The Order of the Grook

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The Order of the Grook CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Medium
Tags Unlocks Fast Travel
Location Mage Island
Province Ocean
Combat Level 59
Starter NPC Seasum
Reward As follows:

The Order of the Grook is long level 59 quest which begins on Mage Island, released in the 1.19 update.


The Order of the Grook involves going through magic school to learn more about magic. The premise loosely resembles that of Harry Potter. The most important thing to note when doing The Order of the Grook Quest is that the rewards upon completion of the quest depend on which materials you buy at the beginning of your time at Grookwarts. You will select between five wands and between five tomes. The rewards are as follows:

Wand Reward Book Reward
Oak Grook Feather Wand Draoi Fair The Tome of Nature Magick 10 EB
Avo Phoenix Wand Draoi Fair The Teaching of Exal 28 EB
Dragon Bone Wand Dragon's Eye Bracelet The Teachings of a Wizard 32 EB
Sky Wood Rukh Wand

Renda Langit

The Ancient Teachings 10 EB
Birch Undead Wand Dragon's Eye Bracelet The Tome of Old Magicks 36 EB

Stage 1

» Talk to Seasum in a tower on Mage Island.

  • Seasum: Ugh... I really, really, reeeeally don't want to go...
  • Seasum: Hey, who are you?
  • Seasum: Do you... not have manners at all?! Just running into my parents' house like that! Jeez!
  • Seasum: I oughta... Hm. Well... maybe...
  • Seasum: Oh, I know! Here, go to my room real fast, and grab the letter in there
  • Seasum: Bring it back to me when you do, I wanna make sure it's the right one.

Stage 2

» Get the school invitation from Seasum room and bring it to Seasum.

  • Seasum: Yep, that's the right letter. I hope you like school!
  • Seasum: My parents were super exited when that letter flew into my room, but magical school sounds so boring...
  • Seasum: I don't even want to learn magic! I just want to write my stories and play games. You can go instead.
  • Seasum: I know the picture on the letter is of me, but you can, um...
  • Seasum: You can say you had a growth spurt! Uh, that should work, i think!
  • Seasum: Now go on, you should get out before my parents see you. I don't want them to find out I gave that letter away...
  The letter says to meet a boat captain on the broken docks next to the Seaskipper, and to "have faith". What does that mean?

Stage 3

» Talk to the School Ship Captain on the pier next to the Seaskipper Captain.

  • Boat Captain: Hey! What are you doing all the way over here? This dock's broken.
  • Boat Captain: Oh, a student, you say. Aren't you a little old to be learning fundamental magical knowledge?
  • Boat Captain: Well, if I could see your invitation letter, then?
  • Boat Captain: ...Hm., you really look quite different than the picture. Did you get a new haircut?
  • Boat Captain: Well, no judging from me! Keep walking to the end of the dock. Have faith!

Stage 4

» Climb aboard the ship.

  • Boat Captain: Alright everyone. Ready for a magical experience?
  • Boat Captain: We're headed to the Nexus. You've been told where to go. If you've forgotten, ask your fellow students!
  • Boat Captain: If you ever need to come back here, just walk out onto the dock again. Good luck, now!

Stage 5

» Follow the children to the school.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the location of the students.
You find the students at [6372, 15, 4512], there are fake-blocks in the wall next to them that one can walk through.
  • Student: Through the wall, right? I hope my uniform doesn't get dirty.
  • This must be Grookwarts! Looks like that fellow up ahead can explain things from here.

Stage 6

» Talk to Cidre on the school island.

  • Cidre: Hello new students! Over here!
  • Cidre: Welcome to the island of Grookwarts! I will be guiding and helping all the new students.
  • Cidre: So all of you will be getting two vouchers each, and with them you will need to buy one wand and a book or tome.
  • Cidre: You can find everything here around the docks. Choosing your materials is very important, so buy the ones that speak to you!
  • Cidre: When you're done, meet with Miss Una at the front gates!

Stage 7

» Purchase a wand from the Wand Merchant and a book from the Magical Book Merchant, then talk to Una.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the location of the merchants/Una.
You find the Wand Merchant at [6728, 39, 4451] and the Magical Book Merchant at [6749, 39, 4427]. Una is standing in front of big gate at [6718, 51, 4383].
  • Una: Alrighty, fledgeling Grooks!
  • Una: Seems like you all have your materials in order. You are now free to enter Grookwarts and begin your lessons.
  • Una: The door is just behind me. Walk on in!

Stage 8

» Attend the welcoming dinner at Grookwarts.

  • Student: Hush, hush! The speech will be soon!

  • Student: Hurry, take a seat! The banquet will be starting any second now!

