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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Bob at the gate of Ragni in 886 AP, before fighting Bak'al.
Character Info
Location Unknown
Quests Involved Reincarnation,
Bob's Lost Soul
Personal Info
Aliases "Hero of Wynn"
Allegiance Wynn Province
Relatives Unnamed mother (biological),
Unnamed father (biological),
Momo (adoptive mother)[1]
Species Human-Olm Hybrid
Status Unknown (disappeared in 984 AP)[2][3]
Age 130 years (as of his disappearance)[1]
Information The Hero of Wynn, and the only individual to have ever received such an epithet. Trained for 20 years with the Wynn Province's greatest masters to become a master of all four combat arts of Wynn.[1] Was the first and only person so far to have beaten Bak'al, in 886 AP, saving Ragni and the rest of Wynn in the process.[2] Served the province as its protector for many decades, and made many acquaintances, before disappearing in 984 AP at the age of 130.
I've spent my entire life preparing for this. I will never let this province fall.
~ Bob to Bak'al, Wynn Plains Monument

Bob, real name Robert, was the most powerful Wynn soldier in the province's history, and the only known individual to have mastered all four of Wynn's combat arts: knavery, archery, magic and the ways of the spear.[4][2] He learned these skills by training with four enigmatic masters throughout his teenagehood, seeking to defend the Wynn Province from the Corruption and its undead hordes, the very same hordes that took the life of his adoptive mother Momo.[1]

Bob is today hailed as the province's hero and one of its most legendary figures, alongside the likes of the Twains and the guildmaster Tisaun Sodeta,[5][6] thanks to his defeat of Bak'al during the Battle of Ragni in 886 AP,[2] as well as his continued defense of the province's many towns and cities after the event. He serves as an example for soldiers fighting the Corruption War all over the land and fledgling legends.[7] He had also made several friends and acquaintances during his time, such as Tarod,[8] the mysterious Nilrem[9] and Old Man Martyn, the guardian of the Time Valley.[10]

The origins of Bob and his eventual demise are shrouded in mystery. While it is known that he was born in the Decrepit Sewers during the time of the undead raids on Ragni,[1] not much else is: the identity of his unnamed mother, and that of his father, are questions yet to be answered. Furthermore, whether or not he is even fully human is up to debate, as he seems to have features that haven't been seen in any other human being to date, namely his pale grey skin, his unnaturally long lifespan of at least 130 years, and his mastering of the four arts of Wynn.

Many Villagers compare Bob to their own legendary figure, Siegfried of the Gavel Province, due to his many reported heroic feats, such as slaying a dragon threatening Ahmsord and defeating an entire troll horde outside Llevigar.[11] However, most of these achievements are mere fabrications used to promote a fictional epic figure and, ultimately, to gain wealth by selling merchandise.[12][13] This is unlike Bob, who was a genuine hero and whose tales are mostly correct.


Bob is a well-built young-looking man of unnatural pale grey skin and short, dark brown hair. He has brownish, blue-leaning eyes, above which are thick eyebrows. He has a scar on his face that runs vertically from his forehead to just below his left eye. Interestingly, despite this scar, his left eye is still perfectly functional. His lips are brown and form a neutral-looking expression. He does not have facial hair.

Bob without his armor.

Bob wears a plated suit of armor made almost entirely out of gold at all times, namely a gold breastplate with gold shoulder pads and a gold skirt, though the crotch area is made out of red cloth instead. Underneath his armor, Bob wears a brown laced leather shirt and a belt with a gold buckle at his waist. His sleeves are red with a silver lining, and his right hand (which he uses to hold his weapon) is covered by a leather glove. He also wears dark brown leggings and a pair of leather knee-high boots with gold toes, which are also visible through his armor.

He wields a weapon in his right hand at all times, which can morph into a bow, a wand, a spear or a dagger, representing his mastery over all four weapons. Initially, they took the appearance of a pair of pitch black knives encrusted with symbols. Although it graphically has a black and green color scheme, similar to the Dernic weapon skin, according to written sources Bob's weapon is actually black with a purple finish, thus showing a contradiction.[1] It also has a grey hilt and glows.


