The Nameless Anomaly (Raid)

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The Nameless Anomaly CBRaidIcon.png
Discovery Lore
This recluse gap in reality has laid unknown to all but a few for an immeasurable amount of time. Within its walls lies a colossal hole in the barrier between realms, and within that hole lies a metaphysical entity responsible for the creation of the Void Holes that scatter the Silent Expanse.
Coordinates X: 1088, Z: -824
Minimum Level 103
Suggested Level 105
Max Party Level 500
Quest Required A Journey Further
Runes Required 5 Tol Runes
Players Required 4
Monsters List of mobs
Boss The #̴͈̌́͑͝#̷̭͔̻̔̊͊͂͜#̸̪̖͍̪͐̊̋͒#̶̫̫̜̑͠#̴̛̱͈̘͆̋͝ Anomaly (Lv. 300)
Rewards Charm of The Void, Emeralds, Mastery Tomes, Broken Corrupted Dungeon Keys, various Crafting Materials

Disambig.png This article is about the raid. For the boss of the raid, see The Nameless Anomaly (Boss).

The Nameless Anomaly is currently the highest-level Raid in Wynncraft. It was revealed in the Wynncraft 2.0 Update Trailer.

Like other Raids, The Nameless Anomaly is a team-based challenge, requiring a party of at least 4 players to complete. As it is designed for endgame players level 105+, the total combat level of all party members is capped at 500. Since the maximum level a player can reach is 106, and there can only be 4 players, it technically has no level limit.

Preparing for the Raid

Void Valley
1115, -909
Wynncraft Map

To take on The Nameless Anomaly, you must first assemble a party of 4 players. Each must be at least level 103 and have completed A Journey Further.

The entrance to the Raid is at the border between the Toxic Wastes and Void Valley, near The Gateway to Nothing. The nearest town is Lutho, where players can restock on potions, runes, and repair crafted gear. There is also a Tol Altar fairly nearby to convert lesser runes into Tol Runes.

Once your party is prepared, travel to the entrance, and the party leader will have to give 5 Tol Runes to the Raid Keeper. Tol Runes can be obtained through converting Az Runes, Nii Runes or Uth Runes at a Tol Altar. Once the Runes have been given, your party will enter The Nameless Anomaly and be faced with your first Challenge Room.

The Nameless Anomaly uses two unique pieces of music, both of which introduce three new instruments: Bell, Guitar, and Flute.

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Challenge Rooms

Progressing through The Nameless Anomaly involves defeating three randomly-selected Challenge Rooms in succession. Each of these rooms involves a variety of cooperative challenges, including puzzles, parkour, and combat, that your party must work together to complete. If you die during a challenge, you will be able to spectate the rest of your party while they continue, and you will be revived once the challenge is completed. Although the player count to enter the Nameless Anomaly is four, if three players die in any challenge, the raid will be lost. The only exception is the final boss, in which all four players must die for the raid to be lost.

After each Challenge Room, you will enter a small rest area where you can regroup and choose Power-Ups before proceeding to the next challenge. See the Power Ups section for details.

Room 1

The N̶̠̖͊a̶͙̦͋m̸͓̠̾e̷͓̚ḽ̴̓e̶͈̩͒s̴̯͆͝s̶̲͖̃̒ Anomaly
Beyond Void

Destroy Room (Flooding Canyon)

A hidden canyon on a tropical island.
Flooding Canyon Room

The Flooding Canyon is a circular-shaped room dotted with many floating Malefic Void Rifts hovering in place midair. The Void Rifts have 100,000,000 HP, far too much for them to be dispatched quickly. Shortly after entering the room, a singular Berserker Berry will spawn on the small red platform. The Berry only has 1 HP, and the player that kills it will ingest it, granting them the strength to destroy the Malefic Void Rifts, but afflicting them with the Berry's poison.

The player that takes the Berserker Berry will have a list of effects applied to them:

  • Blindness
  • Heavy slowness
  • Unable to cast any spells
  • Melee/standard attack speed changed to "very slow"
  • Very strong melee/standard attacks

The damage increase from the Berry is enough to allow that player to quickly destroy the Void Rifts. The other three players must guide the blinded player to the Void Rifts for them to destroy, and protect them from the other mobs coming out of the same Void Rifts. Note, the Berry player can attack and kill any mob in the room in one hit, except the Void rifts. However, the Berry player should exclusively target the Void Rifts and let their other party members kill the other mobs.

There is a small purple spot on the ground directly below each Malefic Void Rift, which the Berry player can use as an indicator to where the Void Rifts are.

To complete this challenge, the party must destroy all of the Malefic Void Rifts within two minutes. If not, the canyon will "flood with void" and the raid will be lost. Once all Void Rifts are destroyed, the players will be automatically teleported to the Power-Up room.

During this challenge, clusters of hostile mobs will periodically spawn from the Malefic Void Rifts, which can fall onto the Berry player. The longer the Void Rifts remain, the more mobs will come out of each one, keeping the amount of mobs spawning relatively stable even as the Void Rifts are eliminated.

These are the stats for the Berserker Berry and the Malefic Void Rifts:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BerserkerBerry.png Berserker Berry 500 1 - - - - Flooding Canyon
MaleficVoidRift.png Malefic Void Rift 125 100,000,000 - Knockback Immune
Blindness Immune
Slowness Immune
The Endless Tides*
- - Flooding Canyon
  • "The Endless Tides" is the spell that spawns clusters of mobs from the Malefic Void Rifts. Spawnable mobs are listed below:
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
GlowBug.png Glow Bug 110 31,000 Jumper AI Blindness Immune
✦ Def
❋ Weak
- Flooding Canyon (Conjured by Malefic Void Rift)
VoidVassal.png Void Vassal 112 57,000 Melee AI ? ✽ Dam
✤ Weak
- Flooding Canyon (Conjured by Malefic Void Rift)
AzureNecromancer.png Azure Necromancer 115 112,000 RapidRanged AI Heavy Wave ✦ Dam
✽ Def
- Flooding Canyon (Conjured by Malefic Void Rift)
UltramarineWarrior.png Ultramarine Warrior 115 185,000 Melee AI Slowness Resist
Knockback Immune
✹ Dam
✦ Def
- Flooding Canyon (Conjured by Malefic Void Rift)
AbyssalDukun.png Abyssal Dukun 115 150,000 RapidRanged AI Blindness Resist
Slowness Resist
✦ Dam
✦ Def
❋ Weak
- Flooding Canyon (Conjured by Malefic Void Rift)

Hold Room (Sunken Grotto)

Whatever peace lies in this place, your presence has disturbed.
Sunken Grotto

In the center of the Sunken Grotto is a large tree stump. On top of it is a purple plate. Players can reach the top of the tree stump by entering a Void Hole beneath it or simply jumping up to it. Only one player can be on top of the stump at a time, and if multiple players attempt to climb up, all players will be flung off the stump.