  • ???: Magical children of Wynn and Gavel alike... We welcome you here, to our fair academy.
  • Student: Oh lordy, the headmaster! I didn't even see him come in!
  • Student: Uhm... I don't see him at all, actually...
  • Headmaster: Well, I should hope you can see me now, all of you. Oh, what a splendid turnout this year!
  • Headmaster: Apologies, I simply can't resist a bit of theatrics. But now, it is time to listen and learn, fledgeling Grooks.
  • Headmaster: We knowledged mages and scholars, the Order of the Grook, are pleased to see each of you here. Whether you be a young mind aching with curiosity...
  • Headmaster: ...or an old hat looking to refine their knowledge, all seeking to learn magic are welcomed here. We expect great things of you.
  • Headmaster: Now, to business. You will write your schedules for the semester. Look down on your paper and write in what classes you wish to participate in.
  • Headmaster: You will need to choose four classes, one from each category. The categories are: Elemental Magic, Practical Magic, Magical Creatures, and Types of magic.
  • Headmaster: The schedule book is at the end of the table. Worry not, there is no limit on class size. If you wish to take it, you may take it.
  • You look at your papers...

Stage 9

» Choose your classes.

There are four different categories that will determine the puzzles you have to complete. The categories are:

Category 1: Elements

Category 2: Practical class

Category 3: Magical Creatures class

Category 4: Magical Type class

Stage 10

» Talk to the Ghost Guide and attend your chosen classes (The Ghost Guide will lead you to each class):

  • Ghost Guide: I'll be leading you to your classes, everyone! Talk to me when you're ready to go.

  • Ghost Guide: Alright, fledgeling Grooks! Your first class is starting in just a minute. Follow me!
  • Ghost Guide: Here are the elemental classes. Step on in. Your magical journey truly begins here!


  • Teacher: Now, all of you. Sit. Listen.
  • Teacher: Earth is an element of great power. Versatile and everpresent, nearly as the air.
  • Teacher: Thunder provides force... Earth provides sheer power. The difference... Force choose its own path. Power is force, directed.
  • Teacher: Earth is also the earth itself. Stone, metal, trees and soil. Trees sway in the wind, but do not break. And the mountains do not crumble.
  • Teacher: The Touroto, stepped in earthly magic, are nearly invincible to all but themselves. It is proof of the earth's strength.
  • Teacher: The Doguns... They were masters of the earth, and fire alike, shaping caverns to their will... And now, nearly extinct. A terrible crime...
  • Teacher: But we shall honor them, and move forwards. We shall strike the earth and claim it to be our own.
  • Teacher: The tome directs the earth's force. Take it and utilize it to shatter the stones I summon.
  • Teacher: The darkest parts of the stones are weak points. Find them, and learn the power of the earth.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Earth Puzzle.
To complete the Puzzle, you have to right click with the tome over the infested stone blocks of each of the 3 stones given. The first one requires 17 blocks, the second one requires 26 blocks, and the third one requires 56 blocks. When all infested stone destroyed, right click with the tome on any part of the stone to destroy it. You may have 105 Seconds to destroy all the rocks or you will need to try again.
  • Teacher: You know the earth's power, fledgeling. There is nothing more for you here. Go.


  • Teacher: Hee hee, take your seats, take your seats, TAKE. YOUR. SEATS. A marvelous batch of eager students today!!
  • Teacher: Almost as marvelous as the powers of Thunder! Energy! Pure, unfocused energy! Devastation, desolation, industrialization all alike!
  • Teacher: Yes, yes! Thunder is technical and versatile! Unreliable to all those who don't know how to rely on it, to those dexterous of hand and mind!
  • Teacher: But woe, woe, Thunder is reviled, reviled! Pure energy has no morality! If used for good, yes yes, ho hum, but if used for evil, oh, burn the witch! Burn, burn! Evil, they say! Pah!!
  • Teacher: All magicks are unaligned with silly concepts such as morality. They are pure chaos! But Thunder, the element of energy and force, it seems ever so EASY to use for evil...
  • Teacher: And evil has found it, found it! CORRUPTION!! DEMONS!! Forces anathema to us, but knowleged in the ways of force and thus, thunder! So terrible, terrible, and thunder mages feared, feared...
  • Teacher: And then, then! Joyous day, the Corkians arrived with their marvelous machines, and their electromagic! Thunder controlled, thunder tamed! The wonder of it all!
  • Teacher: Electromagic makes handles crank, gears spin, metal move, gives sheer stones the power to THINK, and to PLAN! A Corkian original, and a splendid, splendid development reintroduced!
  • Teacher: And so, you shall see for yourselves! Electromagic at work! You will control thunder and electricity, and make the machines bend to your world today, today, this shocking day!
  • Teacher: The mechanism is behind me now! Come up, come up! See the power of thunder, shackled by our whims, won't you, <playername>?
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Thunder Puzzle.
To complete the puzzle, you have to transfer the thunder energy from the starting 'Tesla Coil' to the one at the other side of the room. At first you have to wait until the energy progressed to the 2nd movable 'coil', then you have to move the 1st to the 3rd position, let the energy wander to the post at the 3rd position, move the post on the 2nd position to the 4th position, etc.
  • Teacher: Whee hee hee! Thunder tamed, thunder shackled, and your magical wings unbound by such petty concepts, <playername>! What a show!
  • Teacher: Expand your knowledge ever further, further! Your task is complete, complete, and your next awaits!


