Ragni Outskirts

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Ragni Outskirts NaturalIcon.png
A screenshot of the Ragni Outskirts
Suggested Level 1
Quest Starts King's Recruit

The Ragni Outskirts are a lush, fertile area with scattered waterfalls, a deep ravine with a broken bridge and large caves with military forts inside, located west of Ragni. It is the first area the player enters when starting a new class. Upon the completion of the quest King's Recruit, this area becomes inaccessible.


Ragni Outskirts Map.png

Points of Interest


  • The caravan where the player wakes up to begin his/her journey.
  • A wooden gate, marking the border between the Wynn Province and the Fruma Province.
  • A small cave and an identifier with a soldier nearby.
  • A large ravine, with a broken bridge going across it. It can be crossed by chopping a nearby tree.
  • The mines, which can be found after the crossing large ravine. There is a guard at the entrance that stops the player from entering without a weapon.
    • An outpost in the mines, which was overrun by corrupted and contains multiple dead soldiers.
    • The mines exit, guarded by a large group of soldiers and a powerful trebuchet to protect Ragni.
  • The western entrance to Ragni, only accessible during the quest and at the end of the outskirts.


Caravan Driver






There are 5 hostile mobs in the Ragni Outskirts, all found in the mines:

And 4 Passive Mobs:


  • Whilst not actually being named the Ragni Outskirts on the official Wynncraft World Map, the passive mob called, "Ragni Outskirts Resident" gives the location's name.
  • The area before the border between Wynn and Fruma is one of the only Fruman areas seen ingame, along with the areas seen in visions in Recover the Past and, possibly, the Fruma Gate.
  • There used to be a glitch in which during a number of quests and locations, dying puts you in the caravan, for example in Shattered Minds and the V.S.S. Seaskipper. This is because these locations are outside of the map, and the closest eligible spawn point is the Ragni Outskirts.
    • Using this glitch was the only known way to trigger one of the old dialogues of the Talking Mushroom, in which it is surprised that the player managed to get to the outskirts.