A Journey Further

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A Journey Further CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Hard
Tags Unlocks Dungeon & Raid
Location Lutho
Province Silent Expanse
Combat Level 101
Starter NPC Aledar
Required Quest A Journey Beyond
Reward As follows:

A Journey Further is a level 101 quest. It is the second quest in the Silent Expanse after A Journey Beyond.


After resting in Lutho, Aledar and the Player continue on through the Silent Expanse to reach their final destination.

Stage 1

» Talk to Aledar in Lutho at [977, 75, -732].


  • Aledar: Alright, let’s go. I’ll tell you more about our journey on the way.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Aledar(AJourneyFurther,Appearance1).png Aledar - - - - - - Lutho

Stage 2

» Continue your journey with Aledar.


  • Aledar: We should try to follow the path as closely as we can. You lead, I'll follow.

Stage 3

» Follow the Path.


  • Aledar: Stop! Did you hear that?
  • Aledar: It’s an ambush! Stay sharp, <playername>!

Stage 4

» Defeat the Parasitic Slimers.


  • Aledar: Good work. Seems that killing the king made the other creatures run off. We’re lucky about that-
  • Aledar: Wait, <playername>, what's going on? Are you alright?
  • Aledar: Oh, no no! I have a potion for this, where is it, where is it, aha! Here, drink!
  • Aledar: One of those things must have infected your wounds... Everything in this area looks completely hazardous and sickening.
  • Aledar: I expected the worst, so I tried to bring anything and everything that might help. Let's keep moving.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ParasiticSlimer.png Parasitic Slimer 103 11098 ??? ??? - - Toxic Wastes
DenseSlimeChunk.png Dense Slime Chunk 104 18539 ??? ??? - - Toxic Wastes
KingoftheParasiticSlimers.png King of the Parasitic Slimers 108 27798 ??? ??? - - Toxic Wastes

Stage 5

» Continue on the main path with Aledar.


  • Aledar: LOOK OUT!
  • Aledar: <playername>, a-agh...you're okay, right?
  • Aledar: I'm... I'm going to lead us for now. At least for a little...while... I can't have you g-getting-
  • Aledar: GAH!! AAAGH!
  • Aledar: ...urgh... I...sorry. I just... I need a moment.
  • Aledar: <playername>, you just... you have to realize, I can't have you getting hurt.
  • Aledar: I want to stress this... We NEED to get to the end of this path, together.
  • Aledar: Hrk... Ugh, dizzy...
  • Aledar: Okay. I'm as good as I can get right now. Let's move.
  • Aledar: Ah? What... What just... Why do I...
  • Aledar: I'll be fine, I just...why did I feel so empty all of the sudden... ?
  • Aledar: Oh no, I think something is coming... <playername>! Fight it off, I don't think I can defend myself right now!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ToxicalStalker.png Toxical Stalker 105 18184 - - ✤ Def - Toxic Wastes
Aledar(AJourneyFurther,Appearance2).png Aledar - - - - - - Toxic Wastes
Aledar(Fake).png Aledar? - - - - - - Toxic Wastes
RadiatedMutantSpider.png Radiated Mutant Spider 106 65970 ? - - - Toxic Wastes

Stage 6

» Defend Aledar from the Radiated Spiders.


  • Aledar: Huff... Not feeling totally better, but... At least I can still defend myself.
  • Aledar: My stomach is empty, I can't even vomit... Why so I still feel so dizzy? Maybe a potion will help...
  • Aledar: Hm. No, not that one...
  • Aledar: Urgh, pfft! My vomit tasted better than that coming up...
  • Aledar: Hah...that's the ticket. Which potion was this anyways... ... hair loss treatment? Why did THAT work?
  • Aledar: Though, you saw what happened to that beast I attacked? Follow me.
  • Aledar: This, from what I recall of the mission statements, is referred to as a "Void Hole." It's a sort of portal.
  • Aledar: They connect to each other in odd ways, but we saw the beast come out of that one when I knocked it in, so...
  • Aledar: Watch. I'll come out the other side.
  • Aledar: Alright, good! It does connect up consistently, at least. You try now.

Stage 7

» Jump into the void hole.

Stage 8

» Continue on the trail with Aledar.


  • Aledar: I bring this up because if we're seeing one, we'll be seeing more soon. You'll need to adjust yourself to the sight of them.
  • Aledar: You lead again, please.
  • Aledar: We grossly underestimated the difficulties we would have here. And, by that, I mean myself, Elphie, and Lucio did...
  • Aledar: We were each unprepared and cocky. If it weren't for you, I'd be dead now, for what it's worth.
  • Aledar: I wasn't certain at first about you coming along, but you've more than shown you were the right one for the job.
  • Aledar: ...I had to figure this map was outdated. This wall of spikes isn't listed on it, and the path goes through here!
  • Aledar: I'll have to assume they're new...and if they're new, I might be able to bash through them.
  • Aledar: <playername>, try throwing a spell at the same time! Let's crack through these things!
  • Aledar: Ok, 3... 2... 1...!
  • Aledar: ...aagh... I... H-how are these so resilient...?
  • Aledar: I'm an idiot... I nearly killed myself trying that. I nearly ruined the mission...
  • Aledar: I'm sorry, but you'll have to go without me. I can't move another step for now.
  • Aledar: There's a lot of void holes around here, remember my warning... You can probably get past these spikes with one.
  • Aledar: If I'd been thinking I would have suggested it earlier... Once you're past, we'll... uh. We'll do something.
  • Aledar: Just...be careful where you go. The void holes could lead anywhere. They might lead you someplace very, very dangerous, too dangerous even for you. I pray they won't...
  • Aledar: There's a void hole right there to try out first. Get going, now. You have to do this.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Aledar(AJourneyFurther,Appearance3).png Aledar - - - - - - Void Valley

Stage 9

» Use Void Holes to try and get behind the spike barrier

Hole in [1244, 76, -956] leads to arena:

  • An explosion has occurred somewhere in the arena...

