Ruined Olmic City

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Ruined Olmic City CityIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Though its creators have disappeared, this city serves as proof that there was once a civilization in the Silent Expanse.
Coordinates X: 591, Z: -600
Suggested Level 100
Quest Starts The Olmic Rune
Involved Quests A Journey Beyond

The Ruined Olmic City, also known as the Fallen City, is a massive abandoned city in the Silent Expanse. It was populated by race known as The Olm before the Dark Beast laid siege to the city forcing the Olm to its domain.


The Ruined Olmic City, whose real name is unknown to this day, was once the capital city of an ancient civilization and species known as the Olm, who lived across Wynn[1] and the Silent Expanse. At some point, the Olm built the runic Tol Altar in the city's cathedral[2] and several observatories to track the fall of the Meteors, which had been bombarding the mountains of the Silent Expanse for quite a long time.[3]

Then, the Portal to Dern opened at the end of the Silent Expanse, behind the Eldritch Outlook, and from within it came the forces of Dern, the Realm of Darkness. The forces were led by the Dern Beast, who is the Beast of Darkness. The Beast sent fireballs towards the city and eventually conquered it, forcing the Olm to its domain.[3]

Since then, the city has been completely barren and untouched. Some dark monsters from the Expanse, such as the Irtitacks, have claimed the city's ruins as their own habitat.



Points of interest


This section is transcluded from Lists of mobs/Ruined Olmic City § Surface Mobs. (edit)

Surface mobs are mobs that spawn generally throughout a large part of the region, and do not have specific locations where they can be found.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
QuietObserver.png Quiet Observer 96 5000 None - - 1 Shrieking Observer Ruined Olmic City
Eyeball Forest
ShriekingObserver.png Shrieking Observer 103 25000 Melee AI - -
Crystallized Organ

Ancient Currency
From Quiet Observers
OmnispectiveWanderer.png Omnispective Wanderer 115 400000 Melee AI - - - Ruined Olmic City


  • Omnispective Wanderer spawns in the front of the city
  • Occasionally the sounds of a large bell being repeatedly struck will play throughout the biome.