Standing on the purple plate will cause a one minute timer to begin ticking down. While the timer is going down, it will visually display in the center of every player's screen. Stepping off of the plate will pause the timer, however will not reset it. To complete this challenge, the plate's timer must reach 0. Once the timer reaches 0, a large boulder at the back of the Grotto will be removed, granting access to a large Void Hole. Once all four players are standing within the Void Hole, the players will be teleported to the Power-Up room. Any players killed in this room will be revived once the timer reaches 0, instead of when the players reach the power-up room.

While the timer is ticking down, small lasers will be telegraphed across the purple plate with gray particles, and be shot across shortly after, moderately damaging the player holding the plate if they are hit.

While the timer is ticking down, waves of mobs will periodically spawn on the ground around the tree stump. None of these mobs have to be killed however it is recommended to kill as many as possible.

When the timer has about 20s left, a single Monochromatism will spawn, a fast, butterfly-esque miniboss mob.

Once the timer reaches 50s, 30s, and 10s, a Void Hole will spawn, floating above the ground, at a random place within the arena. This Void Hole has 600,000 HP. If it is not destroyed within 10s of it spawning, the Heart of Darkness will spawn from it, a powerful miniboss. The timer cannot continue to tick down until the Heart of Darkness is killed.

Note: Two mobs called Ethereal Roots will spawn on the left and right of the center tree stump once the timer starts, and will periodically respawn. While these Roots are alive, they will boost the spawn rate of another mob in this room called the Reanimated Void Branch. Destroying the Ethereal Roots will lessen the spawn rate of the Void Branches, however will not stop them from spawning entirely.

Mobs that spawn in waves:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
NocturnalWitness.png Nocturnal Witness 110 55,000 Melee AI Blindness Immune ❋ Dam
❋ Def
- Sunken Grotto
FeephiWorm.png Feephi Worm 113 50,000 Charge AI Blindness Resist
Slowness Resist
✦ Dam
✦ Def
✹ Weak
- Sunken Grotto
ReanimatedVoidBranch.png Reanimated Void Branch 116 125,000 Ranged AI Knockback Resist
Arrow Storm
Heavy Charge
✤ Dam
✤ Def
✹ Weak
- Sunken Grotto
MetaphysicalWalker.png Metaphysical Walker 118 350,000 Melee AI Knockback Immune
❋ Dam
✤ Def
- Sunken Grotto
EtherealRoot.png Ethereal Root 130 300,000 - - ❋ Dam
- Sunken Grotto
Monochromatism.png Monochromatism 120 700,000 Melee AI Blindness Resist - - Sunken Grotto

These are the stats for the Void Holes and Heart of Darkness:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
VoidHole(TheNamelessAnomaly).png Void Hole 130 600,000 - Vile Emergence* - - Sunken Grotto
HeartofDarkness.png Heart of Darkness 130 1,200,000 ? Throbbing Slam*
✦ Dam
✦ Def
✤ Weak
- Sunken Grotto
  • "Vile Emergence" is the spell that summons the Heart of Darkness.
  • Throbbing Slam is a ground pound ability that produces an Area of Effect puddle of toxic blood, harming players that stand in it.

Room 2

Dark Room (Nameless Cave)

An oppressive darkness that swallows the hopeful whole.
Nameless Caves Entrance

At the entrance to the Nameless Caves, a small, blue light will hover above the ground to the left of the cave entrance. The first player to step underneath of it will receive the light and become the "lightbearer". Once all four players step into the black entrance, the first room begins.

The player who received the light will have a sea lantern constantly hover above their head. During all three rooms in the Nameless Caves, the other three players must constantly stay close to the light player and within the light. Otherwise, the players not within the light will take constant, forced and heavy damage, being devoured by the invisible creatures that hide in the dark of the cavern. If any 3 players die, or if the light player dies, the raid will be lost. To complete this challenge, the players must make it through all three rooms in the Nameless Caves.

Because of a default Minecraft glitch not caused by WynnCraft, other players may sometimes become invisible to some players. If players cannot see the lightbearer in this room, they can attempt to follow and observe the light given off by the sea lantern itself. If the lightbearer has a WynnCraft disguise, putting the disguise on and taking it off will render them visible to all the other players for the rest of the Nameless Caves challenge. Putting on and taking off the disguise only needs to be done once at any point in this challenge to make a player visible to others.

Room #1, Antechamber - Three Endermen, called "Shadowlings", hide within the dark in the cave. Every part of them is invisible, including their nametag, except for their purple eyes, which will glow in the dark. When the light player draws near a Shadowling, the Shadowling will become fully visible. Once all three Shadowlings are killed, an entrance will open up in the top-right corner of the cave. The exit leads outside of the cavern, however the players must still stay close to the light player, even in the natural light outside of the antechamber. Once the light player stands in the center of the Pale Shrine located just outside of the exit to the first room, everyone will be teleported to the next room five seconds later.

Room #2, Flowstone Chamber - A parkour made of flowstone pillars towers up through the room, and the party must simply make it through the parkour while staying close to the light player. On top of each pillar is a hostile, ranged mob called a Nullard, which should be killed or knocked off with ranged attacks several platforms before reaching it, as the Nullards deal considerable knockback. The Nullards only spawn once upon entering the room, and do not respawn once killed. Once the party reaches the end of the parkour, all four players must stand in the black exit of the room, including any dead/spectating players.

Room #3, Boss Chamber - A large and powerful boss called a Chiropterror will spawn in the center of the room, which must be killed while still staying close to the light player. The Chiropterror is capable of summoning additional enemies called Chiropterus, and the Chiropterror is capable of dealing brutal knockback, flinging players far back into the darkness of the cavern and causing them to take heavy damage from the dark. It is recommended players stay near a wall or corner to minimize knockback taken from the Chiropterror. Once the Chiropterror is killed, a Void Hole will open in the back center of the room. Once all four players are standing within the Void Hole, including any dead/spectating players, they will be teleported to the Power-Up room.

