Hallowynn 2016 Set

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Discontinued Content
This article covers an item that can no longer be obtained, but still exists in-game for players who have it.

Hallowynn 2016 Set

Item Types Accessories
Min. Level 50
Obtained Discontinued
Components Trick (Level 50)
Treat (Level 50)
Other Information
Requires completion of A Grave Mistake

The Hallowynn 2016 Set is a set of two untradable rings. They could be obtained as rewards for completing A Grave Mistake during the 2016 Hallowynn season


The Halloween 2016 set is composed of the following pieces:

Icon Item Lv. Min Health Avg. Identifications

Trick 50 25
  • -10% Loot Bonus
  • +10% Exploding

Treat 50 25
  • +10% Loot Bonus
  • -10% Exploding

Set Bonuses

When both Trick and Treat are used at the same time, the following set bonuses are applied:

Identification 1-Piece Bonus 2-Piece Bonus
XP Bonus - +10%
Soul Point Regen - +5%
Stealing - +5%


  • The items "Trick & Treat" are named after the common halloween exclamation "trick or treat!"