Berserker Berry

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Berserker Berry
Type Passive Mob
Level 500
Health 1
AI Type None
The Nameless Anomaly: Flooding Canyon

The Berserker Berry is a mob found in the Flooding Canyon room of The Nameless Anomaly.


The Berserker Berry is the sole mob within the room at the start. It will give the player who kills it the negative effects of Blindness, Heavy Slowness, the inability to cast spells, and setting their Main Attack Speed to Very Slow, but it also gives them a massive damage increase, which makes them able to kill the Malefic Void Rifts that appear throughout the room. Once the room is exited, the effects are removed from the player.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BerserkerBerry.png Berserker Berry 500 1 None - - - The Nameless Anomaly:
Flooding Canyon