A Wynnic Excavation

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

A Wynnic Excavation SiteIcon.png
A Wynnic Excavation.png
Discovery Lore
The miners soon discovered there were more than emeralds in the walls of this mountain range - Something from out of this world.
Coordinates X: 713, Z: -879
Suggested Level Combat level 100+
Uses Discovery

A Wynnic Excavation is a secret discovery located in Silent Expanse. The discovery focuses on how the Crystal Shards were discovered.


Silent Expanse
713, 123, -879
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to the end of the Mining Site near the broken bridge that connects to the Ruined Olmic City. There's a long path that goes east under a bridge, loops around South then West, and then goes north over the bridge.

A Wynnic Excavation1.png

  • There is a small crystal, click it to activate the discovery.

A Wynnic Excavation2.png

Cut Scene

This cutscene focuses on three miners from the Wynnic Excavation discovering the Crystal Shards.

  • Inspecting the strange crystal sparks a memory.
  • 800 BP
  • [1/8] Miner: 'Ey boss, ya sure this is where we need t'blow things up? There's equipment an' all here. This place been empty for a while now too.
  • [2/8] Miner Chief: The small spec I found might not've been much, but it could mean that there are more emeralds nearby. That's why I brought our friend here to confirm.
  • [3/8] Geologist: Hm. Do you hear that? The sound indicates a large body of crystals just right behind these rocks.
  • [4/8] Miner Chief: I know it! Blow 'er up!
  • [5/8] Geologist: These... These are not emeralds.
  • [6/8] Miner: Ler's see 'ere... Red, purple, green n' yellow. Say, boss, ain't these crystal that lad not too long ago asked ya 'bout?
  • [7/8] Miner Chief: These are not just some 'crystals'. They're... Dangerous. All of you, listen up - never speak a word of what you saw here.
  • [8/8] Miner Chief: Both of you, back to your posts, now! I'll make sure these are never seen again.