Spore Set

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Spore Set

Item Types Leather Helmet, Dagger
Min. Level 15
Obtained Loot Chest
Mob Drop
Components Spore Cap (Level 13)
Spore Shortsword (Level 15)

The Spore Set is a two piece set made out of the Spore Cap and the Spore Shortsword. It can be obtained by killing mushroom enemies found around the Black Road.

Icon Item Lv. Min Requirements Health Elemental Defense Neutral Damage Elemental Damage Attack Speed Powder Slots Identifications

Spore Cap 13 - +55 ♥ - N/A N/A N/A 1
  • +5 to 23/3s Poison
  • +4 Strength

Spore Shortsword 15 - N/A N/A 11-15 - Super Fast 0
  • +3 to 13% Exploding
  • +11 to 47/3s Poison

Set Bonuses

When both pieces of the Spore Set are used at the same time, the following set bonuses are applied:

Identification 1-Piece Bonus 2-Piece Bonus
Poison - +70/3s
Life Steal - +20/4s
Exploding - +20%