Glow Bug

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Glow Bug
Type Hostile Mob
Level 110
Health 31,000
AI Type Jumper
Abilities Web
Elemental Properties
Weakness Air
Defense Thunder Earth
Location The Nameless Anomaly:
Flooding Canyon (From Malefic Void Rifts)
Crowd Control Immunities
Blindness Immunity

Glow Bugs are a mob found in the Flooding Canyon room of The Nameless Anomaly. They are summoned from Malefic Void Rifts.


Glow Bugs are a small enemy which constantly have a glow effect applied to them. They have a Jumper AI, which will cause it to follow the player and jump constantly, dealing damage to them upon contact. They are immune to forms of Blindness Crowd Control. They also have a weakness to Air, while resisting Thunder and Earth damages.

Glow Bugs have the Web ability, which will cause them to create a 3x3 area of webs where the player is, which can severely reduce their movement.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
GlowBug.png Glow Bug 110 31,000 Jumper Blindness Immune
✤ Weak
❋ Def
- The Nameless Anomaly:
Flooding Canyon:
From Malefic Void Rifts


  • Like the other mobs summoned by the Malefic Void Rifts, Glow Bugs are seemingly tied to an area of Wynn, being the Nivla Woods for them.