Room #1 Mobs:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
GazeFromTheAbyss.png Gaze From The Abyss 119 165,000 Crawl AI Wave ✽ Dam
✤ Def
❋ Weak
- Nameless Cave
ShiningChaser.png Shining Chaser 115 84,000 Charge AI Blindness Resist
Slowness Immune
Knockback Immune
✽ Dam
✽ Def
- Nameless Cave
Chiropterus.png Chiropterus 119 60,000 Melee AI Slowness Resist
Heavy Charge
✤ Dam - Nameless Cave
Shadowling.png Shadowling 120 200,000 Retreat AI Invisible Until Approached - - Nameless Cave

Room #2 mobs:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Nullard.png Nullard 120 64,000 Burst Ranged AI ? ✦ Dam - Flowstone Cavern
Aeronauticus.png Aeronauticus 112 ? Melee AI
? ❋ Dam
✤ Def
✹ Weak
- Flowstone Cavern

Room #3 mobs:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Chiropterus.png Chiropterus 119 60,000 Melee AI Slowness Resist
Heavy Charge
✤ Dam - Cave Chamber
Chiropterror.png Chiropterror 130 3,200,000 Melee AI Explode
Slowness Resist
- - Cave Chamber

There is a 1-in-30 chance that the Chiropterror boss in the final chamber is instead replaced by the Lost Eye.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Guiding Light.png Lost Eye 130 ? ? ? ✽ Def - Cave Chamber

Hunter & Gatherer Room (Weeping Soulroot)

Branches that stare into heaven, and roots that stretch into the deepest hell.
Weeping Soulroot Coast

Upon entering the room, players will be on a small beach on the edge of a still gray ocean, and above them will loom the gigantic Weeping Soulroot Tree. In the center of the coastal room is a small altar, and to the far left and right are two large plants which spawn Soul Shrubs inside of them.

Upon a Soul Shrub being destroyed, every player who has dealt any number of damage to the destroyed soul shrub will be notified they have gained a soul, regardless of who destroyed the Shrub. Players cannot have more than one soul. Upon starting this challenge, each player have and start with one soul.

The altar in the middle of the room accepts souls. Standing on the very center of the altar (the end portal frame block) for 5 seconds straight, uninterrupted, will deposit the soul and eject any players on the altar off of it, and cause their team to lose their collective soul, to which another must be gained from destroying another Soul Shrub.

Every time a soul is deposited into the altar, the one and only entrance to the Soulroot Tree will open for a few seconds, then close again after. Any player can enter the Soulroot, however only one can be inside the tree at a time, and any other players attempting to enter will be pushed backwards.

The inside of the Soulroot is a maze with various entrances and exits to five different "grottos", or rooms, however all of the doors between the rooms are closed. A player depositing a soul into the altar outside of the tree will cause all of the doors in the Soulroot maze to open for a few seconds, then close again after. The five different grottos are colored white, orange, black, blue and gray.

Inside of the Soulroot tree, a cave spider miniboss called the Interdimensional Isoptera will spawn inside one of the five rooms (that are not the entry/exit room) at random upon the party first beginning the challenge. When entering the room containing the Isoptera, large text will notify the player entering the room of this. When killed, the Isoptera will drop its heart. This heart must be taken back outside of the Soulroot and placed into one of two slots in the altar. After the Isoptera has been killed and the player that killed it exits the tree, another Isoptera will spawn inside another room at random.

To complete this challenge, the party must work together to unlock doors for the player inside of the Soulroot maze, who must obtain two Isoptera hearts and insert them into the altar outside. Once both slots in the altar have been given Isoptera hearts, the altar's center will open into a black pit, and the text "Enter the Altar" will display on every player's screen. Once all four players are standing within the pit, including any dead/spectating players, they will be teleported to the Power-Up room.

Below is a map of the Weeping Soulroot Tree's maze. This map has been verified as accurate, however does not follow typical directional rules, as in each room in the maze is not aligned/rotated the same way it is in this map. When following this map, the pay attention to how the doors in the maze are situated, rather than following true North on this map.

Weeping Soulroot Tree Maze

Mobs that spawn outside of the Soulroot tree:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Gobb.png Gobb 116 ? Ranged Hopper AI Charge ✦ Dam
✤ Weak
- Weeping Soulroot Coast
CeruleanCrustacean.png Cerulean Crustacean 118 110,000 Charge AI - ✽ Dam
✽ Def
✤ Weak
- Weeping Soulroot Coast
WeepingRoot.png Weeping Root 120 ? Ranged AI Wave ✽ Dam
✽ Def
✦ Weak
- Weeping Soulroot Coast
SoulShrub.png Soul Shrub 125 ? Ranged AI Arrow Storm ✦ Dam
✦ Def
✽ Weak
Soul Weeping Soulroot Coast

Mobs that spawn inside the Soulroot tree:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CambiumCarver.png Cambium Carver 116 ? Melee AI Charge ✤ Dam
✤ Def
✹ Weak
- Soulroot Hollows
AborealAphidEater.png Aboreal Aphid Eater 117 60,000 ? ? ✤ Dam
✤ Def
❋ Weak
- Soulroot Hollows
HeartwoodHealer.png Heartwood Healer 118 ? Ranged AI Heal ✤ Dam
✽ Def
✹ Weak
- Soulroot Hollows
SoulSpitter.png Soul Spitter 119 ? Burst Ranged AI ? ✽ Dam
❋ Weak
- Soulroot Hollows
ExplodingPith.png Exploding Pith 120 150,000 - Blindness Resist
✤ Dam - Soulroot Hollows
InterdimensionalIsoptera.png Interdimensional Isoptera 125 100,000 Jumper AI Charge ✦ Dam
✦ Def
❋ Weak
Isoptera Heart Soulroot Hollows

Room 3

Ash and leaves underfoot, and the stench of ruin in the air.
Blueshift Wilds

Capture the Bulb Room (Blueshift Wilds)

The Blueshift Wilds is the biggest room in the Nameless Anomaly raid. It is a very large, circular room dotted with boulders and trees. In the center of the room are three blue bulbs, all labelled "[0/3]".

Although a large variety of mobs will spawn in the Blueshift Wilds, only two are relevant. Orange Bulb Keepers, holding a giant red bulb above their heads, will periodically spawn near the center of the room. They always spawn near the center, however the time it takes them to spawn is random, and may take several minutes or only a few seconds. Whenever a Bulb Keeper is killed, the player that dealt the lethal blow will gain the red bulb the Bulb Keeper had. While carrying it, the player's attacks and spells will be unusable, and fast-moving hostile mobs called Face Eaters will occasionally spawn around them. Whenever the player carrying the red bulb comes into contact with a blue bulb, the red bulb will disappear and add one to the blue bulb's count.

