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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Disambig.png This article is about the form of this character as a non-corrupted human or as a weaker corrupted.. For the stronger corrupted variant, see Corrupted Theorick.
Theorick Twain
Theorick Twain as he appears in the Past Nesaak flashback.
Character Info
Location Past Nesaak (in the past),
Ice Barrows
Quests Involved Fate of the Fallen,
A Hunter's Calling
Personal Info
Aliases Theo (by his brothers),
Reanimated Son of Twain,
Master of Ice
Allegiance Twain family (former),
Relatives Marius Twain (adoptive father),
Mael Twain (adoptive brother),
Dwendle Twain (adoptive brother),
Rickeo Twain (adoptive brother)
Species Human (Corrupted)
Status Alive (in cryostasis)
Age Hundreds of years
Information A member of the powerful Twain family, which consisted of gifted individuals brought together by Marius. After falling out with the rest of his family and leaving it, he moves to the nearby town of Nesaak to serve as its protector, using his unique kind of ice magic to do so. Attempted to stop the Corruption for good by freezing the Corruption Portal from the inside out, but failed, and froze the Nesaak Forest and then himself so that he may not lose his mind and destroy the Wynn Province. Serves as the boss of the Ice Barrows dungeon.

Type Dungeon Boss
Species Corrupted Human
Level 54
Health 23,000
AI Type Ranged
Abilities Teleport, Push, Arrow Storm, Push, Heavy Slowness
Elemental Properties
Weakness Earth Fire
Damage Water Air
Defense Water Air
Location Ice Barrows
Crowd Control Immunities
Blindness Resistance
Theorick's Ice Shard
Ice Barrows Fragments

Type Quest Boss
Species Human
Level 54
Health 530,000
AI Type Ranged
Abilities Arrow Storm, Push, Pull, Frost Tornado, Hail
Elemental Properties
Weakness Fire
Damage Water Air
Defense Water Air
Location Past Nesaak
Crowd Control Immunities
Knockback Resistance
Blindness Resistance
I froze this land to allow it to heal... People did not understand... They came for me, seeking revenge. Of course, just like you... They cannot leave. Their souls are stuck here. For the spell must not be broken. Even if you think you can cure me... I cannot allow you to try it, for if it were to fail, my corrupted body would wreak havoc on the world!
~ Theorick to the Player, Ice Barrows Dungeon

Theorick Twain is a member of the Twain family and one of the four children adopted by Marius Twain, who founded the family to fight against the Corruption ravaging the Wynn Province by taking magically gifted children who had been orphaned by the war under his wing. During his youth, he lived in the House of Twain alongside his adoptive brothers Mael, Dwendle and Rickeo.[1]

Theorick is gifted in ice magic. However, his magic also possesses the extremely powerful property of being able to temporarily stop the Corruption's spread, something which had never been seen before.[2] Whether this is an ability that intrinsically belongs to Theorick, and him alone, or to all forms of ice magic is unknown. Besides this power, he is very proficient in his brand of magic, being strong enough to freeze an entire, large region of the Wynn Province with ice, a spell that has lasted for centuries and shows no signs of waning despite the warm climatic conditions that the region possessed prior to Theorick's actions.[3]

After the Twain family broke apart, he fully dedicated himself to defending the nearby town of Nesaak and its surroundings against the Corruption using his magic, essentially serving as its protector, although it came at a cost for the town's citizens.[3][4] Then, once the undead attacks against Nesaak became even more intense and too much to handle even for Theorick, he instead decided to put an end to the Corruption once and for all by exterminating it at the root: his intention was to enter the Portal in the Roots of the Corruption, the nucleus of all Corruption in Wynn, and freeze it from the inside. However, his plan failed and he came out of the Portal as a broken man, slowly losing his mind to the chaotic force. Thus, to prevent himself from mindlessly destroying the whole province, he returned to Nesaak and froze himself within the Ice Barrows, freezing the entire Nesaak Forest in the process and putting himself in a state of cryostasis which still endures to this day.[3]