  • Teacher: Aah, wow! Everyone s-sure got here quick...
  • Teacher: Welcome, w-welcome. The Water element class is...certainly an interesting one, I-I'd hope... Because water doesn't j-just pertain to, well, w-water...
  • Teacher: It also the element o-of knowledge, and pure magicality. Water i-is sort of magical default, If you w-will. If it isn't focused on on o-one element or another, magic ends up being water-based
  • Teacher: Learning a-about the water element and e-expanding your horizons can allow you to cast spells easier... C-control the flow of magic better, you see.
  • Teacher: Most aquatic creatures are t-tied to water, though creatures that live in icy or snowy environments are, t-too...often, they are also connected to air, but not always.
  • Teacher: In a-addition, many holy artifacts are enchanted with water magic... S-something about how it's a pure type of energy, I believe.
  • Teacher: Lastly, healing abilities are b-bolstered by water magic. Just knowing magic well d-doesn't help, but actually having artifacts charged w-with water magic can increase healing capabilities.
  • Teacher: N-now, for your test, I, a...a test. Anyone who wants to try it f-first, just go up and start.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Water Puzzle.
You must answer a series of questions. The answers are as follows:

1. Intelligence. 2. Mermaids. 3. Thunder. 4. Ice Snake. 5. Cidre. 6. Theorick. 7. Mana Regen

8. The Order of the Grook
  • Teacher: Good w-work there! I h-hope it wasn't too boring with my talking... You can go now.
  • Teacher: N-now, who's n-next? And... i-is it really cold in here for all of you, too? Or, is it j-just me?


  • Teacher: Good to see a decent turnout this year for my class. Too dangerous, pah! You can take this just fine.
  • Teacher: Anyways. The fire element class. Many misunderstand just what fire stands for... but after today, you will leave with courage in your hearts.
  • Teacher: Fire is, of course, related to physical fire, magma, etcetera. A burning torch is a source of fire magic, but that is not the only source of it.
  • Teacher: Courage, bravery, and defensiveness are also tied to the fire element. Those stalwart and selfless, willing to sacrifice themselves for others.
  • Teacher: In addition, water is tied to healing magic, fire is tied to self-healing. Regenerative capacity if you will. Many fire-based artifacts heal the user passively.
  • Teacher: And while they are on the verge of extinction after the war in the Molten Heights, the Dogun species used to embody fire and earth magic alike. It is a shame what happened to them.
  • Teacher: Unfortunately, it is also notable that corrupted creatures are often connected to fire, by nature of the corruption seeming to bring heat wherever it goes...
  • Teacher: But aside from that, onto our practical test. You will all come up to me, starting with <player name>, and hone courage. I will be lobbing fireballs at the wall behind you.
  • Teacher: You will need to destroy the fireballs before they hit the wall, by attacking them directly. If you are hit, it counts as a failure. Now. Let's get started, <player name>.
  • Teacher: Are you ready? Summon your bravery.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Fire Puzzle.
The teacher will throw fireballs at you, you must hit them without letting any hit you or the wall behind you. Part one is 1 fireball, part two is 3 fireballs, and part three is 5 fireballs.
  • Teacher: Well done , fledgeling Grook! Continue to sharpen your instincts. You'll be a fine hero someday, I am sure of it.
  • Teacher: Dismissed, <player name>. You may leave. Now do I have any volunteers for the next round...?


  • Teacher: Arright class, the sooner we start, the sooner we finish, so everyone, take your seats! You'll be getting up soon enough anyways!
  • Teacher: Movin' right along. Air! You're breathing it, we're surrounded by it, but ain'tcha know what it's all about yet, so pay attention.
  • Teacher: Air is an element of freedom! speed, wind and agility. if you're trained well with agility, attacks'll seem like they just phase through ya!
  • Teacher: But over and above that, 'cause of air's ever-presence, it's one of the most versatile kinda magic in existence. People use it in all sorts of ways.
  • Teacher: Over in Gavel, the Bantisu Air Monks have managed to extend their sight by the wind! They use it to help guide folks who get lost in that canyon over there.
  • Teacher: Many winged sorts a'creatures are tied to air, but not all of them. Some magic users just straight-out float! Now wouldn't that be nice, eh?
  • Teacher: Due to their tenuous physicality, souls and spirits are also often related to air magic. Make ya wonder if you could just blow ghost out of the window!
  • Teacher: And finally, some old, old tales tell of a woman who crossed the sea before it was calmed using air magic to fly. 's just an old legend, but an interesting one.
  • Teacher: Now onto the practical test! It's time to get those bones a-shakin'! You'll be running an obstacle course I have set up, but with a twist.
  • Teacher: Everyone up to the table! You'll need this feather with ya to get through.It'll help you jump higher!
  • Teacher: The goal is to grab three crystal balls I put in the obstacle course. once you found 'em, bring 'em back to me.
  • Teacher: The course is behind me. Shake a leg now!

