The Silent Road

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The Silent Road SiteIcon.png
Coordinates X: 610, Z: -1045
Access Points Gate to Wynn: 604, -1168
Suggested Level 100
Involved Quests A Journey Beyond

The Silent Road is an entrance area to the Silent Expanse and is unlocked during A Journey Beyond. Though separate from the better-known Abandoned Mines on the Black Road, these huge caverns were similarly the site of various mining expeditions by the people of Wynn, prior to the unearthing of the Nether Portal. The miners discovered vast veins of emerald, ancient ruins, and even more mysterious artifacts of power– but when they realized what lay beyond, they sacrificed themselves to seal the mines, and all of the Silent Expanse, for the protection of the Province.

The Abandoned Mines region is, as the name implies, full of mining sites abandoned mid-operation. Those sites are scattered across the region, normally close to some larger-sized emerald vein. As a result, there are many caverns to explore that provide an insight in how profitable the emerald mine must have been. As the player progresses through the area, however, the mine is increasingly corrupted by purple, glowing spikes making for a much more hostile-looking environment.

Contrary to many other areas in Wynn, the Abandoned Mines contain various high-level mobs that level-wise are otherwise only encountered in the Sky Islands regions. This makes the surroundings dangerous to explore for those unprepared.

The region connects the province of Wynn to the Silent Expanse. Continuing further into the expanse will eventually lead the player to the Ruined Olmic City and Lutho.

Points of Interest


Wynn Transition
This is the main area accessed immediately upon walking through the gate from the Wynn province. It is also through this area that the "creatures of darkness"[1] have been entering Wynn. The area's key traits are the vast amount of emerald veins as well as the mining machines and scaffolding left abandoned when the miners sealed the exit. Continuing through the next gate leads to a second cavern which immediately greets the player with a broken bridge, old ruins of a long lost civilization as well as a more warped, Dernic surroundings.

East Mining Area
Turning left after the second gate will lead the player to another abandoned mining site and although still rich with un-mined emeralds, the spikes are much more prevalent in this area and the mining equipment rarer. Heading right and continuing south down the path will lead to a bigger hub with some more mining scaffolding and another ruin. Taking the left path back north will bring the player to a bridge overlooking the mine beneath and leading to a well-kept mining camp.

Alcove Mining Camp
Overlooking the second cavern, the alcove mining camp is only accessible through the South-East Mining Area. In contrast to the other sections of the mine only the Emerald-Enthralled mobs spawn here, making the area a relatively safe spot to stay at. It is one of the few areas not affected by the spikes.

West Cavern Wing
Turning right just after the second gate leads to a desolate wing with buildings in various stages of ruin. Following the path downwards will lead the player to the lower region visible from the platforms above. No hostile mobs spawn in the west wing.

Lower Depths
The Lower Depths is the dark bottom of the second cavern, accessible via walking or falling. In contrast to the purple glow of the spikes above, the environment at the bottom of the cavern bears a much greater resemblance of the Dern portal's power and the center spikes glow an eerie red. Apart of the darker environment the area is desolate.

The Broken Road
The Broken Road, is the central road leading through and past the entire region. Its original route made use of a bridge which has since broken, requiring the player to make a de-tour through the city ruins in order to continue onwards.

Ruined City
To the right of the broken bridge lie the ruins of an old city. The player will pass through this area when continuing through the third gate and on towards the main area of the Ruined Olmic City. This section of the city, like most other regions in the Abandoned Mines is populated by dark creatures and those miners that remained trapped when the exit to Wynn was sealed.


This section is transcluded from Lists of mobs/The Silent Road § Surface Mobs. (edit)

Surface mobs are mobs that spawn generally throughout a large part of the region, and do not have specific locations where they can be found.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
WilderedMiner.png Wildered Miner 96 7300 Charge AI - -
Blighted Skull

Forgotten Pickaxe

Sought-After Ore
The Silent Road
Emerald-Enthralled.png Emerald-Enthralled 97 10500 NeutralRanged AI - ✤ Def
Forgotten Pickaxe

Sought-After Ore
The Silent Road
UmbralSentinel.png Umbral Sentinel 97 9100 Melee AI Vanish ✦ Dam
✦ Def
1 Detached Shadow

Ominous Pearl

Contorted Stone
The Silent Road
DetachedShadow.png Detached Shadow 92 3300 Scared AI - ✦ Def
Sentient Shadow
From Umbral Sentinels
DernicLurker.png Dernic Lurker 98 9000 Melee AI Heavy Teleport ✤ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def

Ominous Pearl

Contorted Stone
The Silent Road


  1. Mentioned by Elphaba in A Journey Further