The Nameless Anomaly (Boss)

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Nameless Anomaly
NPC Info
Location The Nameless Anomaly (Raid)
Quest Involved None
Disambig.png This article is about the boss. For the raid the boss appears in, see The Nameless Anomaly (Raid).

The Nameless, or That Which Bears No Name, is a dark aberration native to the Realm of Dern and an important figure in The War of the Realms. It possesses the unique ability to disassemble pieces of reality, leaving behind gaping pits completely devoid of all physicality known as Void Holes. For an unknown amount of time, it has been tearing off pieces of The Silent Expanse, threatening Void Valley, Toxic Wastes, and Lutho. The extent of The Nameless' destruction cannot be told, however it may be responsible for the Pathway to Darkness being as desolate as it is.

As suggested by the Raid Dialogue from The Nameless Anomaly Raid, The Nameless itself may be completely unaware of the destruction it is causing.

Notably, The Nameless does not appear in any Quests, nor does it appear in any Secret Discoveries, and the only reference to its existence is the raid of the same name, to which it appears as the final boss of.


The #̷̛͓͓͈̹͋͂̃̈́͘#̶̨͖͔̉͒#̶̨̡̛͓̩̗̇̅̈́̀̂ͅ#̶̨̧̫̬̃̃#̵̰̘̈ Anomaly
Type Raid Boss
Level 300
Health 22,000,000
AI Type Melee
Abilities Heavy Wave, Void Holes, Sunder, Earthshatter, Rend the Barrier, Grasp of the Forgotten, Sow the Seeds, Denial of Freedom, Surrender to Oblivion, The Void Claims, The Void Bleeds, The Void Howls, The Watched
Elemental Properties
Damage Water Thunder Air
Defense Water Thunder Air
Location The Nameless Anomaly: Remains of Reality
Crowd Control Immunities
Knockback Immunity
Blindness Resistance
Slowness Resistance

For more information, see The Nameless Anomaly#The Boss Fight.

The Nameless Anomaly is a Raid located in The Archipelago - accessible through The Silent Expanse - designed to be challenged by 4 players of combat level 105 or higher. The boss is the titular Nameless, who has been disassembling reality, leaving void holes behind in their wake. It serves as the most difficult challenge as of Wynncraft Update 2.0.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TheNamelessAnomaly(Boss).png The #̷̛͓͓͈̹͋͂̃̈́͘#̶̨͖͔̉͒#̶̨̡̛͓̩̗̇̅̈́̀̂ͅ#̶̨̧̫̬̃̃#̵̰̘̈ Anomaly 300 22,000,000 Melee Blindness Resist
Knockback Immune
Slowness Resist
Heavy Wave
Denial of Freedom
Grasp of the Forgotten
Rend the Barrier
Sow the Seeds
Surrender to Oblivion
The Void Bleeds
The Void Claims
The Void Howls
The Watched
❋ Dam
❋ Def
- The Nameless Anomaly:
Remains of Reality


  • The Nameless may understand the Ancient Wynnic script and dialect.
  • The only mobs with a dark blue in their name are The Nameless Anomaly, Void Eater AI type mobs, and Blue Bulb, all of which are found in the raid.
  • The Nameless Anomaly is the only Raid Boss that does not have a title.
  • The Nameless Anomaly has the highest HP of any Boss and Level of any boss, being 22 Million and 300, given that Yahya - The Final Form does not count towards this.
    • The former holders of each record was a tie between Orphion and The Canyon Colossus, and that Orphion had the highest HP of any boss (excluding Yahya - The Final Form), being 8 Million, while if all of the Canyon Colossus's parts were combined together, would be 18 Million HP. The Parasite was also tied with Orphion and the Colossus for being the most powerful boss level-wise.
      • However, the mobs in the Colossus's third phase are level 400, so the boss with the highest level could be a tie.
    • The Nameless Anomaly also has the most unique mob spells, being 12.
  • The obfuscated text on The Nameless Anomaly is "12345" in-game, as revealed through a bug in the Hero Beta.
  • The Nameless Anomaly's original name as it would have appeared in-game was just 8 obfuscated characters, as seen in the Reveal Trailer for 2.0.
  • Due to The Nameless Anomaly not having a true name, the community has often made up several nicknames for the Nameless Anomaly. The most common are Greg and Black Papyrus.
    • Greg is also used interchangeably with Gregory, a more formal version of Greg.
    • The name 'Black Papyrus' comes from another NPC - the Entity that talks to you throughout the A Hunter's Calling quest being popularly referred to as 'Black Sans', with both names originating from Undertale. As both of the characters share similarities (Floating black skeleton missing legs exempt of having a name) people quickly chose to name the larger one, The Nameless, after Sans' taller brother.