From the Mountains (1.19)

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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.20 and has been archived for historical purposes.

From the Mountains CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
Location Pre-Light Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 67
Starter NPC Anrod
Reward As follows:

For the updated version of this quest, please see From the Mountains.

From the Mountains is a long level 67 quest located in the south-east part of the Pre-Light Forest.


In an attempt to gain immortality,Anrod has split his soul and placed part of it into a flower, the 'Roots of Ages'. This flower, however, has started to wilt and Anrod pleads with the player to help him get his life back.

Stage 1

» Talk to Anrod at his house.

 Location   Pre-Light Forest   X   -1367  Y   43  Z   -4542  Wynncraft Map 



  • Anrod: Ohh, I've been such a fool! Why is it dying?! I'm doomed!
  • Anrod: Oh, hello. Now's not a good time. Not unless you're some magical botanist.
  • Anrod: I already asked the Elves for help, but they told me I shouldn't have been so greedy.
  • Anrod: You see, I sought immortality. I placed my soul, frozen, in this flower.
  • Anrod: As long as it lives, I cannot age! I specifically chose this species because it has the nickname "Roots of ages"
  • Anrod: It's well known for never dying. Except mine is! This is my lifeline! If it dies, I die!
  • Anrod: A hermit nearby warned me not to do it, but I didn't listen. I thought he was just rambling!
  • Anrod: You have to help me! Find the hermit... I think he said his name was Rynver. He was very hard to understand...
  • Anrod: I think he said he lived up on that mountain behind me! I'm too weak to go myself... Please help me.

Stage 2

» Climb the mountain behind Anrod's house, and find Rynver.

 X   -1383  Y   79  Z   -4459  Wynncraft Map 



  • Rynver: ...
  • Rynver: Splurgh ephf men teefs!
  • Rynver is pointing towards the deep hole behind him and then back at himself.
  • Rynver: Hglrri pefdje!

Stage 3

» Investigate why Rynver is pointing to a cave behind him.


  • Rynver: Thgsngs ag lhgt!
  • Rynver slides the dentures back into his mouth.
  • Rynver: Hello?
  • Rynver: Ah! Thank you, much better! I dropped those down the hole a few weeks ago.
  • Rynver: But since I live alone up here, I have no reason to speak!
  • Rynver: Well, I suppose our meeting is not a coincidence. And I owe you one for getting my dentures back.
  • Rynver: What is it you need?
  • Rynver: Oh, that dastard! He actually went through with it! I warned him! Binding the soul is not only dangerous, but ILLEGAL!
  • Rynver: Although, his flower should not be dying... The root of ages is said to be immortal...
  • Rynver: I used to be a holy man before I lost my religion... I can produce some holy water for his plant.
  • Rynver: I will need you to get me something though...
  • Rynver: I need [1 Water Spirit Tear] to make it. There are some living up here in a whirlpool. Take a [Breathing Helmet] with you, you cannot survive the currents without it. Gooph lucpfh!
  • Rynver's teeth fall out of his mouth as he talks.

Stage 4

» Search for a water spirit around the river with a Breathing Helmet.

  • Note: You need a Breathing Helmet II in order to enter the pool.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
AncientWaterSpirit.png Ancient Water Spirit 68 9050 Ranged AI Heal -
Water Spirit Tear
Cave at
-1440 58 -4570

Stage 5

» Return to Rynver with 1 Water Spirit Tear from the pool.


  • Rynver: You've returned! Do you have the tear?
  • Rynver: Excellent! I couldn't have done it better myself!
  • Rynver: Spirit tears are full of light magic... When infused with water from my old church, it should cure any ailment.
  • Rynver: ...
  • Rynver: Elsoth, mulath, reldein!
  • Rynver drops the tear into his bucket, which begins to glow.
  • Rynver: Aha! Success! Take that to his flower right away! It's been a while since I did anfyin lipph thap...
  • Rynver's teeth fall out of his mouth as he talks.

Stage 6

» Return to Anrod with the Holy Water Rynver made you.


  • Anrod: Oh! You're back! I thought you just ran off! What do you...wait, you just have water?! This isn't a laughing matter!!
  • Anrod: say Rynver gave it to you...? Oh, no wonder it took you so long, then...
  • Anrod: Well...pour it onto the flower, please. I can barely even lift my arms, I'm so tired...
  • Anrod: Gaaah, that...wh...aaah! I feel like my whole body is on fire!! What was in that water?!
  • Anrod: Wait a minute...s-since when were the hills blazing?! I...wait, I think I know what's wrong!!
  • Anrod: The Elves told me that these flowers "live as long as life itself." I got them from the cave in the mountains to the south.
  • Anrod: Maybe the flower's condition is linked to the plants in there! This fire must have spread into that cave...
  • Anrod: Aaah, aaah! H-hot! It's getting worse! I'm burning up!! G-go into that cave! Find whatever's burning the roots! Do something!
  • Anrod: Kill it, douse it, give it a stern lecture, I don't care! Just DOUSE THOSE FIRES! AAAAH HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Stage 7

» Follow the burning trees to find out the cause.

Stage 8

» Go deeper into the cave and stop the Fleris Sludge from burning the roots.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
AggressiveFleris.png Aggressive Fleris 67 2900 Jumper AI - ✽ Weak
✹ Dam
- Cave at
-1315 48 -4415
FireFairy.png Fire Fairy 65 1350 Ranged AI - ✽ Weak
✹ Dam
- Cave at
-1315 48 -4415
FlerisSludge.png Fleris Sludge 69 9400 Jumper AI Flamethrower ✽ Weak
✹ Dam

Fleris Cream
Cave at
-1315 48 -4415

Stage 9

» Return to Anrod with 1 Fleris Cream to prove you solved the problem.


  • Anrod: Welcome back!
  • Anrod: Blessed...blessed cold! I know you were successful...I don't feel like I'm burning anymore, and my flower is back to a healthy state!
  • Anrod: chance, what was going on in there? I'd like to know.
  • Anrod: A little sludge-ish, lava-blob-looking thing? Wait, a Fleris? How in the world...
  • Anrod: Uh, those things live in the caves under this volcanic mountain range...and that place is halfway across the entire province from here!!
  • Anrod: Usually, they live around these mounds of cinder. I think they get scared when they get cold?
  • Anrod: It was probably trying to burn the roots to make a Fleris mound for itself. That's too bad. It didn't know any better, and the thing are darn cute.
  • Anrod: Well, whatever the case, you've saved my life, so here. I can easily work up the money later. It isn't like I've not got the time now!



  • Anrod's experiment came at a costly rate however, as the flower is linked to the giant roots nearby; if those get damaged, so does the flower.
  • The quest was reworked in 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update.