Past Nesaak

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Attention: This page is still under construction and is incomplete.

Past Nesaak TownIcon.png
Involved Quests Fate of the Fallen, A Hunter's Calling

Past Nesaak is a town involved in the quests Fate of the Fallen and A Hunter's Calling. It resembles present Nesaak, but is set before Theorick Twain froze the forest, and so has no snow or ice. The land is lush, with some wheat fields and a windmill found inside the town. It is accessible by either clicking Theorick's Staff on the beacon coming through the enchanting table in the Temple of Time (as done in Fate of the Fallen), or by going to the Ice Barrows entrance during the quest A Hunter's Calling.

Points of interest



  • A Windmill is located in the north of the town.
  • In the centre of the town is a house where the player arrives after time travelling.


  • The forest to the west where Theorick can be found for Fate of the Fallen.
  • The river that runs along the west of the town, which Theorick, Lydun, and Pacal's base is located in the south of.





  • Many corruption spikes can be found in the surrounding area.
  • There is another windmill and some wheat fields located near the town.