Hole in [1223, 71, -1008] leads to another arena:

  • It appears the boulder that was once blocking the way is gone...

Hole in [1233, 92, -1092] leads to slime parkour:

  • It appears that green substance on the walls has bouncing properties.

Hole in [1228, 111, -1029] leads to the last cave with slime parkour.

  • Looks like you're past the spikes. You can see the tower that was visible past them from here. Hopefully there is a way to break the spikes from this side nearby...

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
VoidGrub(Appearance1).png Void Grub 100 6409 Melee AI Teleport - - Void Valley
CraboftheRedSands.png Crab of the Red Sands 106 17555 ? Heal - - Void Valley
UpsideDowner.png Upside Downer 109 62185 ? Pull
Fire: Damage
Earth: Damage
Thunder: Damage
- Void Valley
VoidGrub(Appearance2).png Void Grub 100 6409 Melee AI Teleport - - Void Valley
BogCreature.png Bog Creature 102 19145 ? Charge Thunder: Weakness
Water: Defense
Earth: Defense
- Void Valley
DarkBeastIdol.png Dark Beast Idol 107 19285 ? Charge Water: Weakness
Earth: Damage, Defense
- Void Valley
VoidDemonsLegs.png Void Demons Legs 108 ? ? - Thunder: Defense - Void Valley
GigaGoo.png Giga Goo 110 23145 ? - Thunder: Weakness
Fire: Defense
Water: Defense
- Void Valley
VoidDemon.png Void Demon 111 ? ? - Water: Weakness
Thunder: Defense
- Void Valley
SlimeSploder.png Slime Sploder 100 20395 ? Explode - - Void Valley

Stage 10

» Find a way to help Aledar get to the other side of the spike barrier.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to A Journey Further.
Follow the emerald trail to get a shiny pickaxe
  • Aledar: ...wait, <playername>? You got to the other side then...? Good...
  • Aledar: I don't know what you did, but whatever it was, it's made cracks in the spikes that I can see from this side.
  • Aledar: I've got some of my energy back...let's try spellcasting again. If we do it at the same time, we might make some headway.
  • Aledar: I won't crack my skull open on the spikes again though. Promise.
  • Aledar: You lead. I'll cast my spell as soon as I hear yours.
  • Aledar: Thank god it worked... That's our destination there, the Eldritch Outlook.
  • Aledar: Now comes the hardest part... Come along. I'll need you there for it.
  • Aledar: That blade there...it's made for sacrifice. See how that gate is shut?
  • Aledar: In order to open the doors to the Outlook, we need to sacrifice a powerful soul.
  • Aledar: If you haven't gotten it already, the plan was to sacrifice our fourth. It's why I was hesitant about having you come along, though it was perfect.
  • Aledar: Think about it. A soldier with no relations, no loved ones, and no way to deny their fate. But...
  • Aledar: I've been mulling it over since we got to the town... You'll sacrifice me instead. I won't take no for an answer.
  • Aledar: I mean... look at the state I'm in, <playername>! I'm on death's door already, and you've proven yourself far stronger than I am even at my best.
  • Aledar: Here. You can take everything I had on me. My emeralds, and the key to the dungeon. I certainly won't be able to use them anymore.
  • +20480 Emeralds
  • +1 Eldritch Outlook Key
  • Aledar: Upon the top of the tower is... Well, something. We don't know for certain what it is, but it will prevent you from passing through.
  • Aledar: You'll have to kill it to break the barrier. But... find other soldiers who can help you. It will be impossible to defeat alone.
  • Aledar: ...no more putting it off, then. I'm bleeding out.
  • Aledar: Grab the blade, <playername>.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CuriousStarer(AJourneyFurther).png Curious Starer 101 - - - - - Eldritch Outlook Entrance

Stage 11

» Right click to grab the blade in the altar.


  • Aledar: Now...strike me down. My soul will unlock the gate...

Stage 12

» Sacrifice Aledar.


  • Aledar: Agh... Don't worry...a-about me...
  • Aledar: You...can do this. I know y-you can.
  • Aledar: Gah... D-Destroy it...
  • Aledar: The monster w-watching us...
  • Aledar: AAAAGH!!
The island in The Void the player navigates during A Journey Further, as seen from its coastline.


  • This quest was made by Nicktree, a GM.
  • The wynnic at the end of the quest translates to: "And the hero shall blind the ancient seer. Good luck."
  • The Void Hole section of the quest has the player traveling to a dern-touched island adrift in the middle of the Void, one similar to the Space Between Realities secret discovery.