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Air Puzzle.
There is a parkour you need to do to collect the 3 pearls.
  • Teacher: Lessee here, one, two, three, yes indeedy! You got through that pretty quick!
  • Teacher: Now, if you'll just hand me back that feather ya got there...
  • Teacher: ...then you'll be all done! Congrats, little fledge, you've finished this class! Now get on along to your next one!

Stage 11

Practical Magic:

  • Ghost Guide: Moving swiftly on, the next class is just across the way. Follow me!

Magical Materials

  • Teacher: Alright everyone. Take a seat but don't get comfy. You'll be getting up soon. Hope you brought your reading glasses
  • Teacher: See, I'll just be giving you short primer, then sending you out for the practical exercise, Since I have all this written down already.
  • Teacher: The basis of this class is that many materials, whether you know it or not, are inherently magical in some way or another. If you want to be artificer, you need to know how each one works.
  • Teacher: Thankfully, the field of artifice is very popular one, so there's a wealth of knowledge out there on magical materials and how to use them efficiently.
  • Teacher: Heck, Wynn soldiers are cobbling together rings out of copper and old spider silk, so you know this sort of thing is easy to get to. Tough to master, though!
  • Teacher: For those intimidated, you don't need much crafting knowledge for this class; you'll be reading up on everything you need to know in the back.
  • Teacher: You all be crafting a magical amulet using different items. I've stockpiled in the back; everyone will be crafting a different kind of necklace.
  • Teacher: Here's a note on what you should craft. Once you have the materials you think you need, come to the crafting table. It's enchanted, and will craft the item for you if you have what you need.
  [+1 Recipe]
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Magical Materials.
Collect all the ingredients from the back room and then right click on the crafting table in the main room. If you are determined to do it the right way, the recipe is: White Meteor shard + Quartz Battery + Crate of Avo Binding/Wheat Magical Binding (they give the same item)
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the text from the Magical Materials library.
Magical Materials

Chapter 1 - A Primer

  Artifice is, to simplify, the art of creating magical materials. This book will teach you about various magical materials and methods of crafting your own artifacts.

  Magical artifacts are nearly as common as pebbles on the roadside, even moreso in Gavel. Often referred to as Relics, these items were made independently of each other...

  ...but tend to follow a similar structure. Magic can only be focused in certain ways, after all. Many reliquary items are outdated by today's standards, though theorists are baffled by...

  ...the presence of such relics in Wynn. Magically-gifted individuals were not present for hundreds of years after the deaths of the Twains.

  Some surmise that other entities than humans are responsible for their creation, which is supported by the presence of large amounts of artifacts in the Time Valley and Almuj regions.

  A good place to start with crafting is in the humble necklace, and for that you would need string and magical materials. Even the string is relevant to the magical crafting process, however.

  Derived from processed crops, ones such as Barely, Rye, or native Wynnic crops are less effective than Gavellian crops such as Hemp.

  In particular, the feathery structure of Sorghum, also known as Avo leaf, is very conducive towards the channeling of magical energy.

  An exception to this rule is with the recently dubbed "Decay Root" derived from Gavellian plants sapped of their magical energy. Decay Root absorbs magic and can leave sources completely drained.

Chapter 2 - Magical Foci

  Most magic items require a "focus" in order to draw out and direct their magical energies. Many items are usable as foci, but certain items have been found to be far more effective than others.

  Jewels and precious stones are easy to channel magic through, and thus are often used in conjunction as basic foci. Certain gems have inclination towards specific elements...

  ...most often indicated by the color of the gem, but all are applicable for general purposes.

  A less common type of focus is found in the form of Runes. They are a magical unknown, for all intents and purposes, with each specific rune seeming to have a different magical inclination.

  Only five types of Runes have ever been found, and after a disastrous attempt at combining Runic power, horrifically powerful Rune Guardians have begun to appear in Gavel to guard them.

  Due to this, the remaining stockpile of Runes continues to dwindle as they are used and sold between their holders, or hoarded by the wealthy.

Chapter 3 - Quartz

  Quartz is a versatile magical material useful in nearly any magical item in some fashion.

  Due to its natural ability to passively absorb magical energy, it is a phenominally [sic] applicable material for magical batteries or storage.

  Magical marvels such as the electromagic generator in Llevigar are powered primarily by quartz and related materials.

