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NPC Info
X: -277 Z: -1681
Location Alekin Village, Nivla Woods
Quest Involved Mushroom Man, Arachnids' Ascent (Epilogue)

Yahya, dubbed "The Mushroom Man", is the starting and only NPC for the quest Mushroom Man, and also plays a big role in ???, as well as making a guest appearance in Shattered Minds.


Being a Villager, Yahya was born in Gavel alongside his three brothers: Mehme, Nohno and Sohso. At some point in their lives, all four brothers joined GavelExcavation, an organization dedicated to studying meteor samples from all across the province, most notably in the Gylia Plains.[1] One day, they were tasked with studying the colored meteors located around the plains: the Blue Meteor, the Red Meteor and the Yellow Meteor.[2] Yahya set up a laboratory on the Blue Meteor, and began studying the effects of cosmic magic, both on other types of magic and on the mind.

However, Yahya's mind slowly started slipping more and more, and so did the minds of his brothers, Sohso possibly being the only exception.[3] His passion for mushrooms started to become an obsession,[2] and the research notes that he and his brothers left behind for other GavelExcavation scientists became almost completely illegible. As a result, research of the meteors slowed down, which led to the organization shutting down and moving to the Wynn Province, where other cosmic objects similar to the meteors were found.[1]

Following the dissolution of the company, Yahya and Nohno moved to Wynn, Mehme moved back into his house in Gavel, and Sohso travelled to Fruma.[2] The brothers were, by now, completely insane and turned to different obsessions, while also growing to despise eachother. Yahya himself moved deep into the Nivla Woods where he made a house dedicated to mushrooms, earning the alias of "Mushroom Man".[4] However, what nobody else knew is that Yahya also built a secret laboratory under his new house, likely dedicated to studying mushrooms.[2]

Today, Yahya lives in his house in the Nivla forest, obsessing over mushrooms, while also having little to no recollection of his life in Gavel, only faintly remembering his brothers.[4]

Mushroom Man

Due to the problem the arachnids in the Nivla Woods have caused, Yahya's favorite mushroom patch had become overtaken by spiders. He went to Alekin Village, presumably to ask some soldiers for help in clearing out his mushroom patch. Eventually, he stumbled upon the player and Tasim, the latter of which noticed that he was probably looking for help, to which he would later be proven correct. Yahya would later bring Tasim and the player to his mushroom patch, and after the player clears out the spiders, he is happy that it is now cleared, but only offers a measly 2 Emeralds as payment for the players' work. Tasim expresses disappointment, to which Yahya would later say that his offer was just a joke. However, as Yahya gets ready to pay both the player and Tasim, he is then kidnapped by several spiders, who then take him to the Infested Pit. Yahya's disappearance then prompts Tasim and the player to go back to Detlas, in which they recruit their friend Aledar and the leader of the Detlas army, Admiral Aegis to launch a siege on the pit.

Infested Pit

During the player's, Tasim's, and Aledar's siege of the pit, they later encounter Yahya, strung up in a web. Yahya at first shows his resentment towards the spiders until he recognizes the duo who helped him, and he asks them to free him from his prison. The player frees Yahya, and he is shown to be very grateful about the deed. He then runs back to his house in the Nivla Woods after Tasim tells him to. Aledar is shown to be confused about the whole encounter. Arakadicus, the Queen of the Spiders, also realizes this and makes a remark about how the trio would make a fine replacement.


Nivla Woods
-277, 69, -1680
Wynncraft Map

Yahya is mainly located in front of his house, in the Nivla Woods.

465, -1582
Wynncraft Map

During the Festival of the Blizzard, Yahya can be found in the Craftmas Tree in the town square of Detlas.


After Quest

Yahya's House

  • Yahya: I am everywhere. M-mushroom soup, stew, soup m-makes me fast!
  • Yahya: ...Oh. It's- you. Hello.
With Mechanical Heart
  • Yahya: I am everywhere. M-mushroom soup, stew, soup m-makes me fast!
  • Yahya: ...You're s-still here. W-why are you st- still here? C-can't a man enjoy his m-m-mushrooms in peace?
    • [1] Take a look at this thing. It has mushrooms.[5]
      • Yahya: Huh?! W-what do you...
      • Yahya: ...
      • Yahya: G-give me that. I n-... need it.
      • [-1 Mechanical Heart]
      • Yahya: ...What? Go away. I need t-to be alone. With my m-mushroom soup.
    • [1] Can I have that device back?[6]
      • Yahya: H-huh?! No! It's m-mine now. You gave it. Fair and s-square.
      • Yahya: ...mushrooms.
    • [2] Okay! I'll leave.
      • Yahya: ...Okay. Goodbye.

