Fate of the Fallen

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Fate of the Fallen CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Medium
Tags Unlocks Dungeon
Location Ice Barrows
Province Wynn
Combat Level 43
Starter NPC Telvu
Reward As follows:

Fate of the Fallen is a long level 43 quest taking place mostly in Nesaak Forest at various points in time.


Telvu is trying to gain access to the Ice Barrows Dungeon. In order to accomplish that he needs to know the story of how the Nesaak Forest froze, so he asks the player to travel back in time to see the freezing.

Stage 1

» Talk to Telvu the mage at [165, 74, -675]



  • Telvu: Ah, a member of the Ragni army. We're trying to gain entry to this frozen barrow. We could use your aid.
  • Telvu: Are you familiar with the story of Theorick and Nesaak?
  • Telvu: Probably not. Well, you see, Nesaak was not always frozen.
  • Telvu: During Theorick's time, this place was like the Wynn plains, warm and arable.
  • Telvu: For some reason, Theorick Twain used his immense power to freeze the land before exiling himself here.
  • Telvu: We need to find out why so we can reverse this spell. Presumably, the source of that spell's magic would be within here.
  • Telvu: As such...have you heard of a place called Time Valley? We could use it to go back in time, to try to learn more about this barrier.
  • Telvu: Well...in a way, at least. There are laws to this sort of magic. For one, you need an item from the specific time we want to see. Second, you can witness the past, not change it.
  • Telvu: One of Theorick's staves is on display in the Nesaak bank. Presumably, it should work for what we need. Could you retrieve it somehow?

Stage 2

» Find the item the mage is talking about at the bank.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the wand.

In order to get the wand, use the surroundings to get on top and drop into the display case at

Display Case
99, 77, -780
Wynncraft Map
which will give you the wand and teleport you outside, allowing you to leave.
  • You should head back to the mage with the wand.


  • Telvu: Aha, quick job. I see you've the wand. Must've needed a sharp tongue to get the bankers to give it up.
  • Telvu: Now, it is a long walk to Time Valley. Needn't take that walk, though, as I can teleport you there. Hopefully.
  • Telvu: Once you're there, enter the Temple of Time. You should know what to do once you are there. Careful dealing with time travel, friend... No idea what you might find.
  • Telvu: Just step into the portal.
  • Telvu: Should anything go wrong, I'll stay here to teleport you back to the temple.

Stage 3

» Enter the portal the mage made

Stage 4

» Enter the Gate of Time at [-582, 70, -1176] and travel back in time.

  • ...
  • This is the Temple of Time...
  • Here you can visit the memories of this land...
  • The altar requires an item from the time you desire to access...
  • You can not return until your goal is fulfilled...
  • You will access a memory as if you were present, but when you return it will be as if you were never there.

Stage 5

» Explore Nesaak

  • 589 AP
  • 411 years ago.
Past Nesaak
3796, 73, 1185


  • Psern: What the...
  • Psern: Woah, your weaponry and armour is so advanced!
  • Psern: Are you another Twain? Only the Twains know magic like that.
  • Psern: Oh, you're looking for Theorick.
  • Psern: He's busy fighting in the war, shouldn't you be doing the same?
  • Psern: He went west. There was some kind of emergency.
  • Psern: We've been fighting the corruption for years, it seems like it might finally engulf Nesaak.

Stage 6

» Find Theorick in the forest west of Nesaak [3651, 69, 1208]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CorruptionVictim.png Corruption Victim 42 610 Melee AI - Past Nesaak Forest
ZombieWarrior.png Zombie Warrior 44 1110 Melee AI - -
Rotten Flesh
Past Nesaak Forest
NetherBlaze(FateoftheFallen).png Nether Blaze 44 920 Ranged AI Flamethrower ✽ Weak
✦ Dam
✹ Def
- Past Nesaak Forest
FireZombieSoldier.png Fire Zombie Soldier 45 980 Melee AI - -
Rotten Flesh
Past Nesaak Forest,
Base at
3535 67 1070
SinisterSpirit.png Sinister Spirit 45 1300 Ranged AI Teleport ❋ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Past Nesaak Forest
NetherrackGolem.png Netherrack Golem 46 1860 Melee AI - Past Nesaak Forest
FallenKnight.png Fallen Knight 48 2400 Melee AI Heavy Charge -
Rotten Flesh
Past Nesaak Forest


  • Theorick: I could've sworn she had gone this way... Oh, what now, more imbeciles? This forest isn't safe to travel!
  • Theorick: If you need help, lodge a complaint with the guards. I'm busy and I can't exactly break away from saving this god-blessed province to chill your milk!!
  • You should stick around to find out how to reverse the spell.
  • Theorick: Are your ears full of wax?! I said-
  • Theorick: Urgh, the things followed you! See what happens?! STAND ASIDE.

Theorick will cast an ice spell against a small group of zombies.

  • Theorick: As though I needed TWO people to save! Now get out of here, I have to find that woman who went missing!
  • ???: HEEEELP! I can't outrun them!!! Guards! Someone!!
  • Theorick: Whuh! That's her voice! Where is she?! I just cleared this area!
  • Girl: Th-Theorick!! There's corrupteds!!
  • Theorick: Ugh, is she dragging them over from the west?! You there, If you don't want to end up frozen, GET BEHIND ME, NOW!!

Theorick will cast another ice spell against the zombie following the girl.