Bob was the universally-recognized Hero of Wynn, and behaved accordingly. He seemed to genuinely enjoy being the province's protector, as he dedicated several decades of his life to defending its many towns and cities.[1] He also made many close friendships and acquaintances, despite his very popular image, such as with Nilrem, Relend and Tarod.[9][14][8] He owed a great deal of respect to those who raised him and helped him grow, as was the case with his adoptive mother Momo and with his four masters, to the point where he wept at the thought of them approving of his endeavors to become Wynn's greatest soldier.[1] He also could not tolerate any aggression against the people he loved, as demonstrated when he was extremely devastated after an undead took his adoptive mother's life, and when the warlord Bak'al threatened the people of his hometown.[2]

Naturally, Bob was also very popular among the people and they often referred to him as a savior, thanks to his great strength and charisma. In fact, it was the people of Troms, a city he had helped rebuild, who gave him the nickname of "Bob", and they even banished the shaman Slykaar, the fort's old protector, in favor of their new hero.[15][16] Bob much enjoyed this praise and even adopted the nickname he was given as the name he always introduced himself with.[1]

However, it is likely that he did not always possess this cheerful, charismatic nature: when Bob was still a young child living in the outskirts of Ragni with Momo, he often committed petty theft and was shunned by most of his peers in the town due to his unnatural appearance, namely his pale grey skin. As such, he was reserved and did not have many friends during this period of his life. When his attitude towards people changed is unknown, but it was probably during his time in Troms, after he had spent the better part of his teenage and young adult years away from civilization to train with his masters.[1]

Bob also seemed to enjoy fighting, taking any chance he could get to show off his abilities in Wynn's four combat arts and surprise his enemies. Furthermore, once he found a powerful target he desired to fight, most likely due to the target directly threatening him or his home, he was very persistent in taking them down and would not show any mercy to them, as was the case with Bak'al who, after unsuccessfully trying to attack Bob's hometown of Ragni, fled and was chased by Bob. The hero only stopped pursuing the warlord after the latter had teleported away from the battlefield, never showing himself again.[2]

Bob confirmed his suspicions about the world with Farcor, which led him to sacrifice himself.

Finally, and what was likely the thing that led to his demise, Bob was very inquisitive and ambitious, always wanting to learn more about the world he lived in so that he may figure out how to permanently save his land from the forces of chaos for good. When he travelled to Gavel, Bob found out the truth about the world and the endless war that claimed it as its battleground.[9] He conversed with the ancient dragon Farcor in his sky domain to confirm his suspicions about the two forces fighting the war, and once he found out that they truly existed, he desired to put an end to the war to stop his homeland's suffering for good.[17]

Another aspect of Bob's personality thus came to light: the fact that he was willing to sacrifice himself to put an end to his home's pain and death, fully desiring to fight and seal away the dark beast who was fueling the war from beyond with his life, even though he realistically stood no chance against it. Yet, Bob did not want anyone, not even his closest friends, to know about his fate, preferring instead to proceed with his plan secretly so that nobody may follow in his footsteps. The only person he trusted with his final wish to cover up his disappearance was Nilrem, a very powerful wizard and his closest friend, with whom he confided with through a letter before he vanished.[9][18]


The hero's origin

Bob was born in 854 AP in the sewers of Ragni, where his mother, a woman who had never said her name nor where she came from, and many others were hiding from a raid conducted by the corrupted hordes against Ragni. She gave birth while in the sewers, but did not survive the childbirth, and the baby was left orphaned. Miraculously, the baby survived despite the squalid conditions. After the raid, the boy was adopted by a woman named Momo, Ragni's poorest resident.[1]

The Decrepit Sewers, where Bob was born.

During his time living with Momo, Bob took on a job as a bakery worker, carrying bread and cakes into the city's palace, and was taught how to read, write and fight by the woman. However, he was shunned by the town's population due to his pale skin as opposed to their fair skin, and did not have many friends, nor was he held in high regard among the senior population. At eight years of age, Bob made an agreement with Momo where he would take her life if she were ever to be infected by Corruption.[1]

Bob's escape from Ragni

Then, in 866 AP, when Bob was twelve years old, an undead horde once again found its way into the city, due to the fact that its army was still recovering from the gigantic raid twelve years prior. Being a poor citizen, Momo's house was on the outskirts of the city, and was among the first to be struck: she was attacked and infected by an undead, and although Bob tried his hardest to treat her, he knew it was in vain. As such, he was forced to take his adoptive mother's life and flee Ragni.[1]