When a blue bulb's count reaches three, a Void Hole will replace the completed blue bulb, and the text "RUN TO THE EXIT PORTAL!" will display on every player's screen. To complete this challenge, the party must bring three red bulbs to any one blue bulb. Once all four players are standing within the Void Hole, including any dead/spectating players, they will be teleported to the Power-Up room.

The second mob of relevance is the Bulb Catcher. Pink, crooked creatures called Bulb Catchers will sprinkle the Wilds, and upon spawning they will move in a straight line towards a random blue bulb. Kill them to stop this. If a Bulb Catcher touches a blue bulb, the text "A BULB HAS BEEN TAKEN!" will display on every player's screen, the Bulb Catcher will pick up the bulb, and begin to erratically flee from nearby players. Once killed, the Bulb Catcher will drop the unchanged blue bulb where it died. If the Bulb Catcher is not killed within approximately 8 seconds, the Bulb Catcher will despawn with the blue bulb, causing that bulb to be permanently lost. With every blue bulb lost, the spawn rate of the Bulb Catchers will increase. If all three blue bulbs are taken by Bulb Catchers, the raid will be lost.

These are the mobs that will spawn in the Blueshift Wilds:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BlueBulb.png Blue Bulb 120 - - ? - - Blueshift Wilds
BulbCatcher.png Bulb Catcher 125 45,000 Bulb Catcher AI ? - Blue Bulb (If Carrying) Blueshift Wilds
BulbKeeper.png Bulb Keeper 124 500,000 Melee AI Charge
Knockback Resist
Blindness Resist
✦ Dam
✦ Def
✽ Weak
Red Bulb Blueshift Wilds
Fyren.png Fyren 122 ? Melee AI Knockback Resist ✹ Dam
✹ Def
- Blueshift Wilds
GungeGunge.png Gunge-Gunge 124 100,000 Jumper AI ? ✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Blueshift Wilds
Limboian.png Limboian 125 ? Melee AI Explode
Blindess Resist
❋ Dam - Blueshift Wilds
FlaringBombus.png Flaring Bombus 118 ? Crawl AI Self-Destruct
Heavy Flamethrower
✹ Dam
✹ Def
✽ Weak
5 Burning Seeds Blueshift Wilds
BurningSeed.png Burning Seed 105 500,000 Melee AI Charge
✹ Dam
✽ Weak
- From Flaring Bombuses
Dernapien.png Dernapien 120 600,000 Ranged AI Flamethrower ✹ Dam
✦ Def
✽ Weak
- Blueshift Wilds
FaceEater.png Face Eater 106 ? ? - - - Blueshift Wilds

Gather Room (Twisted Jungle)

A jungle as twisted as the threads entangling Void and Dern.
Twisted Jungle

The Twisted Jungle is a large ravine split into several different parts. In the center of the Jungle is the Giant Void Hole, which is closed and cannot be entered. Across from the Giant Void Hole are several smaller Void Holes which cannot be entered.

Various mobs will spawn in waves from the small Void Holes across from the Giant Void Hole, and these smaller Void Holes cannot be entered. A mix of hostile and void-eater mobs will spawn from these Void Holes.

The Giant Void Hole in the center has 10 integrity, or "HP". Some mobs that spawn from the waves have blue nametags, notably the Void Eaters, Void Starved, and Void Devourers. Instead of attacking players, these three mobs will move towards the Giant Void Hole, and upon making contact with it will be thrown back and remove 1 HP from it. If the Giant Void Hole's HP reaches 0, the raid will be lost.

Four separate paths branch off from the center of the Twisted Jungle. Each of these contains a small challenge, and once completed will grant the player a singular Void Matter. Unlike challenges from earlier-level raids, each challenge in this room can only be completed once.

To complete this challenge, the party must defend and later open the Giant Void Hole in the center by obtaining 5 Void Matter and depositing it into the Giant Void Hole. The first 4 of these can be obtained from the 4 branching paths from the center, and the last Void Matter can be obtained from the Despairing Crawler.

#1, Void Pedestal Path - On the left of the Giant Void Hole is a large pit with two separate parkours on the left and right of the pit, and a smaller parkour leading to the middle of the pit with a closed Void Hole below it. At the end of the other two parkours are pedestals, and once both pedestals have been interacted with, the Void Hole in the center of the parkour will open. Jumping inside it will present you with the first Void Matter to obtain and simply back out after. Classes with potent movement spells, such as warriors or mages, can effortlessly skip over the left parkour, and can also skip over the right parkour with a little more precision and effort.

#2, Crimson Neuron Path - On the left of the Giant Void Hole is a red, bloody path. At the end of the path is a miniboss called the Dendrite Drifter. Simply killing it will grant you the second Void Matter.

#3, Hatchling Path - On the right of the Giant Void Hole is a small black chasm with rocks floating in it. Void Eggs rest on each rock. You must parkour along the rocks to reach the end of the parkour where the third Void Matter resides, however as you progress the eggs will explode and hatch into Destructive Void Grubs. This parkour also has a Void Hole at the halfway point which, when entered, will place you very close to the edge of the second half of the parkour, so enter with caution.

#4, Tangled Path - On the right of the Giant Void Hole is a large open area with two Malformed Void Hole minibosses. When entering the room, killing the void hole that spawns on the right and further back to the player will grant you the fourth Void Matter. If a Malformed Void Hole successfully damages you, it will teleport you to the other.

#5, Despairing Crawler - After all of the other four Void Matters have been deposited into the Giant Void Hole, the Despairing Crawler will spawn at the end of the next wave of mobs, however the earliest it can spawn is at the end of wave 3. When the Despairing Crawler spawns, it will be temporarily invulnerable until it conjures a Void Hole, and holds it as a shield. While holding the Void Hole, the Despairing Crawler will spawn mobs, some of which are the mobs that will try to attack the Giant Void Hole. When the Despairing Crawler is killed, the player that dealt the lethal blow will obtain the fifth and final Void Matter.

As soon as the fifth Void Matter is inserted into the Giant Void Hole, it will open. Once all four players are standing within the Giant Void Hole, including any dead/spectating players, they will be teleported to the Power-Up room.

