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The Crystals are exceptionally strong artifacts of cosmic power that were hidden across the Wynn Province over hundreds of years by various civilizations.[1] These Crystals were sought out by WynnExcavation after they discovered their existence in the province. It's rumoured (and later confirmed) that being in possession of all four of these Crystals could grant anyone the "ultimate power". Even more powerful than the crystals themselves are their Shards, which are supposedly only wieldable by people of a pure heart.


At an unknown time, the Olm used the power of the Crystals to escape Dern and flee to the Dernel Jungle to found the Ancient City. However, the overwhelming power drove them insane and led them to believe that the Dern Beast was calling them back to its realm.[2] Some fell to the insanity, others to Corruption. The Olm had later hidden the Leaf Crystal near the Ancient City before it fell into ruins.

In 800 BP a mining team of humans uncovered the crystals in what is today the entrance to the Silent Expanse while they were digging for emeralds, but they were quickly hidden away again in fear of their power.[3]

Around 500 AP, during the time of the Twains, the Purple Crystal was hidden by them next to their mansion and was not uncovered again until WynnExcavation started digging there, long after the era of the Twains.

Around 970 AP, the company known as GavelExcavation moved their base of operations to Wynn after research on the Lake Gylia meteors ground to a halt.[4] They had heard of crystals existing in Wynn and started digging around sites where Crystals were rumored to be. At the head of this new company, called WynnExcavation, was Amadel.


The four Crystals

Yellow Crystal

The Yellow Crystal is the first of the Crystals, found in WynnExcavation Site A. It's the first Crystal that the WynnExcavation company dug up, in the middle of some ancient ruins. It may have been initially hidden by the Pharaohs of the desert.

Purple Crystal

The Purple Crystal is the second of the Crystals, found in WynnExcavation Site B. It was dug up by WynnExcavation next to the House of Twain. The fact that no original Twain was still alive after Mael Twain's death made it easier to excavate the Crystal. The Crystal itself was likely hidden by the Twains, although whether they had any connections to the Crystal is unknown.

Red Crystal

The Red Crystal (referred to some as the Fire Crystal), is the third of the Crystals, found in WynnExcavation Site C. It was dug up by WynnExcavation in the core of the Volcanic Isles and seems to have magical fire properties. It is likely that the Volcanic Isles themselves were formed by the Fire Crystal's magic. The identity of the people who hid it is unknown (if it was even hidden at all).

Green Crystal

The Green Crystal, (referred to some as the Leaf Crystal), is the last of the Crystals, found in WynnExcavation Site D. It was dug up by WynnExcavation below an ancient temple in the Dernel Jungle near the Ancient City, of Olmic origins. This crystal was presumably hidden by the Olm after they went insane due to the Crystals' overwhelming power.[2]



  • Before the Gavel Reborn Update, Amadel says in WynnExcavation Site C that the Power Crystals were "hidden by four individuals who inhabited a mansion a long time ago", hinting at the Twains. After the update this was changed to "hidden by various civilizations over hundreds of years".[1]
  • The lore behind WynnExcavation and the Crystals is somewhat conflicted, arising from the fact that the WynnExcavation quests have been scarcely updated since their addition.