  However, it has its limits. While it is effective at storing energy, it can only store a finite amount.

  Overloading quartz with magical energy can cause it to create magical discharge, which can overcharge nearby quartz as well, causing violent chain reactions.

Chapter 4 - Stabilizers

  Magical stabilizers do as they state, stabilize magical energy. Though materials such as quartz and runes are useful, misuse can result in disaster for the user.

  Thus, stabilizers are a necessity for creating safe-to-use magical items. In the past, these manifested as massive chains of quartz batteries or wasteful use of metals such as gold or silver.

  Recently however, a material called Lodestone was discovered. It actively stabilizes influxes of magical energy far more efficiently than jewels or precious metals.

  However, it has the side effect of leaching excess magic into the environment into a raw form. It is theorized that the presence of Lodestone in Gavel has...

  ...contributed heavily to the diverse flora and fauna of the region; the magic energy influenced evolution in ways that areas like Wynn have not seen.

Chapter 5 - Elemental Powders

  Powders, while simple in actual structure, are often misunderstood except by enchanters and artificers.

  Being made of specific blends of various items with magical ties to elements, certain powders are easier to create than others. Magical plants are easier to grind down than magical minerals, for instance.

  After each item is ground to dust, enchanters purify the blend to remove extraneous aspects, leaving only the pure elemental powder in its wake.

  Items more heavily attuned to a specific element will create a stronger blend of powder, but even items with the slightest connection to an element can conceivably be used to create a powder.

  To apply powders to items in a refined way, one must either incorporate the mix into the base construction of an item, or utilize the energies within for an enchantment.

  Merely sprinkling powders over other things will not generate any magical effects, although some artists are known to use powders to make brilliant colors of paint, strangely.

Chapter 6 - Cosmic Unknowns

  Cosmic Magic is being studied presently by magical experts. There are few conclusive truths of cosmic energies, one such being that it is only found in things fallen from the sky.

  The meteors and comets that have fallen are difficult to study, as not only does each color or type of fallen meteor appear to have different magical effects on its environment...

  ...but many types of meteor have been found to induce a creeping insanity in those exposed to it for extended periods. Three initial cosmic researchers fell prey to this effect.

  Small samples and meteor shards appear generally safe, but are to be treated with the utmost care and caution. Gavellian law outlaws non-registered usage of cosmic materials.
  • Teacher: Mhm, that's the ticket, <player name>. If you're interested in learning more, you can probably find my books in most of the libraries.
  • Teacher: Your feathers are coming out just nicely, fledgeling. You can scoot off to your next class now

Magical Effects

  • Teacher: Okay class, everyone take your seats, and listen up. This class is going to be interesting.
  • Teacher: As you know, this class is all about magical effects, specifically those tied to various materials, and how they'll affect you!
  • Teacher: This is going to be a hands-on learning experience, so those of you with weak constitutions may request to skip the demonstration if you're concerned for your health.
  • Teacher: If you've read my books, you know about Quartz, and how dangerous it can be if overcharged. So, of course, we have overcharged sample so you can feel the signs of it.
  • Teacher: It may be explosive, but it will be in a controlled manner. The worst that'll happen to you is your face will get a bit dusty, or your glasses will fall off.
  • Teacher: Magical crystals, as we have to my left here, can be charged with all kinds of different effects. This is an incredibly valuable aspect for artificers.
  • Teacher: Depending on the formation, they can have natural effects as well. These crystals were found in Gavel's flouting islands, and...well, let's say it's difficult to keep it in its case.
  • Teacher: Our last sample is of cosmic material, and if you're sickened easily, then don't examine it. Its effects are mostly unknown, but one thing's certain...
  • Teacher:'s dangerous to be exposed for long periods. Now, each of you will go back behind me, and examine and interact with each of the three samples provided.
  • Teacher: Once you've done so, then you can leave. Hands-on training is the best way to learn, after all.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Magical Effects.
Walk up to each sample and click on them.
  • Teacher: Well done. How did that feel?
  • Teacher: Personally, the void sample is the most interesting to me. You may now leave the classroom.

Stage 12

Magical Creatures:

  • Ghost Guide: There's a bit of a walk to your next class. Follow me.

  • Ghost Guide: These staircases were supposed to move, but... That was too much work to put together, apparently. They're a pain to navigate, aren't they?


