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NPC Info
X: 159 Z: -5284
Species Dwarf
Location Thanos Bazaar
Quest Involved From the Bottom

Dorroc is a quest NPC for From the Bottom. He will give a
Golemlus Power Core in exchange for a
Molten Jasplite Ingot from Dobile.


Before From the Bottom:

  • Dorroc: Anyone interested in Hive trophies? I've accumulated quite the collection from those battles! Horns, scales, bone, catalysts...
  • Dorroc: In exchange for these trophies, I seek the finest metals! Darksteel and Gollier Iron! Jasplite and Voidstone! If it's high-quality, I can find a trophy of equivalent value!

After From the Bottom:

  • Dorroc: Oh, I see that look in your eyes. That curiosity. You want me to unravel a mystery for you! Well, I can tell you this much...
  • Dorroc: If I'm being honest, Jasplite isn't much good for weaponry. It's more of a good-luck charm than anything- I plan to stud a blade with this instead of using it for the base.
  • Dorroc: That just makes Ockar's success in the chaos of wartime with his Jasplite blade even more astounding. That's why it's so valuable.
  • Dorroc: It's almost like if that hero you have...what was his name, John? Bob? Joe? I can't quite recall, the name, but it's something like that...
  • Dorroc: It's like if he carved a good-quality training blade out of some vaguely rare, but otherwise mundane wood and used it to defend the citadels for decades.
  • Dorroc: The wood itself is just wood...but it was used by a hero, so it must be special, yes? So Jasplite is well sought-after. I once again thank you for liberating it from that stubborn bottlecap man.


Thanos Bazaar
167, -5241
Wynncraft Map

Dorroc is found in his merchant stand, in the southwest area of the Bazaar in Thanos.


  • Dorroc is an anagram of a few letters from Corroded, a Builder whom Rodoroc is also named after.
  • Prior to the 2.0 Spellbound Update, Dorroc sought the Cap of the Elusive Leprechaun and traded
    Bob's Diary for it, which he said he got it from Mehme in exchange for a packet of nuts.