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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Legendary Island IslandIcon.png
An overview of Legendary Island
Discovery Lore
Home of the Legendary Challenge, a test for those who think they are the strongest in the world. It is named for its designer, the eccentric Dr. Legendary.
Coordinates X: -1115, Z: -2425
Suggested Level 100
Standard Merchants
Potion Merchant Level 90-100
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Potion Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Powder Master

Legendary Island is a location that offers a unique challenge for players that are up for it. The challenge was inspired by The Qira Hive and Tower of Ascension, however, it differs in that it is not a quest. In the challenge, the player must face off with 10 recreated, mechanized versions of classic bosses. However, if you die, you are sent to the beginning, and you have to start over. You have the choice of forfeiting early, but you won't get as much of a reward. Be mindful, though, as the entry fee costs 12 Emerald Blocks, and if you forfeit early, you may have just wasted your money. The Seaskipper captain notes in one of his dialogues that Dr. Legendary's first name is Herbert.




Legendary Rewards Market

Legendary Rewards Market

The Legendary Rewards Market offers rewards for players who have participated in the Legendary Challenge. It sells powerful accessories of each element, including multi-element. The accessories split up into tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. If you're going for a necklace, buy the Bronze Basic Necklace. A similar rule applies to the other accessories. You can add elements to the accessories from there. To buy a Silver reward, you must first buy a Bronze reward. To buy a Gold reward, you must have a Silver reward of the same type. Note that rings cost half as much as the others.


  • An Emerald Merchant is located to the right of the temple.

  • A Blacksmith is facing opposite to the Emerald Merchant.

  • A Potion Merchant has a shop to the left of the Emerald Merchant.

  • A Scroll Merchant is located to the right of the Emerald Merchant, and sells scrolls to Legendary Island for 3 Emerald Blocks.

  • A Powder Master is located next to the Potion Merchant.


The Mummyboard

  • Dr. Legendary: Mo'in, traveler, and welcome to... LEGENDARY ISLAND! The ultimate test of strength!
  • Dr. Legendary: With funding from the future province of Corkus, I went on a journey to study the strongest fighters in the world!
  • Dr. Legendary: This means that here, at Legendary Island, you can fight my creations, recreations of the most powerful beings of all time!
  • Dr. Legendary: There are 10 challengers for you to fight, and many prizes to collect!
  • Dr. Legendary: The first challenger that you'll face is based off of a Mummy that I discovered hidden in the desert: The Mummyboard
  • Dr. Legendary: You can challenge it now if you want, you can buy an entry ticket to the right.
  • The Mummyboard: OS Version M-37 is now online. Systems estimate a 96.286573628% chance of success.

Virus Doctor

  • Dr. Legendary: Impressive work against the Mummyboard, but that was only the first challenger! Things have only just begun!
  • Dr. Legendary: During my expedition across the world, funded by the amazing future province of Corkus, I happened upon a story about a doctor in Olux.
  • Dr. Legendary: Using samples of his so-called medicine, and stories about him, I managed to recreate the Plague Doctor as...
  • Dr. Legendary: the Virus Doctor
  • Dr. Legendary: You can continue and fight him now, or forfeit to your right, though you won't get much of a reward. The choice is yours.
  • Virus Doctor: Ah! It seems I have a subject for my next experiment. Don't worry human, this will only hurt... a lot.

Corkus Accipientis

  • Dr. Legendary: Seems you were able to best the Virus Doctor, but this is still the Bronze tier, so don't get too cocky!
  • Dr. Legendary: After reading about a rare Gavel species with the properties of transformation, I knew I had to research it.
  • Dr. Legendary: Thanks to funding from Corkus, I managed to find it, the Corpus Accipientis, and created a golem with similar abilities.
  • Dr. Legendary: I call it the Corkus Accipientis! This will be the final battle of the Bronze tier!
  • Dr. Legendary: You can continue and challenge it now, or you can forfeit to your right for a small reward. It's up to you!
  • Corkus Accipientis: Scans indicate that your form is incredibly powerful. I will take it from you!

Matrojan Idol

  • Dr. Legendary: Congratulations on defeating the Corkus Accipientis and completing the Bronze tier! If you win the next fight, you can start getting Silver tokens.
  • Dr. Legendary: My expedition, which was sponsored by Corkus, by the way, eventually led me to the jungles of Wynn, where I heard rumors of an ancient idol.
  • Dr. Legendary: Though its name is rather hard to pronounce, I eventually managed to find and study the Matryoshka Idol.
  • Dr. Legendary: And now you can fight one of my most resilient creations, the Matrojan Idol!
  • Dr. Legendary: You can give it a shot now, or forfeit for a reward to your right, as usual.
  • The Idol whirrs to life...