  • Teacher: Alright, fledgeling grooks. Time to hit you all with the info you're really here for!
  • Teacher: Wybels! Pronounced like ''nibble,'' they're a rather popular pet nowadays. But you all knew that, you want to know where they came from.
  • Teacher: The explanation we got was that they lived in the Ahms region, and when it split open, they eventually burrowed into the surface of the Sky Islands.
  • Teacher: But no one actually KNOWS for sure. That means they. Could. Be. ANYTHING! What could lie beneath that veneer of fluff and playful demeanor?!
  • Teacher: Oh, speaking of fluff. The wooly fur never actually stops growing, ever, and neither do their hooves, their horns, or their teeth. They shed often.
  • Teacher: These materials have innate magical energy to them. Stable like lodestone and reliable like quartz, but not as powerful as either. Interesting, that a fluffball has that potential!!
  • Teacher: Wybel fluff is also able to be boiled, and it turns into sticky molasses-like substance. It's used for candy, and its very popular...but it's all POISON!!
  • Teacher: It's POISON, I tell you! Wyble meat is horrendously inedible! It'll give you the worst stomachache of your life! The candymakers are feeding us DEATH!
  • Teacher: And the worst part is, if too much fluff gathers up in one spot, ANOTHER WYBEL APPEARS! They reproduce by budding!! Growing out of lint and dust! It's a no-win game they're makin' us play!
  • Teacher: Wybels do have some good use though...they can sniff out sources of cosmic magic, like a pig sniffs out truffles. Sometimes they even try to take it home.
  • Teacher: It's almost like they miss it, somehow. It's almost like they might be FROM outer space! It's ALMOST like they bringing insanity-inducing things into our houses ON PURPOSE!
  • Teacher: They're here to kill us all, I swear it! How else would you explain a wybel VAPORIZING a group of poachers? Ten colors of wybel, every one of them rotten evil!
  • Teacher: Everyone says there's only nine, but WE know the truth! There's a tenth out there, an ultimately powerful one that want us all gone. Pray you never see it, kids.
  • Teacher: Anyways, my lesson's safe from all that. All you have to do is to re-order these plush Wybel toys on the stand. You'll figure out once you're up here.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Wybel Puzzle.
To complete the puzzle, you have to remember the shown color combination of Wybels and after the Wybels got scrambled, you have to re-order them the way they got shown to you at the beginning. There are 3 rounds with an increasing amount of Wybels to remember. Screenshot them before the shuffle if you struggle.

  • Teacher: Alrighty, fledgeling, good job. You're armed with the REAL truth now! Go on to your next class.

Magical Species

  • Teacher: Hello, students. This is the magical creatures class, and I will be your instructor.
  • Teacher: Different species have different levels of innate magicality. This is often an invisible aspect of the species. You must never assume.
  • Teacher: To begin with, Doguns. They are ancient creatures, artificial-seeming at first. Despite this, they are highly adept at earth and fire-based magic.
  • Teacher: Able to quite literally move mountains, it is theorized that they were the one who carve out the inside of the Molten Heights into the caves we know today.
  • Teacher: Tales also tell of their utilizing demonic energy for various purposes. However, we are only able to assume their magical energy from Dwarven tales, as they are nigh-extinct
  • Teacher: Moving on. The term "Greenskins" is a catch-all for Trolls, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres and Hobgoblins. Some include Gerts into this definition, though by technicality they are separate.
  • Teacher: Though many Greenskins societies with mystical particles, the only known way for them to utilize magic is through magical artifacts. They've little magic potential.
  • Teacher: Meanwhile, Villagers are the opposite persuasion. High magical potential, often unrealized out of laziness.
  • Teacher: Humans are often thought of as magical then Villagers, due to Fruman soldiers seeming to know some magic innate, but this is untrue.
  • Teacher: Dwarves have a similar level of magicality to Humans, but like the Villagers, it often go unrealized. Their culture values physical strength more.
  • Teacher: It is theorized that the reason for this is due to their distance for demonic energies of the Doguns. They reject their magic potential often, such that it is lessening over time.
  • Teacher: Inversely, Elves have a deep connection to their magicality. Despite their reclusiveness, they are known for their open share of magicality energy within their own society.
  • Teacher: The outcast Elves of Efilim have shared their connection to what we refers to as "The Light". This connection is supposedly unfathomable, but guides them and protects them.
  • Teacher: Now, we see if you were paying attention. You will come here and order the societies I have referred to in the class from least magical, to the most.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Magical Creatures Puzzle.
To complete the puzzle, you have to order the magical species from least magical to most magical: Greenskins, Dwarves, Humans, Villagers, Doguns, and Elves.

  • Teacher: Well done, you got it right!
  • Teacher: Correct. <player name>, thank you for paying attention. No one ever seems to in this class. You may go.

Stage 13

Types of Magic:

  • Ghost Guide: Next class is actually rather close!
  • Ghost Guide: Just follow me.