Before dying, however, Momo entrusted Bob with a pair of pitch black daggers and a piece of parchment paper with some symbols drawn on it, which served as a map. The boy followed the map and reached the eastern desert, where he found a man who told him that the map his late mother had entrusted him with led to four great masters of the Wynn province, all of whom specialized in one of the four combat arts. Bob was to learn from these masters and become a powerful soldier so that he may fight in the Corruption War and lend his hand in the fighting.[1]

Training with the four masters of Wynn

This man was Bob's first master, a man named Chak, who for five years taught the boy the art of the dagger. Once the five years were up, Chak instructed the now seventeen year old boy to travel south through the cold tundra and find the master who will teach him archery. Before sending him off, the master transformed Bob's daggers into a bow.[1]

Bob trained with Mael Twain in the Twain Manor.

After a long trek through the tundra, Bob reached a large mansion facing a lake, where he met the master who would teach him the art of the bow: Mael Twain, the last of the Twains,[19] who accepted to train the boy for five more years. During his training with Mael, Bob discovered that his master had the power to commune with the dead, and while he wished for the possibility to talk with his adoptive mother, he never expressed said desire to him. Eventually, when the training was over, Mael took Bob's weapon and transformed it into a wand, before telling him to travel to the Nivla Forest, where he would meet the master who'd teach him magic.[1]

Although wandering through the poisonous forest revived some awful memories from his childhood, Bob eventually made it to the Nivla Village, where he met his third master: Ethe, who would teach him the art of the wand. Magic was Bob's most difficult skill to learn, as it did not rely on physical contact. However, he still managed to learn it in five years, at the end of which the man was now twenty-seven years old. He wondered whether he would still be young enough to fight in the war by the end of his training, but Ethe took the wand and transformed it into its final weapon: a black spear, the signature weapon of Troms, the strongest and most impregnable fortress in the entire Wynn province. Troms was where Bob had to travel to meet his final master, and so he did.[1]

Bob trained with Ethe in the Nivla Village.

Bob's stay in Troms

However, when he reached Troms, Bob found it in ruins: the city had been hit by a Corrupted raid and ravaged, also due to the commander of the Tromsian army at the time, General Skien, being betrayed and failing to protect the city.[20] Upon entering the city, a man who stood alone among the fires raging in the town took Bob's weapon and introduced himself as Fier, Bob's last master who would teach him the art of the spear. Thus, the man trained with his master for five years.[1]

During his stay in Troms, Bob also helped repair the ruined city and defend it from undead hordes in his free time, which earned him great renown and praise, to the point where the inhabitants of the fort began affectively referring to him as "Bob" instead of his real name "Robert", which is where his nickname comes from.[1] During this time, the people of Troms also realized that, with the presence of a hero who gladly protected them without asking for recompense, they did not need Slykaar, Troms' former protector and a shaman who sacrificed the lives of the citizens to fuel his magical defense, anymore. Thus, they banished Slykaar and sealed him away in a dungeon, where he remains to this day, bitter and with an intense hate for Bob festering within him.[16][15]

The birth of Bob's legend

After five years, in 886 AP, Bob finally completed his training with Fier, thus becoming a master of all four of Wynn's combat arts after 20 years of rough training. Knowing what he had to do, Bob left Troms and returned to his hometown of Ragni.[1] However, at that same time, the corrupted warlord Bak'al was marching onto Ragni with a thousands-strong army of undead to lay siege to the fort and destroy it once and for all. Bob, not wanting to witness the province fall to Bak'al's hands, intercepted him just outside the city gate and fought him, defeating him and winning against Bak'al for the first time in history. Bak'al fled the battlefield and never appeared in Wynn again, thus severely weakening the corrupted forces, who were now lacking a leader.[2]

Bob and Bak'al clash outside Ragni.