Titanium R.A.T. R-4X

First Run

  • Dr. Legendary: What a breathtaking fight! The Matrojan Idol, defeated! You're almost halfway there.
  • Dr. Legendary: During my travels, made possible by Corkus, I eventually stumbled into the Light Forest of Gavel, where I had a strange vision...
  • Dr. Legendary: I saw... a villager, in his ultimate form, surrounded by mushrooms. The vision inspired me to create the next challenger.
  • Dr. Legendary: I call this robot... YahyaBot V4.04!
  • Dr. Legendary: As always, you can forfeit to your right, or you can continue up ahead.
  • Something isn't right...
  • Dr. Legendary: Good grief, what is that thing?! And... YahyaBot! Wrecked! This is a disaster! Oh dear, what am I to do now...
  • Dr. Legendary: Oh- Traveler! It seems we had a slight change in plans! Though this challenger is in pieces, if you can defeat this beast, I'll count it as a victory! Quickly, before it causes any more damage!

Following Runs

  • Dr. Legendary: What a breathtaking fight! The Matrojan Idol, defeated! You're almost halfway there.
  • Dr. Legendary: Now. Ahem. As you remember, this next challenger was intended as YahyaBot V4.04.
  • Dr. Legendary: But after your encounter with that beast last time, I got to thinking! What good is a fight without proper stakes? Wherein a single blow decides the match?!
  • Dr. Legendary: No, no, such a fight will not do for Legendary Island! As such, I have decided to scrap the previous inhabitant of the middle Silver, and have replaced it with...
  • Dr. Legendary: The Titanium R.A.T. R-4X! All fixed up and ready for a rematch!
  • Dr. Legendary: As always, if once was enough, you can forfeit to your right! Otherwise, continue up ahead!
  • Something isn't right...

Death Metal

First Run

  • Dr. Legendary: My word that was certainly unexpected! A shame YahyaBot was destroyed, and yet... What a fight that was! Astounding.
  • Dr. Legendary: ...Ahem. Anyways, during my Corkus-sponsored expedition, I eventually found and scaled the legendary Tower of Ascension.
  • Dr. Legendary: Up there, I met a peculiar creature, dressed up as the spirit of Death himself! Despite being an impostor, its strength was still formidable.
  • Dr. Legendary: So the final fight of the Silver tier will be... Death Metal!
  • Dr. Legendary: As I'm legally obligated to remind you, you can forfeit to your right if you want.

Following Runs

  • Dr. Legendary: Just as before, an astounding victory against the Titanium R.A.T. R-4X! We'll, ah, have to sort out damages to the arena later.
  • Dr. Legendary: Anyways, during my Corkus-sponsored expedition, I eventually found and scaled the legendary Tower of Ascension.
  • Dr. Legendary: Up there, I met a peculiar creature, dressed up as the spirit of Death himself! Despite being an impostor, its strength was still formidable.
  • Dr. Legendary: So the final fight of the Silver tier will be... Death Metal!
  • Dr. Legendary: As I'm legally obligated to remind you, you can forfeit to your right if you want.
  • Dr. Legendary: Ladies and gentlemen, performing you live from Legendary Island Stadium... It's Death Metal and the Ascendant Bosses!

Mechorrupter of Worlds

  • Dr. Legendary: Drat! And those mechs were so expe- Oh! Great job defeating Death Metal!
  • Dr. Legendary: But this next one might be the end of you. The jungles of Wynn also spoke of a creature far more powerful and dangerous than the Idol.
  • Dr. Legendary: While I was unable to approach it myself, a man outside of a temple told me all about the monster in question.
  • Dr. Legendary: Which is why I am proud to present you the Mechorrupter of Worlds, the first enemy of the Gold tier!
  • Dr. Legendary: The reward for forfeit, to your right, isn't too bad. You can stop now if you want, or risk it all and keep going!
  • It feels as though demons are starting to consume your mind... Maybe it wasn't a good idea to enter this place...

Robob's Reinvention

  • Dr. Legendary: Congratulations! You've defeated your first challenger of the Gold tier! That's more than most can say.
  • Dr. Legendary: But you're bound to have heard of the next challenger. During my Corkus-funded travels, I heard every story of Bob known to man.
  • Dr. Legendary: I amassed all of my research into one of my finest creations! So I wish you good luck in defeating the one and only...
  • Dr. Legendary: Robob's Reinvention!
  • Dr. Legendary: While I applaud you for getting this far, there's never any shame in forfeiting off to the side. But the choice is still yours.
  • Robob: Only the most powerful warriors are worthy to face me. And by the looks of it, you barely made the cut.

Orange Cybel

  • Dr. Legendary: Astounding! Very few have ever slain Robob. But this next challenger is known to very few, and still remains undefeated.
  • Dr. Legendary: You've likely heard of wybels. Have you heard stories of an orange one? They say an orange wybel is very intelligent and powerful.
  • Dr. Legendary: I was unable to match its strength with electromagic alone, so I took a live Orange Wybel and... "upgraded" it into...
  • Dr. Legendary: The Orange Cybel, the final challenger of the gold tier. If you defeat it, you'll even be able to challenge the Diamond tier.
  • Dr. Legendary: If you truly believe in your strength, continue. If not, I'd advise you to forfeit now. Your reward is already sizable.
  • Orange Cybel: You wasted every chance you had to turn back. And you're really not going to like what happens now.

