A Marauder's Dues (1.20)

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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 2.0 and has been archived for historical purposes.

A Marauder's Dues (1.20) CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Medium
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
Location Canyon of the Lost
Province Gavel
Combat Level 83
Starter NPC Norsten
Reward As follows:

A Marauder's Dues is a medium level 83 quest within the Canyon of the Lost.


The player finds out that Norsten is being controlled by Volmor, who sees him through a crystal orb, and to vanquish Norsten of his controllant, then sets off to find Norsten's Will and return it to Norsten.

Stage 1

» Talk to Norsten.

Canyon of the Lost
437, 77, -5066
Wynncraft Map


  • Norsten: Tryin' to get through for free, eh? Nice try, but no one passes through here without paying.
  • Norsten: Don't look at me like that, this here is a legitimate business!
  • Norsten: Quick now, cough it up. Everything you've got, or don't even think about trying t-to...t-to...gaaaaagh...
  • Norsten: ...aaaah...hnnngg...
  • Norsten: ...Wha...who are you? Am I free?
  • Norsten: No...He's still there, I've only got a second or two... Listen up!
  • Norsten: I don't know what I said to you before I, um...came to, but I need you to do something for me before...I...uh...
  • Norsten: See, there's a mage up on the hill there who's had me under a spell for years- he's made me his little servant.
  • Norsten: I... gah urh - You're not getting anywhere without paying! ...Hng...argh, he's coming back.
  • Norsten: I need you to make him free me. Kill him if you have to. I just want to return to my family in Thesead!
  • Norsten: Now hurry, his tower is hidden west of here, follow that path. Careful of the- HNNGG...
  • Norsten: ...hey! Pay up, you!

Stage 2

» Find and confront the mage.

Note: You must follow the path Norsten talks about in his dialogue, if you don't the dialogue won't play and you will not be able to continue the quest, even if you get to the top of the tower.

360, 173, -5037
Wynncraft Map


  • ????: Yoohoo! You there! Yes you! Come no further or I shall be forced to act!
  • ????: I can see you! You can't hide from little old me!
  • ????: I know why you are here, and I can promise this won't end well for you, darling!
  • ????: Do you really think you've seen me in all my glory? Hah! Silly old goose! I'll make you suffer!
  • Volmor: Oh gosh, you're here, bother! Where did I put my pink wand, I simply can't cast in black!
  • Volmor: Well foof! I guess you've got me! Teehee!
  • Volmor: Ohh, I do hate it when people make me give up my toys. I'll let the silly little man go.
  • Volmor: Tell you the truth, his style offended me anyway. Asking people to give him money wearing that?! Ugh, hideous.
  • Volmor: Well, there's no need to raise your fists, darling. I'm not going to fight you like some c-c-common ogre! Hah!
  • Volmor: Here, take this stone, and put it to his forehead and he'll come right back to his old unfashionable self!
  • Volmor: Uh oh! Whoopsies! Accidentally threw it off the cliff! Silly old Volmor! Too much magical moisturiser again!
  • Volmor: Heehee! I guess you won't be saving him after all! It's not like you could jump in there, you'd get dirt all over your outfit.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BigRazorouse.png Big Razorouse 54 990 Melee - - - Path to Volmor's Tower
CrystalFocus.png Crystal Focus 125 1500000 Ranged Meteor
Heavy Flamethrower
✦ Dam - Path to Volmor's Tower
MagicalDisturbance(AMarauder'sDues).png Magical Disturbance 125 150000 Burst Ranged Self-Destruct ✦ Dam - Path to Volmor's Tower
CrystalOrb.png Crystal Orb 125 150000 None - - - Volmor's Tower

Stage 3

» Jump into the cave by Volmor’s tower.


  • Volmor: Oooh, you brave boy! Not even I, the great and fabulous Volmor would pretend to be able to deal with those ghastly creatures! Try not to die down there, the smell would waft up here and disturb my fragranced tower!

Stage 4

» Retrieve the gem from the chasm and return it to Norsten.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to what to do.

First, get Norsten's will at

452, 55, -6110
Wynncraft Map

Then, climb up the bricks and get to

426, 203, -6129
Wynncraft Map

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Norsten'sWill.png Norsten's Will 1 1 None - -
Norsten's Will
Volmor's cave
BigRazorouse.png Big Razorouse 54 990 Melee - - - Volmor's cave
RabidBat.png Rabid Bat 86 4150 Ranged Charge ❋ Weak - Volmor's cave
IceHulk.png Ice Hulk 88 7500 Melee - ✤ Def
❋ Weak
- Volmor's cave
CanyonTerror.png Canyon Terror 93 26000 Melee Multihit ❋ Dam
❋ Def
✹ Weak
- Volmor's cave


  • Norsten: Oh looky, it's you again. You gonna pay this time?
  • Norsten: Oi, that gem looks valuable...heheh, what else ya got? Give it all here! Every last...
  • Norsten: Hey, what're you trying to do? Put that gem in my hand, not on my forehe- Nnngh...gaagh...
  • Norsten: ...did you just? ...am I? ...yes, yes! You did it! I don't know how, but you did it!
  • Norsten: Oh, I can't thank you enough! Sure as sure, I'm keeping to my promise, you can go past the blockade any time you want!
  • Norsten: And...ah, what the hell, ya put me in a good mood. Some cash for the road!
  • Norsten: ...Good luck, adventurer! Now let's see...I've got a lot of catching up to do... Oh and if you want to get past, just walk up and I'll open it for you!


  • Volmor's name may be a reference to Voldemort from the Harry Potter series.
  • This quest will be updated in 2.0. To see the upcoming version, see A Marauder's Dues (2.0).