Twisted Jungle Mobs:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
VoidMatter.png Void Matter 110 1 - - - Void Matter Twisted Jungle
VoidEgg.png Void Egg 106 1 ? Self-Destruct - 1 Destructive Void Grub Twisted Jungle
DestructiveVoidGrub.png Destructive Void Grub 110 35,000 Melee AI Self-Destruct ✦ Dam - Twisted Jungle,
From Void Eggs
SkullSpecter.png Skull Specter 110 50,000 Melee AI - ❋ Dam
✤ Def
- Twisted Jungle
BlueshiftWatcher.png Blueshift Watcher 122 50,000 Burst Ranged AI ? ✽ Dam
✽ Def
✦ Weak
- Twisted Jungle
ShiftSingularity.png Shift Singularity 114 80,000 Crawl AI Blindness Immune ✤ Dam
✤ Def
✦ Weak
- Twisted Jungle
AbyssReaper.png Abyss Reaper 118 120,000 Melee AI Knockback Immune
✦ Def - Twisted Jungle

Void Eater mobs:

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
VoidEater.png Void Eater 115 ? Void Eater AI ? - - Twisted Jungle
VoidStarved.png Void Starved 118 ? Void Eater AI Heavy Teleport - - Twisted Jungle
VoidDevourer.png Void Devourer 120 ? Void Eater AI ? - - Twisted Jungle


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DendriteDrifter.png Dendrite Drifter 120 ? Ranged AI Nascent Explosive* ✤ Dam
✽ Def
❋ Weak
Void Matter Twisted Jungle (Crimson Neuron Path)
MalformedVoidHole.png Malformed Void Hole 119 200,000 Melee AI Twin Voids*
Slowness Resist
Blindness Resist
✦ Def Void Matter Twisted Jungle (Deformed Hole Path)
DespairingCrawler.png Despairing Crawler 120 1,600,000 Melee AI Call the Void* ✤ Def Void Matter Twisted Jungle
  • Nascent Explosive launches a magma cube that will detonate after a few moments.
  • Twin Voids causes players who are damaged by one of the twin Malformed Void Holes to teleport to the other.
  • Call the Void functions as a summon, where the Despairing Crawler will summon Abyss Reapers or Void Starved from the Void Hole it is carrying.

The Boss Fight

The fringe of absolution.
Remains of Reality

'''The ☐☐☐☐☐ Anomaly''' is the boss of the Nameless Anomaly raid.

The Nameless is a metaphysical entity (a being outside all perceivable human senses) responsible for the tears between the Plane of Physicality, the Void, and The Realm of Darkness. Its visual appearance seems to be skeletal in shape, missing anything below the torso, and possessing two white eyes in an otherwise almost entirely black body. In the ribs of the creature rests a blue orb of sorts, though the purpose and nature of it is presently unknown.

The boss fight against The Nameless takes place on a large, rectangular stone tablet amidst a near-indescribable surrounding.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TheNamelessAnomaly(Boss).png The ☐☐☐☐☐ Anomaly 300 22,000,000 Melee The Nameless' Spells
Blindness Resist
Knockback Immunity
Slowness Resist
Heavy Wave
✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Remains of Reality
SightseeingInterceptor.png Sightseeing Interceptor 30 - - The Watched* - - Remains of Reality
LittleOne.png Little One 118 ? Crawl AI Vanish
- Greater One Remains of Reality
GreaterOne.png Greater One 143 ? Burst AI Heavy Arrow Storm ✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Remains of Reality
Handless.png Handless 250 - Charge AI - - - Remains of Reality
Graspless.png Graspless 250 - Charge AI - - - Remains of Reality

The Nameless' Spells

Alongside having Wave, the Nameless has a wide variety of unique spells and ability that are equal parts dangerous as they are bizarre. Many of these attacks can hit multiple times.

  • Note: Commonly used within the list of the Nameless's spells is a form of damage called true damage. True damage is a unique type of damage that cannot be reduced or shielded against in any way, either through the defense skill, elemental damage reduction, or resistance buffs. In other words, true damage will always deal the exact amount of damage specified. The agility skill also cannot dodge/nullify true damage.

    Void Holes: Mechanic

    Many of the spells the Nameless uses will open Void Holes on the arena floor, being either a small or large circle depending on the spell the Nameless used. Due to presumably a bug, the Nameless cannot open Void Holes while it is very close to the edge of the arena. When a player falls into a Void Hole, they will take damage and be teleported to a random, very high up place in the arena, potentially causing a devastating amount of fall damage on landing. The Void Holes only affect players, and both the Nameless nor any of its summons will teleport upon entering one. Every time a player falls through a Void Hole, there is a chance that a Little One will spawn in the Void Hole the player originally entered. Periodically throughout the Nameless's battle, all of the Void Holes will disappear and the arena will return to its default state, however this happens rarely and at set, currently unknown intervals.
    Upon falling into a Void Hole, they player receives the following damage.
    ✤ 2500 Neutral Damage
    ✤ 3500 Neutral Damage

    Lower Health Effect: None.

    Little Ones & Greater Ones

    Every time a player falls through a Void Hole, there is a chance that a Little One will spawn in the Void Hole the player originally entered. Little Ones are small masses of eyes that are hostile and only possess the Charge spell, however despite being hostile they are unable to damage players and will only slowly pursue them. Upon being killed, Little Ones will transform into Greater Ones, large, towering amalgams of eyes and arms. Greater Ones attack by shooting bursts of projectiles in the form of wither skulls, and commonly attack by chaining several Arrow Storms together, rapidly firing out thousands of projectiles in a very wide cone and over a long distance, effectively denying safe movement in a very large portion of the arena. Getting caught in the Arrow Storm of a Greater One is enough to stunlock a player and prevent them from moving entirely (due to taking damage too quickly), so it is heavily recommended to stay very far away from Greater Ones and have high DPS players take them out as quickly as possible when Greater Ones are in a problematic area. Greater Ones can also move along the ground, however they move very slowly. Upon being killed, Greater Ones will disappear and will not transform again.


    The Nameless fires out four large, short range projectiles in a + shaped pattern, 3-4 times.
    Each projectiles deals the following damage.
    ♥ 10% Maximum Health Damage

    Lower Health Effect: Unknown


    The Nameless emits an eerie curse noise (a differently pitched Elder Guardian's curse sound from vanilla Minecraft), then leaps high up into the air before crashing down, opening a large Void Hole where it lands.
    The crash deals the following damage to players within 10 blocks.
    ✤ 1100 Neutral Damage

    ✤ 2100 Neutral Damage

    Additionally, it deals the following extra damage to players within 8 blocks.
    ❉ 2100 Water Damage

    ✦ 1100 Thunder Damage

    Furthermore, it also deals the following extra damage to players within 3 blocks.
    ❋ 3100 Air Damage

    Lower Health Effect: The Nameless will chain this spell longer and longer the less health is has

    Rend the Barrier

    The Nameless will produce a bellowing roar (an Ender Dragon's roar from vanilla Minecraft) before it lunges forward at high velocity towards the player, leaving many small Void Holes in its wake.
    Each Void Hole created deals the following damage to players within up to 8 blocks, with the initial ones having smaller radius.
    ✤ 2100 Neutral Damage

    ✤ 2100 Neutral Damage

    Additionally, it deals the following extra damage to players within up to 6 blocks.
    ❉ 2000 Water Damage

    ✦ 1100 Thunder Damage

    ❋ 1100 Air Damage

    Lower Health Effect: The Nameless will perform longer chains of the spell, causing more Void Holes to be created.