In the modern day, Theorick is remembered as a controversial figure among the people of Nesaak. While his act of freezing the entire forest and stopping Corruption from penetrating into it is somewhat recognized as heroism, they also hold Theorick accountable for the many families he destroyed as a consequence of this action, and for the wealth he took from the people and hoarded in his own mansion in exchange for his defense of the area.[5] The story of Theorick has also started to fade into legend over the centuries, and he is slowly being forgotten by the people of the town he protected. However, some Nesaak citizens state that they will never forget how their homeland was frozen.[6]

Theorick is the main character of the quest Fate of the Fallen, where he appears as an NPC. He gives the Player Rickeo's flame so that they may access the Ice Barrows dungeon and kill Theorick, freeing him from his misery. For most of the quest, Theorick is located in Past Nesaak, before the freezing of the town.[3] He later appears as the boss of the Ice Barrows dungeon,[7] unlocked after completing the quest, and his Corrupted form is the boss of the Corrupted Ice Barrows Forgery dungeon.[8] He makes yet another appearance as a boss in A Hunter's Calling, where he must be killed by the Player on Bak'al's orders during one of the quest's scenarios.[9]


In the past, Theorick was a fair-skinned, old-looking man of average build. He had blue eyes and thick, blueish-gray eyebrows, as well as a thick beard of the same color as his eyebrows that went down his neck, and a prominent, round nose. He wore a large, dark blue robe with a light gray lining that flowed down to his feet, although it was open from his neck down and only covered his arms and the sides of his chest and legs. The robe also had a hood, which covered his hair. Beneath his robe, Theorick wore blue and white garments, with light blue padding around his crotch area that was covered by a purple cloth tied around his waist. He also wore dark blue boots with white shafts and a pair of necklaces, one black and one white.[3]

Theorick's current skeletal form.

Theorick currently takes the form of a pale white skeleton with red eyes and white hands. Most of his clothing has frozen and ripped due to the time he's spent in the Ice Barrows, changing color. The robe he wears is of a light blue-green coloration, similar to ice, with very vibrant cyan shoulders and a hood that goes from a dark gray color at its bottom tip to completely white just above the top of his head. The robe's sleeves are jaggy and ripped, showing his forearms. The top part of his ribcage is also visible as the robe is parted away from it. A red gem is embedded into the robe at the level of Theorick's sternum, which was not present before. Furthermore, he has a thin, light blue belt that wraps around his waist. His inner legs are white, with a small patch of ice of the same vibrant cyan color as his shoulders present above his left ankle. The bottom of his boots are also frozen, with a blue color. In his right hand, Theorick wields a long, blue ice staff with a dark blue hilt and a white swirl.[7]


Theorick was a very stern, cold man, and was very harsh even on his own adoptive brothers during his time living at the House of Twain, to the point where he threatened to freeze Mael's soul out of his body if he didn't use his spiritual magic to purge the ghosts of the monsters he and his brothers vanquished while they were still alive.[1] He was very hotheaded and got angry easily, as shown when he threw a rock against his own adoptive father Marius during their confrontation, even though Marius was trying to keep a calm tone with him.[10] In fact, he didn't hesitate to use exaggerated amounts of force against those who annoyed him if he could in order to intimidate them. He and his brothers nearly killed each other during Marius' funeral because they got too close to him and berated him for showing up late, triggering his retaliation.[11]

In general, he seemed to genuinely dislike or even hate his family members, going so far as to say that he never was a Twain, and that the entire Twain family was merely Marius' delusion. He abandoned his brethren as soon as they disagreed with him over how to best protect the Wynn province, and even stated that Dwendle and Rickeo hardly taught him anything, while Mael actively made him dumber every time he opened his mouth. Despite that, he was able to restrain himself after Mael immobilized both him and his brothers, and simply walked away quietly without either parties offering an apology.[11][10]

Theorick confronts his father, Marius, as he has different beliefs on how the Wynn province should be protected.

