quest Involved ???
My brothers have gone insane. The cosmic magic is too strong. We should have never experimented with the white rock. Now they are obsessed with stupid things! Mushrooms... Chickens! What has happened? I fear there is something hidden behind this magic someone cast on this rock... perhaps we are not... alone... Even now, my mind is slipping...
~ Secret Room in ???

Mehme is the ending NPC for the ??? Quest. He is the brother of Yahya, Nohno and Sohso.


Being a Villager, Mehme was born in Gavel alongside his three brothers: Yahya, Nohno and Sohso. At some point in their lives, all four brothers joined GavelExcavation, an organization dedicated to studying meteor samples from all across the province, most notably in the Gylia Plains.[1] One day, they were tasked with studying the colored meteors located around the plains: the Blue Meteor, the Red Meteor and the Yellow Meteor.[2] Mehme set up a laboratory on the Yellow Meteor, and began studying cosmic magic's properties and its origins.

However, Mehme's mind slowly started slipping more and more, and so did the minds of his brothers, Sohso possibly being the only exception.[3] He started growing an obsession, although it is unknown what he was obsessed to.[2] The research notes that he and his brothers left behind for other GavelExcavation scientists became almost completely illegible. As a result, research of the meteors slowed down, which led to the organization shutting down and moving to the Wynn Province, where other cosmic objects similar to the meteors were found.[1]

Following the dissolution of the company, Mehme retired back into his home in Gavel, while Yahya and Nohno went to Wynn, and Sohso travelled to Fruma.[2] The brothers were, by now, completely insane and turned to different obsessions, while also growing to despise eachother. However, before he fully lost his mind, Mehme finally discovered the truth behind cosmic magic: it is a type of magic cast on the rocks by "someone" out there, implying that the meteors they've studied for so long were actually sent by an intelligent being, or beings.[3]

Similar to his brothers, Mehme also has a secret laboratory, which he built at an unspecified date, hidden within the gigantic White Meteor in the Gylia Plains, directly connected to his house through a teleporter. Today, Mehme lives in his house alone, enjoying the solitude.[2]


After finishing the quest:

Mehme: Welcome to my wonderful wooden home!


  • Mehme says that the place you walk into to end the quest is a wooden home, yet there is no wood in sight.
  • Mehme and the others' names could be a reference to the phrase, "Yes, No, Maybe So."
  • Mehme hates mushrooms and chickens, which are ironically the things that Yahya and Nohno love.
    • If you bring the Talking Mushroom to Mehme's Home, he will then ask you to leave.
  • Mehme might be obsessive to nuts as in the quest From the Bottom it has been told that he sold Bob's Diary for a single packet of nuts.
    • However, this has been removed, possibly meaning that it was non-canon.
    • Mehme's obsession might simply be the extreme hatred for mushrooms and chickens.