    Grasp of the Forgotten

    The Nameless spawns a left-handed Handless and a right-handed Graspless, which will pursue players at high speeds. The Hands are immune to all damage and cannot be harmed; they will instead vanish after a certain amount of time.
    Hands deals the following damage upon contact with the player.
    ✤ 7000 Neutral Damage

    Lower Health Effect: Unknown

    Sow the Seeds

    The Nameless will release a cluster of purple blocks (canonically seedpods), which will stick to the ground they land on, emit two ticking noises, and then shortly afterward detonate, dealing damage to players caught in the blasts. The damage received from explosions can stack if a player is caught in multiple blasts at one time.
    Each explosion deals the following damage to players within 10 blocks.
    ♥ 10% Maximum Health Damage

    Additionally, it deals the following extra damage to players within 8 blocks.
    ✤ 2000 Neutral Damage

    ✦ 2000 Thunder Damage

    ✦ 2000 Thunder Damage

    Lower Health Effect: The Nameless will release more seedpods.

    Denial of Freedom

    The Nameless will produce a raspy breath (a Wither's idle breathing from vanilla Minecraft) and emit smoke particles, signifying the start of the attack. After a brief moment, the Nameless will release a cluster of skulls, four for each living player. The skulls are unaffected by gravity and a group of four skulls will pursue each living player. The skulls will dash in a straight line three times each (cued by the "whoosh" sound of a Wither firing its skulls from vanilla Minecraft) before vanishing. The Nameless will cast this spell more frequently if any living players are consistently more than 5 blocks above the ground. Each skull can hit a player multiple times, and multiple skulls can hit a player at once. Because of this nature, this spell poses lethal danger to airborne players that cannot change their speed or direction very quickly.
    Being hit by a skull deals the following damage.
    ✤ 500 Neutral Damage

    ✦ 900 Thunder Damage

    ❋ 1530 Air Damage

    Surrender to Oblivion

    The Nameless spawns several projectiles in the form of pink eyeballs. These eyeballs are grounded and constantly pursue players by slowly moving towards them, exactly like a standard melee mob. These eyeballs cannot be attacked or destroyed, and instead disappear after a set amount of time.
    Being hit deals the following damage and gives the player temporary blindness.
    ♥ 2000 True Damage

    ❉ 2000 Water Damage

    ❉ 2000 Water Damage

    Lower Health Effect: More projectiles are spawned.

    The Void Claims

    A Void Hole will appear above a player's head, following their movements. Players must be on the lookout for themselves and the other members of their party. After a few moments, a hand will reach down from the hole and attempt to grasp at its target, before disappearing entirely.
    The grasp deals the following damage to players within 10 blocks.
    ❉ 2000 Water Damage

    ❋ 2000 Air Damage

    Additionally, it deals the following extra damage to players within 6 blocks.
    ❉ 2000 Water Damage

    ✦ 2000 Thunder Damage

    ❋ 2000 Air Damage

    Lower Health Effect: Unknown

    The Void Bleeds

    The Nameless spews out a fifteen block line of a blue substance. It can be avoided with movement spells.
    Players who draw near to it or attempt to cross it will rapidly take the following damage.
    ♥ 1% Maximum Health Damage

    ❉ 1000 Water Damage

    Lower Health Effect: Unknown

    The Void Howls

    The Nameless moves quickly towards its target, leaving trails of purple rings in its wake during the attack. This attack is not to be confused with "Rend the Barrier".
    Each ring rapidly deals the following damage to players within its radius.
    ♥ 3000 True Damage

    Occasionally, The Nameless will launch itself forward while this spell is active, in a similar way to the Charge spell.
    Lower Health Effect: Unknown

    The Watched

    Functions as the marker between phase changes. During this phase change, the Nameless stays in the center of the arena and raises its hands above its head, with the "Sightseeing Interceptor" located just above it. While in this state, the Nameless is invulnerable and cannot be damaged. While the Watched is active, roughly every two seconds, a random living player will receive the message You are being watched in large text on their screen, accompanied with a horn-like sound effect (an Evoker's Vex summoning sound from vanilla Minecraft). Roughly a second after, a large explosion will go off shortly after where the player was when they received the original "You are being watched" message. This explosion is only targeted at one player at a time, but can damage other player(s) if they are caught in the blast.
    The beam's explosion deals the following damage to players within 8 blocks.
    ♥ 25% Maximum Health Damage

    The beam's explosion deals the following additional damage to players within 6 blocks.
    ♥ 30% Maximum Health Damage

    Lower Health Effect: The Watched will last longer.

  • Raid Power Ups

    A lone island amidst utter infinity, broken away from any land.
    Lost Isle

    After each of the three Challenge Rooms, you will be able to choose one of three randomly-selected powerups in the Lost Isle. These powerups go from tier 1 to tier 3 for each challenge you complete. Note that each set of powerups to choose from is independently randomized, so being offered a specific tier 2 powerup in the second room will not necessarily mean that the corresponding tier 3 will be available in the next room.

    There is also a Blacksmith hidden to the left of the exit to the Lost Isle.

    For further information on the Major IDs provided in some of these powerups, see the Identifications page. Inside the raid, you can right-click each powerup to see a description of their effects.

