Star Thief

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Star Thief CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Medium
Difficulty Medium
Location Llevigar Plains
Province Gavel
Combat Level 42
Starter NPC Agent
Reward As follows:

Star Thief is a medium level 42 quest located in the Llevigar Plains.


The player happens to notice a meteor crash in the Llevigar Plains. By helping an Agent with the meteor, they end up learning about the meteors that are falling all over the Gavel Province.

Stage 1

» Look into the rumors of strange weather near the Imal Inn at [-2018, 43, -4822].

  • What's that noise...?
  • It's coming from the west.
  • What was that? It seems to have landed nearby, maybe you should go investigate.

Stage 2

» Find the meteor's crash site at [-2122, 52, -4887]



  • Agent: Hey you! Human. What are you doing here?
  • Agent: Under Villager law any extra terrestrial or extra voidal entities are prohibited and owned by the state.
  • Agent: Seeing as you are new to the land, I can't see you being prosecuted, especially a Ragni Guard.
  • Agent: This meteor is different to what we've seen before. We suspect that direct contact with the meteor is dangerous.
  • Agent: The magical radiation doesn't seem to be affecting you at all though. Do you not feel anything? Perhaps you could help me locate it.

Stage 3

» Explore the cave that the meteor crashed into.

  • It seems like the meteor crashed into a cave.

Continue through the cave until you reach an intersection where you can see a meteor shard along the path the meteor crashed down through.

  • The meteor shard is radiating an odd and unfamiliar magical energy

An explosion will occur, blocking off the meteor's path and forcing you to continue down to the side. You will have to avoid falling rocks as you progress, until you reach a large open chamber. Parkour to the top of the chamber, using the appearing pillars and sliding platforms as you go, to get back around to the room where the meteor crashed. Once you do, a short cutscene will play.



  • ???: It's... mine.

Stage 4

» Escape the collapsing cave.

  • The cave is collapsing! Find a way out, quickly.
  • Someone stole a piece of meteorite. It's unstable and dangerous…
  • A weird trail leads off to the east, maybe you can retrieve the meteor if you follow it?

Stage 5

» Follow the trail leading off to the east from the cave.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
PossessedCarrot.png Possessed Carrot 44 800 Melee AI Meteor ✤ Dam - Farm at
-1950 49 -4850

The cave that the thief entered is at [-1870, 44, -4840].

Stage 6

» Explore the cave for the star thief.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
StardustWeird.png Stardust Weird 46 920 Ranged AI - ✦ Weak
✽ Dam
✽ Def
- Cave at
-1870 44 -4840
CosmicWeird.png Cosmic Weird 45 1275 Melee AI ✦ Weak
✦ Dam
- Cave at
-1870 44 -4840
AnimatedOre.png Animated Ore 44 900 Melee AI - ✽ Weak
✤ Dam
- Cave at
-1870 44 -4840


  • Thief: .̸.̴.̵.̴ I can't control myself...f̸j̷f̴j̵f̵j̴ This rock...
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the thief.

The thief is located behind the wall at [-1830, 4, -4874]. Walk up to the wall to make it disappear and enter the thief's room.



  • Thief: What is... this feeling… No I won't listen..
  • Thief: I can't... control... my mind... e̴n̴d̴ ̷m̶e̷.̷

Stage 7

» Defeat the insane thief and bring back the piece of meteor to the secret agent at [-2122, 52, -4887].

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
InsaneThief.png Insane Thief 45 5350 Retreat AI Heavy Weakness
Heavy Teleport
✤ Weak
✦ Dam
Meteor Shard Cave at
-1869 45 -4840
MeteoricEnergy.png Meteoric Energy 43 540 Melee AI Heavy Teleport - - Cave at
-1869 45 -4840
MeteorShard.png Meteor Shard 45 1000 None AI - -
Meteor Shard
Insane Thief


  • Agent: Hello again. Did you find the meteor down there? Why on earth are you holding some?!
  • Agent: I see. This material is incredibly rare and magically powerful. Meteors fall all over Gavel and come in a variety of colours and potency.
  • Agent: We don't fully understand them, but we know they are dangerous. Every scientist who has studied them has lost their minds.
  • Agent: The meteors hold many secrets and powers, maybe the ones we need to end your war. Thank you, here's a small reward for helping us.


  • This quest received a long-awaited rework in the 1.18 Economy Update.
  • This is the first Gavel quest to be completely revamped, not counting ???.
  • There is a bug where the Agent might disappear after killing the bandit. Rejoining and rebeating the bandit is the only way to fix this.