  • Theorick: Phew... You're out of danger now. If you hadn't left town, though, you wouldn't have been IN any danger at all!
  • Theorick: Don't bother apologizing to me, just get back to town. Now.
  • Theorick: Next time you feel like picking flowers in the forest or whatever you were doing, remember you have a life to live, hm?!
  • Theorick: Every day, more corrupteds, more deaths... There is only one thing for it. I have to tackle it myself. Cut the roots...and kill this hellish weed.
  • Theorick: Still here? Well, listen up. Myself and a few others are planning something risky. Damned be it if our minds are lost, I need to go through that portal.
  • Theorick: You look heavily geared, so I'm conscripting you. Meet us at our base, immediately. Follow the river south and you'll see a house on the right side.

Stage 7

» Head to the base of the operation south of Nesaak [3738, 67, 1265]



  • Theorick: Well, I'll give you this. You're prompt to listen to orders, at least. We're headed to the Roots of Corruption.
  • Theorick: The last man that entered the portal and returned became Bak’al... But if there is even a fraction of a chance this could work, we must take it at this point.
  • Theorick: Let's get moving. We'll be taking no breaks on the trip, so I hope you were prepared.

  • Theorick: Now. The sheer cold I command can stave off corruption itself. Somehow I doubt any of you can say the same. I'll go in alone.
  • Theorick: When I enter... If I had to make an assumption, corrupteds will swarm the portal after me. Your job? Slay them. I can't have distractions in there.
  • Theorick: You will not be leaving your post here until I exit that portal. Understood?

Stage 8

» Protect the portal.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to protecting the portal.

After Theorick's dialogue, a Corrupted Hellbeast will spawn, break the bridge, and push you away from the portal. Press the button on top of an emerald block to start the fight. Survive against the attacking monsters until the time limit runs out, and kill the Corrupted Hellbeasts whnever they spawn. Then, right-click three molten cores (dropped from the Corrupted Hellbeasts) into the bridge hologram.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CorruptedHellbeast.png Corrupted Hellbeast 45 2574 Charge AI Charge
Heavy Flamethrower
✹ Dam
Molten Core
Past Roots of Corruption
CorruptionSludgeling.png Corruption Sludgeling 45 825 Melee AI - ✽ Weak
✹ Dam
✹ Def
- Past Roots of Corruption
CorruptPhantom.png Corrupt Phantom 45 600 Ranged AI - ✤ Def - Past Roots of Corruption
  • You successfully protected the Portal!
  • The bridge has been fixed!


  • Theorick: ...no...
  • Theorick: ...no, no, no no no NO!! DAMN IT ALL!!
  • Theorick: You know what happened?! I lost!! I will destroy the province if I turn completely! GET AWAY, NOW! DO YOU HEAR ME?! RUN!!
  • Theorick: I... C-calm yourself, Theorick...don't...don't lose yourself to it...there's...yet a solution...one way...

  • Theorick: Oh...you again...the others...dead? Run off? Cowards...urgh...
  • Theorick: You live...so...eyes up. Listen to me. If I turn...w-when...when I turn...n-no, can't...gaaah, I'll destr- Nggh...
  • Theorick: I won't last, you can tell... Right now...killing me is an impossibility, you idiotic weakl- Agh, GET OUT OF MY MIND!!
  • Theorick: Gaaah... Tell...everyone. I will freeze this place. I...t-too fargone. It needs time to heal...and my powers m-must be dampened...frozen...
  • Theorick: All worthless... Urgh, no...they yet deserve life...and this spell...it will surely claim some. Please, let them know why...
  • Theorick: If I have learned anything from that insufferable f- ...from Mael...deaths without reason lets spirits to linger. I would...prefer against giving him a harder time.
  • Theorick: K-keep advancing. Your things, if everyone was as strong as you...we may stand a chance. This could end me, in time, once I am weaker.
  • Theorick: Let it be known...Theorick Twain is not dead. He cannot be killed...all will burn...until future days. Here, in this accursed place. Find me...and end it all.

Stage 9

» Tell Telvu the mage what happened.

  • Present Day


  • Telvu: You must have succeeded, or you would be yet in the memory of the past. I can feel some potent magic on you.
  • Telvu: So, you met Theorick? He was always said to have fallen from heroism after the great freezing.
  • Telvu: Hm...wait, this flame...did you receive it from the Temple of Time? How did...what is...this is impossible, given what we know!
  • Telvu: It unfreezes the entrance, you say...and...Th-Theorick...gave...he...what...? This raises so many more questions! Unless there was some other force at play...
  • Telvu: Well, ruminating on that will not help. Were you able to figure out why it was Theorick froze this place, at least?
  • Telvu: Wha...so many revelations...ice magic staves off corruption...? It is true that this place has seen less corrupted threats than other places in the province...
  • Telvu: Dear gods... We've had it all wrong this whole time... This was to protect everyone...but surely he would have told someone his intentions if he was of that sound a mind!
  • Telvu: All this time, spent buried alive, wrestling with the corruption. The thought horrifies you, as well, judging by your face. Killing him would be a mercy.
  • Telvu: Here. Use this. It may help protect you within the Ice Barrows... Please, soldier. Be Theorick's guardian angel. Free him from this torment.


  • To avoid getting killed while defending the bridge, you should focus on keeping your distance from the mobs, since whatever remains of them will automatically despawn once the fight has half a minute left. Circling around the arena should help with this.
  • If you die in the past or otherwise return to the present, you can return by getting another staff from the bank, returning to Telvu and having him teleport to you to the Temple of Time, and using the staff there again. If you died in the bridge section, return to the house Theorick recruits you at to restart it.


  • As the lore from Lusuco's Library says that the Twains fell one by one, some to Bak’al, and some to corruption itself, Theorick falling to corruption in the quest means either Dwendle or Rickeo were personally killed by Bak’al.
  • Telvu is an anagram of Selvut283, a Wynncraft GM and moderator.
  • As of 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update, Telvu will teleport you to the Temple of Time as many times as needed.
  • According to the quest, present time Wynncraft is 1,000 AP.