Vexing Set

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Vexing Set

Item Types Leather Helmet, Wand
Min. Level 20
Obtained Spirit of Vexation
Components Mask of the Dark Vexations (Level 20)
Staff of the Dark Vexations (Level 25)

The Vexing Set is an item set consisting of two untradable items, the Mask and Staff of Dark Vexations, both of which are generally obtained as uncommon drops from the level 25 Spirit of Vexation miniboss, found in a cave in Time Valley. The set is based around boosting the effectiveness of spells, as well as the Fire, Thunder and Water elements, and gives a variety of minor but useful bonuses. The Mask can be worn at level 20, while the Staff can be wielded at level 25.

In addition to many Emeralds, the Spirit of Vexation has a chance to drop either of the Vexing items upon being defeated. The Spirit doesn't respawn after being killed unless the area is left and returned to, meaning grinding it to acquire these items can be very time-consuming. However, if you are unwilling or unable to defeat the Spirit, the level 18 and level 20 Dark Cultists in the cave also have a much rarer chance to drop these items.


The Vexing Set is composed of the following pieces:

Icon Item Lv. Min Requirements Health Elemental Defense Neutral Damage Elemental Damage Attack Speed Slots Avg. Identifications

Mask of the Dark Vexations 20 5 Defense
5 Intelligence
5 Dexterity
+100 ♥ - N/A N/A N/A 1
  • -15% Melee Damage Bonus
  • +10% XP Bonus
  • +10% Bonus Fire Damage
  • +10% Bonus Water Damage
  • +10% Bonus Thunder Damage

Staff of the Dark Vexations 25 5 Defense
5 Intelligence
5 Dexterity
N/A N/A - 4-9 ✹ Fire
6-7 ❉ Water
1-13 ✦ Thunder
Fast 3
  • +9% Spell Damage Bonus
  • -10% Melee Damage Bonus
  • +2 Dexterity
  • +2 Intelligence
  • +2 Agility

Set Bonuses

When both pieces of the Vexing Set are used at the same time, the following set bonuses are applied:

Identification 1-Piece Bonus 2-Piece Bonus
Spell Damage Bonus - +12%
Mana Regen - +1/4s
Raw Melee Damage Bonus - -10
Raw Spell Damage Bonus - +25
Mana Steal - +1/4s