Theorick also had a very different idea of how the Twains should go about defending the province, which often pitted him against his father Marius. While Marius believed that the Twains should be heroes who never ask for compensation and simply protect the people of Wynn of their own selflessness, Theorick thought that the people he protected should be indebted to him and give him something material in return, as he can't feed himself with mere gratitude.[10] He seemed to be quite greedy in this regard, as his private mansion he built in the Ice Canyon was full of money and goods he accrued from the people of Nesaak.[5] He had a tendency to get mad when he wasn't offered this tribute, often impulsiveley taking it out on people who had no say in the situation, because they don't understand how difficult it is for him to maintain his job as protector of Nesaak.[4]

Theorick lashes out when he hears that the people of Nesaak haven't offered him tribute, scaring two innocent citizens.

He also thought of the people of Nesaak as too careless at times, berating them when they left the town for leisurely activities such as picking flowers, which would often force him to act whenever they'd get assaulted by the undead roaming around the area. He thought the people should prioritize their life over anything else at all times, and thus stay within the town at all times, lest they be dragged into dangerous situations.[3] However, he had respect for people who could follow his orders and aided him in the defense of Nesaak by, for example, telling the people to ration their resources.[9]

Despite all of his flaws, Theorick genuinely cared for the safety of the people he defended, and even prioritized their safety above his own life. He thanked those who offered their tributes to him as they respected what he was doing to protect them, and was able to calm down even after confronting citizens he believed were too foolhardy to keep themselves safe.[3][4] He was also very quick to alert the people to run away as soon as he sensed an evil, powerful presence among the citizens of Nesaak.[9] He lamented the fact that every day, more and more people died to the Corruption and were turned into undead soldiers by it.

Theorick desired to freeze the Realm of War from the inside to stop the Corruption, but failed.

His sorrow at the constant death and suffering endured by the people he protected finally culminated when he decided to put an end to the Corruption once and for all, by freezing the Realm responsible for Corruption from inside and stopping the force from ever spreading again. He took this risk, whether it have been because of his arrogance leading him to believe he could accomplish such a thing or because of his sheer desperation, but failed. Even then, he was able to hold on to the last slivers of his sanity and alerted the Player, who was aiding him in his task, to run away. When they didn't, he instead instructed them to tell the people of Nesaak that he intended to freeze the entire region as his final act, so that the Corruption may not encroach upon the town ever again. This is because he thought they deserved to live, and he knew that some of them would die to his actions, so he didn't want their spirits to linger in the world and constantly seek closure as to why they died. He also requested the Player to put an end to his misery once he was weak enough to be killed.[3]

In the modern day, Theorick regrets the things he did during his time in the Wynn province, and tells the Player to leave his dwelling place, the Ice Barrows, as he didn't want his lingering mistakes to harm anybody else. He considers the spell he casted on the Nesaak Forest to have been a necessity to allow the land to heal, and says that the people who came after him seeking revenge for his act simply did not understand. When Theorick presumes that the Player came to the Ice Barrows to set him free, he fights them, for he admits that he must never be allowed to exit his prison, lest he wreak havoc on the entire world.[7]


Theorick was born around 500 AP in the Wynn Province. He was very gifted in magic, but became an orphan at a young age due to the Corruption War. At some point in his young age, he was adopted by Marius Twain, who was travelling across Wynn in hopes of finding children with magical gifts that he could train so that they may become the protectors of Wynn. Marius had also adopted three other children: Mael, Dwendle and Rickeo. Marius took them all to his manor, the House of Twain, far from the dangers of the Portal.[1]

The House of Twain was the residence of the Twain family.

Marius trained Theorick and his other children for many years, eventually turning them into masters. Theorick's gift was that of ice magic, which had an unique property, probably exclusive to him: it was able to slow down and almost immobilize the Corruption.[2] As Theorick grew older, however, he became more bitter and cold, ironically reflecting the type of magic he harnessed. At one point, he even threatened his adoptive brother Mael, saying that he'd "freeze his spirit out of him" if he didn't purge the spirits of those that Theorick killed.[1]

Eventually, Theorick moved to the nearby town of Nesaak and began protecting it with his life, building a mansion near the town, in the Ice Canyon. However, unlike the other Twains, Theorick started demanding material and monetary rewards from the people of Nesaak, which he hoarded in his mansion, in exchange for protection.[5][4] Marius especially disagreed with this, which led to Theorick confronting him and throwing a rock at him in a fit of rage. Theorick then left the Twain family for good, fully dedicating himself to defending Nesaak on his own terms.[10]

Theorick clashes with his brothers Dwendle and Rickeo.