Bob earned province-wide recognition for this achievement, having arguably saved Wynn from destruction by Bak'al's hand, and was recognized as a hero. For many years afterwards, the hero served as Wynn's private demigod, protecting the province's many towns and cities from falling to the undead again and again.[1] It was during this time that he also made many friendships and acquaintances, such as with Tarod,[8] Old Man Martyn,[10] Nilrem and possibly Nohno as well.[21] At some point, he also came in possession of his valued pets, which he held very dear: Cluckles the chicken, Mooington the cow and Baab the sheep.[4]

At one point, he travelled to Dead Island in order to slay a dark beast whose egg had been brought to the island by Old Siwel, and when it hatched, decayed the island, turning it into the dead husk it is today. While Bob succeeded in killing the being, it did not revert the effect it had on the land, and Siwel remains its sole inhabitant to this day.[22]

Eventually, he went to Gavel across the Ocean. Here, he visited Llevigar's Library and read many of its books. He then borrowed a book named "Wealth or Knowledge", but never returned it.[23] Then, after meeting the ancient dragon Farcor in his domain among the clouds, he learned the truth of the world he lived in: it was nothing but a battleground between the two primordial forces of Light and Darkness, who fight for dominance on the other from beyond. The consequence of their fighting is the very Corruption that Bob has had to fight for all of his life.[17][9]

The mystery of Bob's disappearance

Thus, Bob returned to Wynn in 984 AP and split his immense power among his three pets (Cluckles, Mooington and Baab),[4] had his dear friend Nilrem spread them across the world and then told him to fabricate a body for the people of Wynn to bury, and a fake story about how he died: to the hands of wolves in the Nesaak tundra after succumbing to them due to his old age.[18] This is because nobody must have known the true reason for his disappearance: he was going to a "far away land" and use his lifeforce to seal away a dark creature of the night which had been fueling the endless conflict raging on in the land, as he knew that he couldn't kill it. He then requested for Nilrem to continue training the forces of good in the war against Corruption and evil in general.[9]

After that, Bob met a sailor named Relend and travelled aboard Relend's ship, the Little Wing, in order to reach Gateway Island and find the mysterious portal that lied in the island. During their journey, Bob and Relend became great friends, and eventually reached the island. Here, Bob wrote his final letter to Nilrem and entered the mysterious passage beyond the portal on the island to carry out his final goal. He was never seen again.[14]

Bob's fake tomb in the Nesaak Forest.

In 985 AP, one year after Bob's disappearance, Bob's Tomb appeared in the Nesaak Forest, having most likely been created by Nilrem as per Bob's final wish.[24] Here, a reincarnation of Bob can be fought once the power of Bob's three pets has been gathered together at the entrance of the tomb. A monument dedicated to Bob was also found within the forest.[4][18]

It is currently unknown what has happened to Bob after he entered the realm beyond Gateway Island, however, his legend continues to inspire new Wynn recruits and the inhabitants of the province revere him as their hero. He has also left a great influence on the people he personally befriended during his life.


Bob made many friends and enemies alike during his life, some of which are detailed below.

  • Momo: Bob's adoptive mother, who took him in while he was an orphan after the raid on Ragni ended. Bob was likely very affectionate and loyal towards his mother, working even as a young child to help sustain the two and learning all he could from her. When Bob was forced to kill Momo after she had been infected by an undead, he was extremely distraught and regretful about it, despite the fact they had agreed on it four years prior to her death. However, he still decided to carry out her final wish and become the most powerful soldier Wynn has ever seen. When he was travelling through the Nivla Forest, the sight of poison reminded him of the traumatic event.[1]
The letter Bob sent to Nilrem, detailing his final wish.
  • Nilrem: A powerful wizard and Bob's greatest friend, with whom Bob could entrust his final wish. When Bob asked of Nilrem to go through the arduous task of faking the hero's death and creating a false body, he went through with it successfully, suggesting that they had a very deep bond of trust. Bob also trusted Nilrem to continue training the forces of good well after his death.[9]
  • Bak'al: Bob's nemesis and his strongest enemy. Although the two had only met once, Bak'al quickly looked down on Bob, even affirming that he would fall helplessly at his feet. In return, Bob intended to stop Bak'al from fleeing the battle once he witnessed his power, but failed as he teleported away. Either way, he successfully defended Ragni and the rest of the Wynn province from Bak'al.[2]
  • Mael, Chak, Ethe and Fier: Bob's four masters, who trained with him for 20 years of his teenagehood and young adult age until he became the ultimate Wynn soldier. They all seem to have been very attached to Bob during their times with him, as they taught him everything they knew and approved of Bob's ambition to protect Wynn from Corruption. In return, Bob was also very fond of his masters and even tore up when he had a vision of them standing in a line behind Fier, once his training was finally over.[1]
  • Relend: Bob's travelling companion during his journey to Gateway Island, where he would later disappear. According to Relend, he and Bob had become great friends during their voyage and, even after many years since Bob's disappearance, he still seeks out someone with whom he can visit Gateway Island again and find his lost friend, implying a very close bond that still hasn't broken after such a long time.[14]
  • Farcor: Bob discovered Farcor's domain above the clouds during his travels to Gavel and had a long stay there, even having set up a small camp in the dragon's abode. According to Farcor, Bob came "seeking [his] wisdom", and describes Bob's presence as a light in his millennia-long memory. They talked much and were implied to have been good friends, with Farcor helping Bob confirm his suspicions about the truth of the world. Bob even promised Farcor that he would return to him if his ultimate plan succeeded, but as of yet, he hasn't. While Farcor awaits Bob's return and is slightly worried about his safety, he also understands the hero's power, showing a relationship of mutual respect and friendship between the two.[17]
  • Tarod: A close friend of Bob's, whom he met years ago. Seemingly knew Bob well enough to doubt the official story that Bob succumbed to a pack of wolves, and thus wishes to find out the truth behind his friend's death with the help of someone powerful enough.[8]
  • Old Man Martyn: One of Bob's acquaintances. It is unknown how close they were, nor how often they interacted. Asher deduces that Martyn knows Bob due to the fact that he had seen some letters addressed to Martyn in his house.[10]
  • Nohno: Considering the fact that Bob entrusted one of his dearest pets, Cluckles, to Nohno, it can be assumed that they had some degree of acquaintance, whether it have been before Nohno lost his mind due to the Crystals or after.[25] How close they were, however, is unknown.[21]
  • Slykaar: Although whether Bob ever met Slykaar in person or not is unknown, Slykaar has a seemingly one-sided petty hatred for Bob due to the fact that he replaced Slykaar as Troms' hero, and his presence in the city is what led to the shaman's banishment. He is now confident he can conquer Troms by force with his monstrous army, seeing how Bob has disappeared.[15]