    Powerup Tier I Effects Tier II Effects Tier III Effects
    Hollowed +2000 Health Bonus
    +20 Defense
    +50% Reflection
    +Guardian Major ID
    +30/5s Mana Regen
    +50% Thorns
    +4000 Health Bonus
    +650 Health Regen Raw
    -40% Damage Bonus
    Sojourner +20 Dexterity
    +20/5s Mana Regen
    +80% Sprint Regen
    +Freerunner Major ID
    +30 Defense
    +40% Spell Damage
    +40 Intelligence
    +40 Strength
    -300 Health Regen Raw
    Fading +80% Health Regen
    +40% Walk Speed
    +Heart of the Pack Major ID
    +60% Water Damage
    +30 Agility
    +25/3s Mana Steal
    +Saviour's Sacrifice Major ID
    -1200 Health Bonus
    +40 Agility
    Insidious +20/3s Mana Steal
    +20 Intelligence
    +40% Spell Damage
    -2 Attack Speed Tier
    +325/4s Life Steal
    +60% Spell Damage
    +Sorcery Major ID
    -40% Walk Speed
    +80% Spell Damage
    Hopeless +20 Strength
    +80% Exploding
    +100% Main Attack Damage
    +1 Attack Speed Tier
    +Fission Major ID
    +30 Dexterity
    +80% Walk Speed
    -20/5s Mana Regen
    +250% Main Attack Damage

    Raid Rewards

    An isle with no inhabitants, and where your journey ends.
    Archipelago Periphery

    Once the Nameless is killed, you will be teleported to the Archipelago Periphery where you can claim your reward from a chest. Every player who participated in the raid can claim a reward, so long as the Nameless was successfully defeated. Raid rewards may include raid exclusive rewards, such as Mastery Tomes and Corkian Amplifiers as well as the Charm of the Void. It will also include several stacks of emerald blocks, sometimes raid-exclusive fabled items, and horses. Other rewards include broken dungeon keys, teleport scrolls to Ahmsord and Lutho, and powders.

    Icon Item Quantity[1] Lv. Min Notes

    Emerald Blocks 120-264 - -

    Tomes of Weapon Mastery III 1-4[2] 105 Includes Fabled and Mythic Tier III tomes.

    Tome of Slaying Mastery III 105 -

    Tome of Dungeoneering Mastery III 105 -

    Tome of Gathering Mastery III 105 -

    Forbearance 1 105 -

    Ingress 1 105 -

    Breakthrough 1 105 -

    Detachment 1 105 -

    Collection 1 105 -

    Simulacrum 1 105 -

    Nonexistence 1 105 Part of the Boundless Set.

    Aleph Null 1 105

    Divergence 1 105

    Infinitesimal 1 105

    Continuum 1 105

    Recursion 1 105

    Fractal 1 105

    Charm of the Void 1 105 -
    AbilityShard.png Ability Shards 1-2 - -

    Corkian Amplifier II 1-10 - -

    Corkian Amplifier III 1-5 - -

    Tier VI Powders 1-8 - Powders may be of any Element.

    Nii Runes 1-12 - -

    Uth Runes 1-4 - -

    Tol Runes 1-4 - -

    Broken Infested Pit Keys ? 74 -

    Broken Ice Barrows Keys 1-8 90 -

    Broken Undergrowth Ruins Keys ? 94 -

    Broken Galleon's Graveyard Keys 1-2 98 -

    Ahmsord Teleport Scrolls 3 - -

    Lutho Teleport Scrolls 3 - -

    Black Horse 1 - -

    Chestnut Horse 1 - -
    1. Values are approximate based on observed drops.
    2. The total quantity of Tomes received, regardless of their type.

    Tips and Tricks

    • Since the cost of entering this raid is relatively expensive, it is WynnCraft custom for the other 3 party members to give 1 Tol rune each to the party leader per raid attempt.
      • If you do not have Tol runes, paying the market price in emerald blocks (usually 12-14) or the lesser rune equivilent instead of 1 tol rune is also acceptable, depending on your party leader.
    • Despite this custom, buying Tol runes off of the Trade Market and successfully completing this raid (even half of the attempted runs) will still net profit considerable emeralds.
    • If another party has started the raid in your world and you attempt to start it, your party will be moved to another world without any cost.
    • It is not recommended for players inexperienced to the Nameless Anomaly to take the Berserker Berry, be the Lightbearer, or enter the Weeping Soulroot maze.
    • It is recommended for classes that can damage large groups with their main attack (such as shamans or mages or archers) to take the Berserker Berry, to deal more damage to the Void Rifts and attack through any newly-spawned falling mobs respectively.
    • It is a good idea to use a weapon with powder specials when taking the Berserker Berry, as a few hits will fully charge it. Chain lightning is especially potent, as it can hit multiple Void Rifts when it triggers, saving a lot of time.
    • Dying in this raid will not cause you to lose any Soul Points.
      • Because of this, players can /kill in the buff rooms to immediately respawn, receiving a full heal and no Soul Point loss.
      • Be careful, if you /kill too quickly after entering the buff rooms, you will respawn in the previous challenge room and will not be able to continue the raid. It is recommended you pick a buff, then /kill.
      • Because you still regenerate Soul Points in the raid and also cannot lose them there, you can also use /kill to get back to Lutho quickly after you have finished the raid.
    • If you are ever disconnected from WynnCraft during a raid, if you rejoin WynnCraft's lobby ( and rejoin the world you were in prior, you will be reconnected from the raid, however you will be spectating as if you were killed. You will respawn in the next room.
    • Due to a glitch in vanilla Minecraft that is not from WynnCraft, players may sometimes become invisible to others in the raid. If you have a WynnCraft disguise, turning any disguise on and back off again will make you visible to other players.
      • Alternatively, moving out of the view distance for other players and moving back in will do the same.
    • It is strongly advised players communicate with each other aptly during the raid, as strong teamwork is a necessity to complete the raid.
    • The Shaman's Aura is very useful for quickly clearing the large waves of enemies in the Gather room.
    • It is advised for the Lightbearer to move slowly in the Dark Room so that other players do not have trouble keeping up with them.
    • Knockback is consistently a problem on the outside portion of the Tree Maze room, as mobs can very easily knock you off the altar. There are a few ways to deal with this.
      • The Weeping Root mobs should be kill-on-sight, as their Wave spell can push players off the altar.
      • If two or more players are surviving on the outside, it is a good idea to have one player deposit the soul while the other player(s) guard them from mobs. During this, the soul depositor should not attack so they do not draw the aggro of mobs around them.
    • The party will already start with one soul in the Tree Maze room, however this is never mentioned in-game.
    • When fighting the twin Malformed Void Holes, players should be cautious of their teleport ability accidentally warping them into the Twisted Jungle's terrain. This can be avoided as long as both of the Malformed Void Holes are away from the walls.
    • Some of the Nameless's attacks can be avoided by purposely falling into a Void Hole, however, this will deal damage to you and spawn a Little One. It will also leave you very vulnerable to the Nameless's attack "Denial of Freedom".
    • The Nameless's attacks that usually create Void Holes will not create them if the Nameless is very close to the edge of the arena.
    • When high DPS players are maintaining the Nameless's aggro, it is custom for them to circle (preferably counterclockwise) around the edge of the arena, so other players know where the Nameless is going to move, and thus can damage it more easily.
    • It is highly recommended to keep game sound on or play with subtitles while fighting the Nameless Anomaly, as most of its notable attacks are sound-cued.
      • If you are playing on Wynntills and/or Minecraft version 1.12, Minecraft has a bug with sounds cutting out/suddenly muting when too many are playing at once. This can cause some of the Nameless's sound cues to become inaudible to you. The Forge mod "ExtendPolyphonyLimit" fixes this bug.