In 570 AP, Marius Twain died, and Theorick and his brothers met at the House of Twain to attend their father's funeral. Soon enough, however, a fight broke out between Theorick, and Dwendle and Rickeo. When the two were about to kill Theorick, Mael stepped in and stopped the fighting, telling the three to leave: it would be the last time that Theorick would ever see his brothers.[11]

In 589 AP, after another small horde of Corrupteds came to attack Nesaak, Theorick decided to put an end to the problem by striking the Corruption at its core: he would freeze the source of Corruption, the Realm of War, from the inside. He ventured to the Roots of Corruption alongside a small team of highly-armored soldiers, and entered the Realm Portal. However, he came out broken and on the brink of insanity. To prevent himself from doing something catastrophic while he was still sane, Theorick decided to freeze the entire Nesaak Forest and stop the Corruption from ever coming close to Nesaak.[3] During the freezing, many of Nesaak's citizens who were hiding underground were also frozen to death.[12]

The Ice Barrows, where Theorick imprisoned himself.

Afterwards, Theorick sealed himself within the Ice Barrows, falling into cryostasis. To this day, he awaits someone who would enter the Ice Barrows and put an end to his suffering.[3][7]


Although Theorick was a respected and feared figure in Nesaak at his time, he had very few close relationships. Those that he did have are listed here:

  • Marius Twain: Marius was Theorick's adoptive father, and was trained by him at the House of Twain. Despite this, Theorick left Marius and his family after they had a squabble over how best to defend the province. Theorick thinks of Marius as a delusional, old man, who has done nothing but put a roof over his and his brothers' head. Thus, Theorick does not call himself a Twain anymore. He also says that Marius only speaks nonsense, and that it's impossible to reason with him, which angers him so much that he impulsively throws a boulder against him. Despite this, it's implied that Theorick had at least some respect for Marius, as he refers to him as "father" and even attends his funeral.[11][10]
  • Mael Twain: Mael was one of Theorick's adoptive brothers, and the one with whom he quarreled the most. Theorick was the most frustrated out of all his brothers at the fact that Mael neglected to permanently purge the spirits of the monsters he killed, and even threatened to freeze the soul out of his body if he continued.[1] Furthermore, he stated to Marius that Mael actively made him dumber with every word he spoke.[10] Even then, when Theorick confronts his brothers at Marius' funeral and gets nearly killed by them, it is Mael who stops them and reprimands them for trying to kill their own brother.[11] When he fails to freeze the Portal, Theorick also states that if there were one thing he learned from Mael, it's that the spirits of the dead cannot pass on if their deaths were without reason.[3]
Dwendle and Rickeo nearly killed Theorick before Mael's intervention.
  • Dwendle and Rickeo Twain: Dwendle and Rickeo were Theorick's two other adoptive brothers. Although their interactions are rarely documented, Theorick states to his father Marius that the two hardly taught him anything.[10] Then, at Marius' funeral, Theorick picks a fight with the two after Rickeo scolds him for being late and Dwendle tells him to stop being so aggressive for once. Their brawl intensifies to the point where, after pinning Theorick down, the two nearly kill him, but are stopped by Mael. Dwendle then realizes what he was doing, and tried to apologize, but Mael simply told him and the other two to leave. Theorick never spoke to Dwendle and Rickeo again after this altercation.[11]
  • Bak'al: Although Bak'al and Theorick likely never interacted in the story, besides Theorick mentioning him as the last human before him who entered the Portal and came out alive,[3] the ice wizard calls Bak'al a coward who is too afraid to face him directly in A Hunter's Calling. In the same quest, Bak'al refers to Theorick as a threat against his advance and orders the Player to kill him.[9]