Dialogue in Shattered Minds


  • ???: Don't come any closer... I don't want to have to fight...
  • ???: I-I'm warning you. You'll stand no match against me.
  • ???: That's it...

Festival of the Blizzard (2021 & 2022)

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

First Conversation

  • Yahya: H...Hello! Y-You found my. Tree house. My home away f-from home.
  • Yahya: ...
  • Yahya: What do you want. Mushrooms? You can't have mushrooms. Th-... they're mine.

The regular dialogue options appear with this line.

Following Conversations

  • Yahya: ...What do y-you want? You can't h-have my mushrooms!
    • [1] How did you get past the Yeti?
      • Yahya: ...
      • Yahya: There was a yeti?
    • [2] What kinds of mushrooms are these?
      • Yahya: They're my mushrooms. Mine. Y-you can't have them.
      • Yahya: ...
      • Yahya: Mushrooms.
    • [3] Why are you in a tree?
      • Yahya: This... This is my m-mushroom tree. A big tree. With mushrooms in it.
      • Yahya: ...What would a real mushroom tree l-look like? Go find out. I'll... pay you. Maybe.
    • [4] I have something for you.[7]
      • [-1 Yahya Tree]
      • Yahya: ...Oh. You found a mushroom tree. ...I d-don't have any money.
      • Yahya: ...
      • Yahya: He- Hey! Get out of-... of my mushroom tree!
    • [5] Goodbye.
    • Yahya: ...

Gift Giving

  • Yahya: You- Hello. I have something for you. [8]
  • [+1 Yahya Sapling]
  • Yahya: ...What? D-do you want something?

The regular dialogue options appear with the last line.

Festival of the Blizzard (2023)

First Conversation

  • Yahya: ...Huh?! W-who is that...
  • Yahya: ...Oh. It's- you. Hello.
  • Yahya: T-there isn't much s-space in here, but- I suppose you c-can stay.

Following Conversations

  • Yahya: ...T-there really isn't a lot of space h-here, c-can you... please leave now?
    • [1] Were you the one that left the notes around?
      • Yahya: W-what notes?
      • Yahya: I'm only here- watching over mushrooms. H-hiding them from everyone.
      • Yahya: B-but I did see- something. I think it was a ra-...
      • Yahya: N-no, no. It c-couldn't of been.
    • [2] Why aren't you outside enjoying the festival?
      • Yahya: I n-need to watch. My m-mushrooms.
      • Yahya: ...s-so that people like y-you don't take them.
      • Yahya: T-that would be bad. If s-someone took them.
    • [3] Could I have some mushrooms?
      • Yahya: W-what? M-my mushrooms?!
      • Yahya: N-no! The mushrooms are m-mine.
    • [4] Goodbye.
      • Yahya: ...Okay. Goodbye.


Started Mushroom Man if you were under level 9 before the Lootrun Update:

  • Yahya: H-... Hey! I'll need your help! Mushrooms. But right now you... you seem too weak. Come back to me when you're le-... level 9.

After Mushroom Man in Detlas:

  • Yahya: I could r-really use a new spoon to eat my m-m-mushroom soup with. Maybe... yellow- no wait, black!

After Mushroom Man in Nivla Village:

  • Yahya: Oh boy I love bowls! Bowls, bowls, b-bowls! Perfect for mushrooms! W-wait... I thought I- was at my home?
  • Yahya: Too many mushrooms... no no, that's impossible.

Dialogue in Shattered Minds before the Gavel Reborn Update:

  • ???: Y-you!! I remember you...g-g-go away! Leave me and my mu-mush-mushrooms alone!
  • ???: Fine, you j-jerk, if it's a fight you wa-want then prepare to...get beat d-d-down! No mer...mercy!!


  • There is a unique dagger called Yahya's Nail Clipper.
  • In the quest Shattered Minds, the player fights his "Final Form" in a mushroom-based hallucination. Despite being level 9001, it does very little/no damage.
    • Furthermore, the Legendary Challenge had a secret boss based off of his final form, YahyaBot V4.04, but it was replaced with the Titanium R.A.T. R-4X after it destroyed YahyaBot. However, YahyaBot V4.04 can still be fought in a secret entrance to a secret arena.
  • Yahya has mobs named after him, one on the Black Road, called Yahya Apprentice, and the other being located in a treehouse close to the Iboju Village, called Yahya's Apprentice.
    • Ironically, they do a lot more damage than its master's final form.
  • The Talking Mushroom seems to have a grudge against Yahya, as he tried to eat him. He also makes references to him, especially when you are fighting YahyaBot v4.04, and when you are around Caissop as well. It could even be possible that the Talking Mushroom knew Yahya from a prior experience, being the first stage of the Talking Mushroom easter egg.

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