Fermented Captive

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Fermented Captive
Species Human (Possibly)
Level 106
Health 39,250
AI Type Melee
Abilities Multihit
Elemental Properties
Weakness Air Earth
Damage Earth
Defense Water
Location Larbonic Geodes

Forgotten Pickaxe,

Acidic Remains

Fermented Captives are a Hostile Mob found in the Toxic Wastes that appear from Larbonic Geodes. They are presumably lost miners from Wynn that have fallen victim to the Toxic Wastes ages ago, with their body being reduced to a mere grunt-like extension of it.


Fermented Captives are a melee enemy that will follow the player and deal damage upon contact.

They have the multihit ability, which sweeps an area in front of the mob that deals several weak hits in rapid succession.


Fermented Captives can drop the following items when defeated:

Forgotten Pickaxe [✫✫]
Tier 1 Crafting Ingredient
+40 to +50 Main Attack Neutral Damage
+6% to +7% Earth Damage
-71 Durability
+14 Strength Min.
Crafting Lv. Min: 96
  • Armouring
  • Weaponsmithing
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Acidic Remains [✫✫]
Tier 1 Crafting Ingredient
-60 to -50 Health Regen
+8% to +10% Fire Damage
-74 Durability
Crafting Lv. Min: 102
  • Weaponsmithing
  • Woodworking
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Malignant Nuclei [✫✫✫]
Tier 3 Crafting Ingredient
+13% to +16% Earth Damage
-150 Durability
+20 Strength Min.
Crafting Lv. Min: 105
  • Armouring
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Fermented Captives may additionally drop Normal Items, Unidentified Items, Emeralds, Powders, and Potions of Healing.


Fermented Captives can be found in Larbonic Geodes all throughout the Toxic Wastes.

Toxic Wastes
964, 72, -937
Wynncraft Map

Table data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
FermentedCaptive.png Fermented Captive 106 39,250 Melee Multihit ✤ Weak
✤ Dam
✽ Def

Forgotten Pickaxe

Acidic Remains

Malignant Nuclei
Toxic Wastes:
From Larbonic Geodes