Abilities and Powers

As a member of the Twain family and a man naturally gifted in ice magic, Theorick was one of the most powerful people of his time, and one of the strongest wizards in the history of the entire Wynn province, serving as the Nesaak Forest's protector for many years and being remembered as one of the province's greatest warriors.[1] He also commanded a great amount of authority and respect within the land he was protecting, as he was able to conscript a small group of capable soldiers on his own to aid him in destroying the Portal.[3] It is also known that the ice Theorick conjures is nearly unbreakable.[5] His more specific spells and abilities are as follows:

Ice Magic

Theorick's ice magic can temporarily stop the spread of Corruption.
  • Corruption Halting: The most notable and important property of Theorick's ice magic is its passive ability to stop the spread of Corruption, even if temporary.[2] Theorick uses this power to mount a defense around the town of Nesaak, which he maintained for decades, being so powerful that even the corrupted warlord Bak'al considers him a threat to the Corruption's spread.[9] His ultimate goal was to use this magic to freeze the Portal from the inside and stop the force of influence once and for all, but when he failed, he instead opted to freeze the entire Nesaak tundra and maintain a spell over it for as long as he lived, which would prevent Nesaak from ever falling to the hands of Corruption, something which has so far worked.[3] Whether this property to stop Corruption comes specifically from Theorick's brand of magic, or from all ice magic in general, is unknown.
  • Ice Spear Conjuring: During his fight with the Player in A Hunter's Calling, Theorick is able to conjure animated Ice Spears to fight alongside him. Although he only uses this ability in an alternate scenario that is not necessarily tied to the game's story, it can be assumed that Theorick truly can use such a spell due to the verosimility of the scenario in question.[9]
Theorick's frost tornado.
  • Frost Tornado: During his fight with the Player in A Hunter's Calling, Theorick can summon a transparent Frost Tornado made out of swirling white particles that propels anyone who touches it into the sky, dealing damage. Although he only uses this ability in an alternate scenario that is not necessarily tied to the game's story, it can be assumed that Theorick truly can use such a spell due to the verosimility of the scenario in question.[9]
  • Ice Fist: Theorick coats his fists with his ice magic and can fire chunks of ice at rapid speeds against his opponents with high accuracy using only his fists. A similar ability is used by Theorick in A Hunter's Calling, though the ice is conjured from his wand instead. He uses this power to fight against his brothers Dwendle and Rickeo during their quarrel at Marius' funeral.[11][9]
  • Ice Bridge: Theorick conjures blocks of ice beneath his feet and walks on them, which he can use to walk in the air and attack his opponents from their flank. He uses this power to fight against his brothers Dwendle and Rickeo during their quarrel at Marius' funeral.[11]
  • Ice Cage: Theorick creates a cage from out of the ground using blocks of ice, encasing his opponents in a small, solid ice structure which is nearly impossible to break out of, unless the opponent possesses fire magic or something of a similar nature. He uses this power to temporarily trap his brothers Dwendle and Rickeo during their quarrel at Marius' funeral.[11]
The Nesaak Forest's current state, a consequence of Theorick's freezing of the land.
  • Land Freezing: Theorick's ultimate ability and arguably his most powerful attack. By casting an enormous amount of ice magic, he can freeze his surroundings and coat them in a thick layer of ice and snow, stretching as far as he wishes. The limit to this power is not fully known, but the greatest amount of land he froze at once is the entire Nesaak tundra, thus giving it its present-day look. Theorick also states that, if he were to fully lose himself to Corruption, he could destroy the entire Wynn province with this ability.[3] The ice has the same Corruption-halting properties that Theorick's magic possesses, can penetrate deep underground,[12] and is seemingly permanent: it has shown no signs of thawing despite centuries passing. Theorick can also freeze a smaller amount of land if he wanted to, as demonstrated when he created a small ice platform in the middle of water to fight the Player on during A Hunter's Calling.[9]


