Flashfire Set

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Flashfire Set

Item Types Accessories
Min. Level 94
Obtained Dungeon Merchant
Components Flashfire Knuckle (Level 94)
Flashfire Gauntlet (Level 94)

The Flashfire Set is an accessory set that can only be purchased from the Dungeon Merchant at the Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins dungeon. Although there are technically only two accessories in the set, a 3-piece set bonus is achievable by wearing two of the rings and the bracelet together. This 3-piece bonus is hidden, so it cannot be viewed normally by scrolling over the set items, but it can still be seen in the Character Info compass. People will generally use 2 pieces of the Flashfire Set (2 Flashfire Knuckles or 1 Flashfire Knuckle and 1 Flashfire Gauntlet) in TFA/ETFA Tierstack as the +1 tier helps it a lot.


The Flashfire Set is composed of the following pieces:

Icon Accessory Lv. Min Requirements Elemental Defense Health Identifications

Flashfire Knuckle 94 40 Defence +10 Fire
-30 Water
  • +90/4s Life Steal
  • +8% Thorns
  • -65 Neutral Spell Damage

Flashfire Gauntlet 94 40 Defence +40 Fire +900
  • +4 Defence
  • +6% Thorns
  • +90 Health Regen

Set Bonuses

When multiple pieces of the Flashfire Set are used at the same time, the following set bonuses are applied:

Identification 1-Piece Bonus 2-Piece Bonus 3-Piece Bonus (Hidden)
Walk Speed - +8% +16%
Attack Speed Bonus - +1 tier +1 tier
Water Damage - -15% -15%
Water Defense - -15% -15%
Fire Damage - - +12%


  • If you wear two of the rings together, you can still get the 2-piece set bonus, but it will be hidden. This means that, much like the 3-piece bonus, the 2-piece bonus will not appear by scrolling over the set items but it can still be viewed in the Character Info compass.