Doctor Legendary

  • Dr. Legendary: Amazing! You even defeated the Cybel, my strongest creation. Well, except for one thing...
  • Dr. Legendary: With the help of Corkus, I traveled to the Hive, where I sought to model the final challenger after the legendary sorceress.
  • Dr. Legendary: But... Qira declined. She said that if I tried anyway, she'd, erm... well, let's just say killing me was putting it too lightly.
  • Dr. Legendary: It might be for the best, anyways. If the stories about her are true, her immense skill might be impossible to replicate.
  • Dr. Legendary: So instead, I made something else, something entirely new...
  • Dr. Legendary: A mech suit that will be piloted by me, Doctor Legendary! With it, I might be one of the toughest foes you'll ever face!
  • Dr. Legendary: But if you can defeat me, you'll get 1 Diamond Token, 7 Gold Tokens, 15 Silver Tokens, and 25 Bronze Tokens!
  • Dr. Legendary: It's not too late to forfeit, if you want. But I have a feeling you've got one more fight in you.
  • Dr. Legendary: So, you decided to come, then? Then let's see how you fare against the Champion of Legendary Island...
  • Dr. Legendary: Doctor Herbert Von Legendary!

After Completion

  • Dr. Legendary: ...
  • Dr. Legendary: I'm still in shock. I, the creator and controller of the strongest mechs in the world, have been defeated!
  • Dr. Legendary: All of my research, sponsored by Corkus of course, was still not enough. You have truly bested me.
  • Dr. Legendary: I trust that you have received all of your tokens. You can make yourself a powerful accessory with all of those.
  • Dr. Legendary: You've earned those tokens, but they might not be enough to maximize the power of an accessory.
  • Dr. Legendary: You'll have to go through the challenge all over again if you want more tokens. And I'm ready for a rematch any time!

YahyaBot V4.04

  • An eerie silence fills the arena.
  • YahyaBot V4.04: H-hey! I-Intruder detected! Here f-for my-... my m-m-mushrooms! I won't l-let you have-... have them!
  • YahyaBot begins emitting strange spores...
  • You feel absolutely delightful!
  • YahyaBot begins emitting strange spores...
  • YahyaBot V4.04: WARNING: Defense systems critical! Power reserves low! Mushroom fuel reserves empty!
  • YahyaBot V4.04: Initiating emergency shutdown...
  • YahyaBot V4.04: W-wait! D-don't-... don't l-leave me here! I'll- I'll share my m-m-mushroom soup! J-just don't-

Legendary Challenge

Legendary Island Bosses.

As mentioned before, the entry fee to take on the challenge is 12 Emerald Blocks. Once you enter the first challenger's arena, there is no going back unless you die or kill the boss. With that being said, you should bring many potions just in case, and perhaps some skill boost potions as well. Don't worry: there is a warm-up room right before every boss fight. If you ever run out of potions, you can restock here. The warm-up room consists of an Emerald Merchant, a Powder Master, a Potion Merchant, a Blacksmith, and a Weapon Merchant. You have an opportunity to leave during the warm-up phases and claim a lesser prize. Furthermore, you can also switch classes or even leave the server whilst in this room and your progress will be saved.


Last Boss Defeated Tokens




The Mummyboard 1
Virus Doctor 3
Corkus Accipientis 5
Matrojan Idol 7 1
Titanium R.A.T. R-4X 9 3
Death Metal 12 5
Mechorrupter of Worlds 15 7 1
Robob's Reinvention 18 9 3
Orange Cybel 21 12 5
Doctor Legendary 25 15 7 1

Additionally, if the player defeats Doctor Legendary, they'll receive 1,200,000 Combat Experience Points.

General Tips

  • Although it's possible to do it solo, doing the Legendary Challenge with a party of 2-3 (the more the merrier) players will heavily increase your chances of winning, but when there are 4 or more players it might be hard to get token for everyone.
  • If going solo, it's recommended to get a very well constructed class build.
  • Stat potions, the highest level of which can be bought in Thanos, Ahmsord or Lutho, also help tremendously if attempting to complete the challenge solo. Bear in mind that you cannot purchase these potions at the Legendary Island itself.
  • If you plan on coming back to the Legendary Island again in the future, it is recommended that you purchase a Scroll at the Scroll Merchant since the island is rather remote.
  • The Orange Cybel will regenerate massive amounts of health after it has not been attacked for a few seconds. It is also easy to lose track of due to it's small size and the amount of mobs that surround it, make sure you have a constant line of sight on it.