Abilities and Powers

Being the sole person in history to have earned the epithet of Hero of Wynn, Bob was appropriately strong, and was easily one of the most powerful characters introduced in the story so far, being able to defeat beings who are very powerful in their own right such as Bak'al or the dark beasts of Dead Island.[22][2] He is also the only known individual to have mastered all four arts of Wynn at the same time, something that not even the greatest masters of the Wynn province have been able to accomplish.[4] Many of the powers associated with him come from the arts he mastered during his life:

The Art of the Dagger

Thanks to his five year long training with the master Chak, Bob was an extremely skilled assassin and was very proficient in using his daggers. While not much of Bob's fighting prowess has been directly demonstrated, there are still some spells and attacks that he could execute that have been deduced through boss fights or cutscenes:

Bob drops a meteor on a group of undead through his Fire Bomb spell, lighting them on fire.
  • Fire Bomb: By using his dagger, and notably not his wand, Bob can conjure a meteor from out of the sky and make it rain down on his enemies in a medium range, as he did against Bak'al's undead army when he was trying to catch up to the warlord as he fled. The meteor also leaves a small circle of fire around its impact point. Bob calls this attack "Fire Bomb" in Wynnic.[2]
  • Vanish: Like its corresponding spell in the Assassin class, Bob can use his dagger to briefly vanish out of sight and surprise attack his enemy, as demonstrated through the fight with his reincarnation. It can be deduced that the true Bob knew such a spell too.[4]

The Art of the Bow

Thanks to his five year long training with Mael Twain, Bob was a very skilled archer and was proficient in using his bow. While not much of Bob's fighting prowess has been directly demonstrated, there are still some spells and attacks that he could execute that have been deduced through cutscenes:

Bob casts his Arrow Barrage spell against a group of undead.
  • Arrow Barrage: With his bow, Bob executes an Arrow Storm spell which, unlike its counterpart in the Archer class, rapidly fires off bomb arrows instead of ordinary fire arrows, as he did against Bak'al's undead army. This attack has a range similar to its corresponding Archer spell. Bob calls this attack "Arrow Barrage" in Wynnic.[2][4]

The Art of the Wand

Thanks to his five year long training with the master Ethe, Bob was a very powerful mage, despite the fact that magic was the most difficult skill for him to learn. He was very proficient in using his wand. While not much of Bob's fighting prowess has been directly demonstrated, there are still some spells and attacks that he could execute that have been deduced through boss fights or cutscenes:

  • Frost Serpent: With his wand, Bob conjures a snake made of ice with red eyes and white fangs, which can likely bend in any angle he wishes, similar to its counterpart in the Mage class. He used this attack to freeze members of Bak'al's undead army, and has a similar range to its corresponding Mage spell. Bob calls this attack "Frost Serpent" in Wynnic.[2]
Bob casts his Frost Serpent spell against a group of undead.
  • Light Ray: A spell that notably has no counterpart in its corresponding class, Bob surrounds himself with light particles and then shoot a beam of light in a straight direction against his opponent, as he did to counter Bak'al's own fire beam at the climax of their fight. The clash between the two beams caused a large explosion, and if not interrupted, this attack eventually ends with an explosion. It has a fairly long range.[2]
  • Heal: Like its corresponding spell in the Mage class, Bob can use his wand to heal himself of injuries or other ailments. While the real Bob hasn't demonstrated the use of this spell, likely because he had no use for it in the few times he has been seen fighting, his reincarnation does possess this spell, and as such it can be deduced that Bob did too.[4]

The Art of the Spear

Thanks to his five year long training with the master Fier, Bob was a mighty warrior, despite the fact that he spent much of his time in Troms helping rebuild the city or connecting with its citizens. He was thus very proficient in using the spear. While not much of Bob's fighting prowess has been directly demonstrated, there are still some spells and attacks that he could execute that have been deduced through boss fights or cutscenes:

Bob uses his Rising Uppercut attack on a group of undead.
  • Rising Uppercut: With his spear, Bob raises a part of the ground up and slam it against his opponent in a close range, sending them flying in the air. This is the first attack he uses against Bak'al's forces when he faces him directly, killing some of his undead soldiers with it. Bob calls this attack "Rising Uppercut" in Wynnic.[2]
  • Diving Earthshatter: Bob launches himself in the air and dives down, ground-pounding any enemy in a close range. He demonstrated this attack during his fight against Bak'al when he killed some of his soldiers using this attack, forcing him to flee. Notably, this attack has no real counterpart in its corresponding class, though it is similar in style to the Charge spell. Bob calls this attack "Diving Earthshatter" in Wynnic.[2]
  • Charge: Bob charges against his enemy, closing a very large distance in a short amount of time, similar to the corresponding spell in the Warrior class. Although Bob never directly demonstrated use of this spell, his reincarnation does so, implying that the real Bob likely knew how to use it as well.[4]


Although the vast majority of Bob's attacks focus on the four arts he learned during his time with his masters, there are some spells and abilities he can execute without necessarily using the aid of his weapon. While not many such spells have been directly demonstrated, they can be attested through boss fights or written sources:

  • Sealing/Concealment Magic: Bob can use a magical spell to conceal the contents of a written item, such as a letter, and only make it readable to those who are magically powerful enough to break the item's seal. This feat has been demonstrated once by the existence of Nilrem's Sealed Letter, which Bob wrote to his dear friend Nilrem and sealed so that only he may read it.[9]
  • Sword Conjuring: Although the true Bob has never been shown or reported using this ability, it is very likely he could conjure sentient swords that tend towards one of the five Elements to fight alongside him. This ability has been attested through his reincarnation and through the retellings of Bob's powers that Dr. Legendary heard during his Corkus-funded travels to Wynn.[4][26]


  • Before 1.19, the Silent Expanse update, in the quest Reincarnation he used to choose the spear as his only weapon. Later, the fight was reworked so that he now uses all four weapons which he mastered.
  • There are several theories on who or what is the "Beast" that he challenged. These include:
  • It is also often theorised whether Bob is really dead, nearly dead (since his life force was used for the seal) or alive, but imprisoned.
  • Before update 2.0, one of the items the Player had to barter in the quest From the Bottom was "Bob's Diary", the so-called personal diary of the Hero of Wynn himself, which the salesman claims had been sold to him by Mehme in exchange for a packet of nuts. Bob's Diary was removed in Update 2.0, and any potential connection Bob might have had to Mehme has now been disproven.
  • It is often theorized that Bob has Olmic blood within him, due to certain features of his (such as his long life and his pale skin) that are clearly not human and unique to Bob, but very similar to the Olm.
    • If this theory were true, then his Olmic descent most likely comes from his biological mother's side.[27]
  • Before update 1.14 The Gavel Expansion, Bob was considered the toughest boss in the game, and his weapons were considered the best.