The Realm of Dern

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Unconfirmed Upcoming Content
The following page contains information about content that is currently not implemented in Wynncraft, but is hinted at to be added in the future with no official confirmation.

The Realm of Dern TerritoryIcon.png
Other Information
Dern is a realm that currently does not exist on the map, whose gateway is located south of Wynn at the end of the Silent Expanse.

The Realm of Dern is a mysterious place that has yet to be released. It is the realm of Darkness, opposite to the The Realm of Light. Similar to the Realm of Light, Dern also has a Beast, a physical manifestation of the realm[1], although the Dern Beast has not been named yet. Dern has been stated to be a place of darkness and is called a "far off dark land" by lead lore developer, Grian. He also has stated that in the lore of the game it is not considered a province, but should still be treated as one.

Dern takes major motifs from the works of HP Lovecraft, and it can be assumed that The Realm of Darkness will follow a similar path to the Silent Expanse and be exceedingly Eldritch in nature.

Though the Olm fled to Dernel Jungle, proceeding to go mad believing that The Eye continued to watch them, it is unknown if Dernel Jungle's nomenclature has any relevance to Dern.

In the 1.19 update, the Silent Expanse, also known as the Road to Dern, was released and houses the Portal to Dern, although there is no way for the player to enter it as of now.


  • The word 'dern' originates from Middle English and is associated with "darkness" and "obscurity"
  • Dern is referenced numerous times in Wynncraft. Some of these are listed here:
  • The secret in the Abandoned Mines was also speculated to reference Dern. This was confirmed in 1.19, when it is revealed that a mine in the Abandoned Mines leads to the Silent Expanse
  • The Unknown Playlist is full of old, unreleased music intended for Dern before The Silent Expanse released. The Playlist is composed of Depletion, Silence, Realization, Unfathomable, Perpetual, Compulsion, Apprehension, and Laceration.