    • The Wynncraft community has coined the unofficial, underwhelming nickname "Greg" for the Nameless Anomaly itself. The community also repeatedly refers to "Greg" as male, however the Nameless's sex, gender or pronouns have never been confirmed.
    • The "Nameless" part of the Nameless Anomaly's nametag is obfuscated, being 5 obfuscated characters.
      • The obfuscated text reads, as seen in early runs of the raid during the HERO Beta, '12345'.
    • Notably, the Nameless's appearance resembles that of the A Hunter's Calling questgiver (black, skeletal appearance, floating torso with no legs), who in turn resembles the removed, former Realm of Light NPCs; the Heliolux.
    • The background of the boss room is upside-down.
    • Several enemies have their own unique pieces of lore, are references to other pieces of content in game, or have peculiar pieces of trivia surrounding them.
      • The Destructive Void Grub is a reference to the Void Grub mobs present in two of the Void segments in A Journey Further.
      • The Metaphysical Walker from the Hold Room is also a reference to A Journey Further, being a sideways version of Upside-Downer.
      • The Dendrite Drifter is shaped like a Brain, as a Dendrite is a branching extension of neuron cells.
      • The Monochromatism is a reference to Nexus of Light’s Polychromatism.
      • Each of the mobs in the Flooding Canyon room can be tied to an area of the Wynn Province.
      • Greater One is a larger, grown variation of Little One.
        • Little One is a reference to the LITTLE ONES from OMORI.
      • The secret Lost Eye miniboss in the Dark Room is based on an unused mob originally designed for the challenge, the Guiding Light. The Guiding Light would function similarly to the Shadowlings, being invisible until approached; however, unlike the Shadowlings, it would actively deceive players by giving off fake light, pretending to be the Lightbearer to kill the players.
      • The Flaring Bombus is a crucial aspect of the Archipelago’s wilderness. It grows on the trees, and it releases flaming pods that burn the area, fertilizing the ground and giving way for new growths from the enriched soil, encouraging seed pods to become new trees.
        • Real world plants, such as redwood trees, giant sequoia, or even the Eucalyptus which produces extremely flammable oils to promote the spread of fire, are known as Pyrophytes. The trees in The Nameless Anomaly are likely similar, having grown an adaptation to fire and integrated it into the maturation and reproduction process.
      • ’Gunge’ both refers to a clot and the action of clotting, making ‘Gunge-Gunge’ essentially mean Clotting Clot, Choking Glob, or Sticking Slime.
      • Dernapien is a portmanteau of "Dern" and "Sapien", Dern being the Realm of Darkness and Sapien being humanity and humankind (I.e, Homo Sapiens).
        • This, in turn, implies that Dernapiens are some form of Dernic kindred to Humans.
        • Bulb Keepers are also Dernapiens.
      • Nocturnal Witness resembles the Eyefolk of the Eyeball Forest, most notably a Blinder. Instead of being made of veins like its kin, however, it appears to be composed of a viscous substance.
        • Nocturnal Witness' original skin concept was very loosely based off of a biblical angel.
        • The Nocturnal Witness could be based off of the Athanatic Witness from Orphion's Nexus of Light.
    Nonexistent Gazer
    Image of the Nonexistent Gazer player head, an unused mob from The Nameless Anomaly based off of the All-Seeing Witness.
      • The Handless is left-handed, while The Graspless is right-handed.
      • The Nameless itself is a creature Dernic origin, being an entity native to the Realm of Darkness that seeks to escape it.
      • The Nameless is the only raid boss without a title.
    • Pre-HERO Beta, there was not a single instance of the raid being completed without cheating during the Raid.
    • The raid awards six fableds total; two rings, two bracelets, and two necklaces.
      • Detachment, Simulacrum, and Ingress are references the three stages one would experience when passing from physical reality to the Void: Detaching from physicality, (possibly) producing a non-physical Simulacrum, and ultimately the Ingress into the archipelago where the raid takes place.
      • The necklace "Collection" replaced the previous necklace "Exhibition".
    • Upon completing the Raid, under the RAID COMPLETED! message, the title, Beyond Void will flicker with text saying The Nameless Anomaly (with Nameless being obfuscated) briefly appearing underneath it.
    • The Dark Room’s mechanic where you take damage in darkness is a direct reference to Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together, where you take damage in darkness from an unseen character named Charlie.

    This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

    In-Game Lore

    Throughout the Nameless Anomaly raid, an unknown informant will tell the players about the nature of the Nameless Anomaly, how it came to be, and its purpose in the ongoing War of the Realms. Upon entering each challenge room, buff room, and the passage leading up to the Nameless, a piece of dialogue will appear. All together, they form the following cohesive story:

    Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the Nameless Anomaly lore.
    The Realm of Influence is named aptly- abominably powerful forces selfishly lay claim to it, and with their command change that realm in their image.

    This is not the first battle. It may not be the last. It is a slow war, with victories measured in mere meters. But the dark lays victorious yet.

    The dark eroded at what it wished to claim, voraciously consuming the crumbling pieces. The holes left behind, devoid of physicality and presence, twist upon themselves.

    Gaps in reality, bridging realms in the subtlest of ways. Only fools could name the aftermath as subtle- paradoxes, stealing existence under the banner of dark greed.

    These gaps grow, inexorably, and encroach upon one another. What is overlapped returns to a world unseen and alien- Less than what used to be taken, but taken all the same.

    A critical point approaches- the wider the gap, the more it consumes. The more it consumes, the wider the gap becomes. Victories will be measured in the redrawing of maps.

    And what is responsible? What remains here should not- trapped far from whence it came. What feeds the paradox's growth spares no thought- commanding its force as we would breathe. The valley is nearly consumed. Then, the wastes are to be consumed. The obelisk, consumed after. On and on. Doomed to mutation, desolation, darkness, and despair...from that which bears no name.

    Additionally, the boss area has Ancient Wynnic carved into the arena, albeit it is nigh-unreadable while fighting.

    Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to The Nameless Anomaly (Raid).
    The arena itself is a large stone tablet, which possesses Ancient Wynnic carved into the face of it by The Nameless. Though very faint and difficult to make out, the scrawlings read as follows:
    IT'S HERE.