The Beyond

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Limited Time Event: This article covers an event that lasted for a limited period of time before ending.
The event's content will no longer be accessible after it has ended, but collectibles and cosmetics earned by the player will persist.

The Beyond SiteIcon.png
Coordinates X: 392, Z: -1527
Other Merchants Armour Merchant
Trinket Merchant
Other Amenities Party Finder
Event Airship

The Beyond is a location hidden away from the rest of the map that hosts Banish the Beyond. It is set up on an overlook to the two areas the minigame can take place in, the Decay-infested Woods and the Corruption-overran Bunker.

The Beyond can be accessed through the Event Airship in the Detlas Airbase during the 2023 Festival of the Spirits.

Points of Interest


The reward merchants in the Beyond trade in
Spiritual Essences awarded from the minigame.



There is a stats board that measures your statistics for the minigame Banish the Beyond. The statistics measured are:

  • Total Score Earned
  • Games Played (As the Spirit or as a Survivor)
  • Score Earned as the Spirit (Total and Best)
  • Total Survivors Killed
  • Banishments Averted
  • Score Earned as a Survivor (Total and Best)
  • Spirit Well Contribution (Total and Best)
  • Successful Banishments



  • The Beyond has a view of Spooky Detlas through the rift in the ceiling, suggesting the crater in the middle of Spooky Detlas is a portal to The Beyond.
  • In the Bunker, several black skeletons can be seen in the sewer area, suggesting that the Olm could have resided in here.