  • Pottery: Unrelated to his ice-casting abilities, Theorick loves to make pottery and is rather proficient at it, as demonstrated through the many clay pots, some of which have a great amount of detail, he made as a pasttime in the Ice Canyon.[4]


Ice Barrows

Theorick, the Reanimated Son of Twain, is the final boss of the Ice Barrows. His arena has some snow on the outer area while ice will be in the inner area, which causes it to serve as a mobility hazard. He has a Ranged AI, which will fire projectiles at the player from a distance while remaining mostly stationary. He has three Ephemeral Specters that assist him in the fight, which each have some unique stats in their abilities and elemental stats, but they all dissipate into 5 Biting Gusts when killed. Theorick has five abilities: Teleport, Push, Arrow Storm, Explode, and Heavy Slowness. Teleport will cause the mob to instantly go from one area to another. Push will push the player away from the mob if they are within a 12-block radius from the mob. Arrow Storm will rapidly fire a large amount of projectiles in an inaccurate cloud. Explode will cause a spontaneous explosion to appear at the mob's current location. Heavy Slowness will affect the player with Slowness II, reducing their Walk Speed by 30% for 30 seconds. Theorick in the Ice Barrows also has a weakness to Earth and Fire as well as damages and defenses in Water and Air.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Theorick.png Theorick 54 23,000 Ranged Teleport
Arrow Storm
Heavy Slowness
✹ Weak
❋ Dam
❋ Def
Theorick's Ice Shard
Ice Barrows Fragments
Ice Barrows:
Boss Room
EphemeralSpecter(AirWater).png Ephemeral Specter
( Water & Air)
50 10,000 Melee Vanish
Heavy Weakness
❋ Dam 5 Biting Gusts Ice Barrows:
Boss Room
EphemeralSpecter(AirThunder).png Ephemeral Specter
( Water & Thunder)
50 10,000 Melee Teleport ❋ Dam 5 Biting Gusts Ice Barrows: Boss Room
EphemeralSpecter(WaterThunder).png Ephemeral Specter
( Water & Thunder)
50 10,000 Melee Vanish ✦ Dam 5 Biting Gusts Ice Barrows: Boss Room
BitingGust(Appearance5).png Biting Gust 45 300 Melee Self-Destruct ✹ Weak
❋ Dam
- Ephemeral Specters

A Hunter's Calling

Theorick is fought yet again in an alternate Past Nesaak which has the player function as a servant of Bak'al. Theorick will fight the player in an effort to defend Nesaak against the Corruption by creating an arena of ice, which can serve as an arena hazard due to the ice's slippery nature when moving across it. While this Theorick's level is 54, the same level as the version in the Ice Barrows, he effectively functions as an endgame boss. He has 530,000 HP and has Ranged AI. He has resistances to Blindness and Knockback, which can let the boss be affected by those Crowd Controls until they have been affected, which causes a timer to start which lets them gain immunity to those Crowd Controls until the icon turns green again. Theorick has the Arrow Storm, Push, and Pull spells, as well as two new Script Spells: Frost Tornado and Hail. Pull will cause the mob to pull the player towards them if they are in a 12-block radius. The Frost Tornado script spell will cause some tornadoes to appear in the arena, which will launch the player up into the sky if they are caught within them. The Hail spell will cause some clouds of hail to be expelled from the mob, which causes the player to be frozen in place and blinded for a quick moment if they are caught in a cloud. Theorick is accompanied by some Ice Spears which appear throughout the arena.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Theorick(Mob,AHunter'sCalling).png Theorick 54 875,000 Ranged Blindness Resist
Knockback Resist
Arrow Storm
Frost Tornado
✹ Weak
❋ Dam
❋ Def
- Past Nesaak
IceSpear.png Ice Spear 45 1,000 Charge - ✽ Dam - Past Nesaak


  • Theorick is the only member of the Twain family who is not dead. Although he is corrupted, unlike his siblings Dwendle, Rickeo and Mael, he is not truly deceased yet.[7]