  • Teacher: ...I was hoping for a smaller class size.
  • Teacher: Corruption is incredibly'll be tough to keep so many students safe. If anyone wishes to leave, you may.
  • Teacher: Now... Corruption is a force of nature of...some description. Yes, you heard me right. We don't actually know much about it.
  • Teacher: Even though it's plagued the Wynn province for a thousand years, the way it behaves is so incredibly alien in nature that it's nigh-impossible to study.
  • Teacher: We know it raises undead bodies... The working theory is that the more heavily injured a target is, the more susceptible they are to being corrupted.
  • Teacher: And...well, you can't exactly get more injured than "dead". Hence, the growth of zombies and skeletons and all, over in Wynn.
  • Teacher: It appears to spread by a complex "root" system. A scientist from Nesaak, Orikal, has studied this. The corruption spikes appear to spread it in greater concentration.
  • Teacher: As for the effects on your person, most often paranoia and anger are seen. And that's about the only consistent thing with it; it affect everyone slightly differently.
  • Teacher: The worst part is that practically everything single thing we've touched on here is conjecture and theorycrafting! The force of corruption is terrifying.
  • Teacher: The only thing we know for certain is that powerful ice-based magic can halt corruption, as seen in the Nesaak region.
  • Teacher: Now, the dangerous part. Everyone, come up past my desk here. We'll examine a corrupted creature in a controlled environment.
  • Teacher: We have one in captivity, and its cage is reinforced with the strongest metals we dear god let it be enough.
  • Teacher: Bringing it out sure to back up. We don't want anyone caught in the crossfire here.
  • Teacher: One thing to note about undead corrupteds...they can't be cured. You can weaken them, but that's about it. ...wait...
  • Teacher: Wait, why's it spreading here? It's never done this before! E-everyone, back up, now!
  • Teacher: A-as you can see, corruption is very powerful, eheheh, c-can someone go get another teacher or something?!
  • Teacher: Wait, no! It's corroding the bars! Everyone, RUN! NOW! GET OUT OF HERE, CLASS DISMISSED!!!
  • Teacher: GAACK! No, <playername>, I said RUN! Don't fight that thing, get OUT!

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Corruption Puzzle.
The teacher will call you up to the front and unlock a cage holding a Corrupted. The Corrupted will become enraged and you must kill it despite the teacher's wishes for you to run.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EnragedUndead(TheOrderofTheGrook).png Enraged Undead 60 6000 Melee - Fire: Damage - Corruption Classroom
  • Teacher: Dear lord...that was awful. <playername>, I can't believe you were able to kill that thing!
  • Teacher: Class absolutely dismissed. We've got to cancel this's far too dangerous for the students...

Magic of Nature

  • Teacher: Welcome in, guys and gals... we're learnin' about nature magic today!
  • Teacher: There's two main ways of usin' nature magic... Shamanism and druidism. Two sides of the same coin, man.
  • Teacher: Druidic Practices tend to deal with healing more, and nurturing. When life's created, it gives off energy... and Druids use that energy for their magic.
  • Teacher: Shamanic skills are a lot more direct, man. They take the life from other things and use that to do their stuffs. It's way more varied then Druidic magic.
  • Teacher: Each has its ups and downs, man. Druidism is chill and helpful... but you can really expand your mind with Shamanism, buddies.
  • Teacher: Either way, it's all about equivalent exchange, y'see? You can't get somethin' from nothin', man. Either make life or take life.
  • Teacher: But! It's not peaky about what life you take, man! A good shaman takes from plants and animals, not people!
  • Teacher: Don't be a Slykaar, kiddos. He asked for human sacrifices, but he lived in a jungle, man! Like, what the hey! He coulda done anything alse!
  • Teacher: Anyways, our test today, little buds, is to practice some shamanic skills. We got a sick cow in the back, and you're gonna nurse it back to health.
  • Teacher: You'll need to sacrifice some old grooks, but it has to be just the right amount, man! The practice is through the door behind me.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains the solution of the Magic of Nature Puzzle.
The professor will ask you to kill grooks in order to resurrect a cow. You will need to kill exactly 5 grooks and then right click on the altar. Killing more or less will cause a zombie cow to attack you.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:ZombifiedCow.png Zombified Cow 59 5500 Melee - - - Corruption Classroom
  • Teacher: Groovy work, man! You're at one with nature!
  • Teacher: Your feathers are all grown out, man! Time to head out!

Stage 14

» Finish school for the day.

  • Ghost Guide: That's all four classes! I hope you found them magically enriching! Now, off to the graduation hall!
  • Ghost Guide: It's the room all the way at the bottom of the stairs. Hurry, don't hold up the ceremony! It won't start until everyone's there.

Stage 15

» Go to the ceremony room for the Headmaster's closing speech.


