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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Purple and Blue meteors descending towards the Gylia Plains.
Location All over the Gavel Province, mountains of the Silent Expanse
Type of Magic Cosmic Magic (alongside the Crystals)
Magical Effects Dizziness,[1]
Insanity (prolonged exposure),[2]
Memory loss (prolonged exposure),
Complete physical alteration (prolonged exposure, extreme case),[3]
Lifespan lengthening (prolonged exposure),[4]
Alteration of physical landscape,[1]
Creation of Weirds
Types of Meteors White Meteors,
Purple Meteors,
Blue Meteors,
Red Meteors,
Yellow Meteors
Information Mysterious celestial bodies with unique properties, such as twisting the minds of those who are exposed to its magic for too long and changing the landscape around them. Have constantly been landing in Gavel and the mountains of the Silent Expanse for over two millennia.[5] Have been studied by GavelExcavation and its successor company for the past few decades.[6] Are heavily tied to the Crystals.
The meteors left this land fractured and its people scared. The desperate worshipped them, the damaged - feared them. The years of silence followed, and eventually through an unthinkable act, the civilizations fell to ruin.
~ Gylia's Cataclysm

The Meteors are mysterious objects of cosmic origin infused with extremely powerful and dangerous cosmic magic. The meteors have been bombarding the world for many millennia, but the biggest hotspots are Gavel, with meteors spread all across the province, and the mountains of the Silent Expanse, where they were studied by the Olm.[7] They come in many colors and sizes, although the most common color for meteors is white. The meteors are also strongly tied to the Crystals, both objects being from space.[8] However, the exact relation between the two objects is unknown.

The meteors have remarkable effects on both physical landscapes and living beings: they can warp the surrounding environment and imbue it with strong magical energy, which also causes strange creatures known as Weirds to appear around these magical areas.[9] On living beings, the meteors can cause a plethora of different effects, depending on how long someone has been exposed to the meteors' magic: if only exposed for a few seconds, it causes dizziness.[1] If exposed for several minutes to several days, it causes insanity and memory loss,[10][2] while exposure for many weeks can cause the subject to have their body completely warped beyond recognition, as has happened with a Villager scholar who turned into the first Gert due to the meteors' influence.[3] The meteors' magic can also lengthen lifespans, as had happened to a researcher called Nedlom who wanted to find the source of Lake Gylia's mystical properties but was imprisoned by a tribe of lake dwellers at the bottom of the lake.[4]

The crater formed by the Purple and Blue meteors in the Gylia Plains, which would later become Lake Gylia.

The main event involving the meteors was the Gylia Cataclysm, also known as the Crashing of the Sky,[3] a catastrophe in which two purple and blue meteors crashed into the Gylia Plains, decimating an entire village and creating a crater which, after being filled with rainwater, created the magical Lake Gylia. The cataclysm left the people of Gavel scared, and an "unthinkable act" eventually destroyed the civilizations that inhabited the land.[5] After the cataclysm, the people of Gavel began rigorously studying the meteors for centuries to come.[3]

Abandoned GavelExcavation laboratory.

One example of this is with the company known as GavelExcavation, which studied the meteors around Lake Gylia for many years.[6] However, their progress in understanding the meteors ground to a halt when four scientist brothers belonging to the organization: Yahya, Mehme, Nohno and Sohso, went insane due to the meteors' magic after studying them for a long time.[2] They then left the organization, and left their incomprehensible notes behind for the other scientists. While the other scientists found valuable information about the meteors, such as the fact that the purple and blue meteors seem to represent Chaos and Order respectively, the decision was still made for the company's employees to move to Wynn, where'd they collaborate with their associates in hopes of finding the Power Crystals.[6] Lately, the Government of Gavel has also placed all meteors in the province under their ownership and control, banning ordinary citizens from possessing meteor shards.[10]


Mehme's notes on the meteors and their cosmic magic.

While the true origins of the meteors and the Crystals are unknown, notes left by Mehme in a secret part of his meteor laboratory shed some light on their true nature. According to him, the cosmic magic that the meteors possess was cast upon them, instead of being a power that the meteors naturally possess. He then hypothesizes that they are not "alone" and that there may be alien creatures, not belonging to the normal world, who sent the meteors down to Gavel and the Silent Expanse for reasons unknown.[2]

Types of Meteors

There are many types of meteors, although they mostly share the same properties. They have very uniform and distinct colorations, which sets them apart quite easily. The meteors can range from being slightly bigger than a Human (such as the one under the Forgery) to being gigantic, such as the white meteor behind Letvus Airbase or the Purple and Blue meteors under Lake Gylia.

White Meteor

Easily the most common type of meteors, spread out all across Gavel: from the Llevigar Plains to the Kander Forest to the Canyon of the Lost. The biggest white meteor specimen lies behind the Guild Hall, and is one of the biggest meteors ever discovered. Mehme built a secret laboratory inside the meteor after having left GavelExcavation, which is connected to his house through a teleporter. A shard of a white meteor was also stolen by a thief, with the purpose of using it to make himself extremely powerful. However, the meteor shard's influence bent his mind and made him insane, forcing the Player to kill him.[10]

Purple Meteor

The most important Purple Meteor, and one of the very few known, is a meteor that crashed into the Gylia Plains during the Gylia Cataclysm, alongside the Blue Meteor. It too is very large, and has sat at the bottom of Lake Gylia for numerous centuries, affecting the landscape around it and infusing it with powerful cosmic magic.[5] It represents the primal force of Chaos, and if put together with the Blue Meteor, it forms balance.[6]

Blue Meteor

A fairly common type of meteor. The two most notable blue meteors are one of the two that crashed into the Gylia Plains during the Cataclysm, alongside with the Purple Meteor, and the one that the scientist Yahya studied during his time in GavelExcavation. The latter can be accessed through a teleporter and has a laboratory in its interior which has long since been abandoned,[2] while the former, of huge size, sits below Lake Gylia, from where it warps the surrounding environment and infuses it with cosmic magic.[5]

Red Meteor

The only known Red Meteor is the one that the scientist Nohno studied during his time in GavelExcavation. It flies directly above Lake Gylia, and can be accessed through a teleporter and has a laboratory in its interior which has long since been abandoned.[2]

The one-of-a-kind Yellow Meteor, flying above Lake Gylia.

Yellow Meteor

The only known Yellow Meteor is the one that the scientist Mehme studied during his time in GavelExcavation. It can be accessed through a teleporter, and its interior features a black-and-yellow dual coloration and a laboratory, which has long since been abandoned.[2]


  • The most recent meteor landing known is the one which the quest Star Thief is based around. The meteor landed just shortly after the Player's arrival in Llevigar.[10]
    • This implies that, despite having started very long ago, meteor landings are still commonplace in Gavel even today.
  • Curiously, the meteors that are visited in ??? have the same colors as the Power Crystals, those being red, blue and yellow.
    • However, the color green is missing, which has led some to believe that a Green Meteor exists, possibly the one that Sohso studied.