  • Headmaster: Take a seat. The ceremony is starting.
  • Headmaster: And so, your teachings, or at least their basics, have ended. Your magical feathers have started to grow!
  • Headmaster: You have all been performing very well during your classes today. I've heard quite a bit of praise from the teachers being passed around.
  • Headmaster: But now, for your efforts, you shall not go unrewarded. You will leave here with more than simply knowledge.
  • Headmaster: Your tools have shaped your minds, subtly but inexorably. And so with that, what you leave with today, both in mind and in treasure, shall be different for each of you.
  • Headmaster: Let us start with <playername>. Please come up to the stage!
  • Headmaster: There is a reason I've called you up first, you know. Recall what I said about old hats earlier? Don't think we didn't notice the armor, or the weapon, or the grim countenance.
  • Headmaster: But no need to worry. Those who truly have the drive to become learned in the ways of magic, no matter who they are, will always find their way here, and be accepted.
  • Headmaster: A shame about Seasum, but not to worry. Now, hand over your materials, and you'll receive your rewards.
  • Headmaster: And there you have it. Your feathers are grown, and you can spread your magical wings! Good luck on your adventures, Wynn soldier.


  • The fire puzzle has a bug where the fireballs may run into other fireballs or blocks before being launched at you. This will automatically fail you and you will have to try again.
  • If you chose the fire lesson and you keep failing, try enabling hitboxes by pressing F3 + B and focus on the hitboxes instead. Also, it is easier to hit the fireballs with your fist instead of a weapon.
  • The Wybel puzzle can bug where the textures do not render. You will need another player to get past this part by having them afk to keep the puzzle from resetting. The textures will only be rendered if you /class and re-enter the classroom. You may need to relog several times to finish the puzzle.


  • The ghost guide is most likely a reference to the many ghosts in “Harry Potter”
  • The “old hat” in the headmaster’s speech is probably a reference to the sorting hat.
  • Imaxelius made this quest.
  • This quest is a reference to the fantasy book series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.
  • In the Wybels class, the teacher briefly mentions an existing 10th kind of wybel, "An ultimately powerful one that want us all gone.", possibly The Orange Wybel.
  • There is a glitch in the Wybel class that may cause the player to not see the Wybels properly. Using Minecraft version 1.12.2 fixes this issue.
  • In the Corruption Magic class, the teacher mentions Orikal from the quest The Corrupted Village as a corruption expert from Nesaak.
  • In Magical Materials class, the teacher mention the Wynn soldiers who use copper rings with spider silk, referring to basically anyone in Wynncraft who want to craft Accessories in the low level range.
  • The teacher of the Nature type magic is a hippie.
  • The Corruption "puzzle" can be "skipped" by using aoe spells on the undead (bomb/arrow shield/meteor/ice snake/bash/uppercut/war scream/smoke bomb/totem iii/haul/aura/uproot)
  • The teacher of Water Magic stutters like Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter.
  • The Headmaster knows about the fact you switched places with Seasum and you aren't in fact, Seasum.
  • Seasum's bedroom is right under the stairs, just like in the books.
  • There is a Tier IV chest on the island of Grookwarts, Take a right when you get to Una and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs stay to the right until you run into the Door Guardian.
    • Kill the Door Guardian then go through the door to enter the secret area. The first part is a parkour. At the end there is a sea lantern with particles. Stand on the sea lantern to be teleported to the second part. The second part consists of fighting, and if you are properly geared, it is best to just ignore the mobs and rush to the end. At the end there is another sea lantern and standing on it will take you to the tier IV chest. (there are also some Tier I & II chest around the island itself)
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DoorGuardian.png Door Guardian 60 5900 Melee Explode Water: Weakness, Damage
Air: Weakness, Damage
Thunder: Defense
- Grookwarts
  • The school hold a secret: on the right side of the hall, there is a head that looks like a book. When right-clicked, bookshelves will arrange themselves to form a parkour with the candles above the dining room.
    • The parkour can be skipped using movement spells.[citation needed]
    • By right-clicking the candle at the end of the parkour, the huge shut door in the Staircase room will open, revealing some sort of jail, and very interesting fact: the order of the grook knows about the Silent Expanse and tried to learn about the environment there. the experiment failed, led to them to make sure no one shall step inside the darkness there.
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the contents of Research Notes.

No no no no no no no no no no no.
Experiment Eldritch is being closed down. After two months of tests we have come to a conclusion.
As I mentioned in earlier notes, these creatures are far stronger than what we've ever stumbled upon earlier.
The Silent Expanse is indeed connected to Dern, the land of darkness. One subject has become increasingly aggressive so we decided to put it down.
It did not work. The Order could not scratch the creature. No magic at the school could do anything. These creatures are not meant to be studied.

The land of Darkness should NEVER be explored, there is nothing we can do. There is no hope if the creatures of Dern invade us. There is nothing we can do.
    • The Forgotten Dernic Test Subject still wanders in the very room it was used to conduct experiments on.
    • The Dernic Creature seems to be based on the Crawling Death monster from The Olmic Rune.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
WeakenedDernCreature.png Weakened Dern Creature 105 31500 Crawl AI - Water: Weakness, Damage
Thunder: Damage, Defense
Fire: Defense
- Grookwarts Eldritch Experiment Room