Infested Plants

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Infested Plants CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Short
Difficulty Medium
Tags Storyline
Location Nivla Woods
Province Wynn
Combat Level 4
Starter NPC Tasim
Reward As follows:

Infested Plants is a short level 4 Quest located in Nivla Woods.


Tasim and the player meet up at the start of the Nivla Woods. However, a sketchy traveler appears and asks the duo to get a medicinal herb guarded by spiders in the Nivla Woods.

Stage 1

» Meet up with Tasim at the entrance to Nivla Woods at [-424, 68, -1595].


  • Tasim: Oh, <playername>! There you are. It's good to see you. Are you ready to continue on towards Detlas?
  • Tasim: It seems we'll need to pass through the Nivla Woods first. I've heard the forest is crawling with spiders... But between you and me, we should be-
  • ???: H-hey! You two! You're soldiers, right? I can tell from your weird fashion sense. You folk are supposed to help people! So. Help!
  • Tasim: Huh? Oh- yes, of course! What's your name? What do you need help with?
  • Ope: I'm Ope! I was recently... uh... bit by a spider! And now I need your help to get a rare medicinal herb to heal me!
  • Ope: It only grows in an infested cave filled with creepy crawlies. And I'm clearly in no condition to go get it myself!
  • Tasim: Well, alright! We're here to help, after all, so... We'll get you that herb!
  • Ope: Perfect. I'll bring you to the cave, and you can do the rest from there. Follow me, soldiers!

Stage 2

» Follow Ope to the tree at [-316, 72, -1598].


  • Ope: Well, here we are! The only way you can reach the cave is up through this tree.
  • Ope: Hm... There's two of you. Good! One of your can climb up into that cave, and the other can protect me from the crawly spiders down here!
  • Tasim: Alright! <playername>, you can go up into the tree, and I can defend Ope here while you do that.
  • Ope: Good, good. Well, good luck up there! Try not to get bitten too much by the spiders!

Stage 3

» Locate the medicine in the spider cave by climbing the tree behind Ope at [-314, 75, -1602].

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the cave.

Climb up the tree and follow the brown carpets on the leaves. It will lead you to a cave that you must jump into.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ForestSpider(Level5).png Forest Spider 5 12 Crawl - - Forest Web, Spider Fang Nivla Woods Treetops
  • You successfully broke through the cobwebs.

Stage 4

» Exit the cave with the medicinal herb.

In order to get the Saccharum, you must kill the Elder Forest Spider miniboss at the end of the cave.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SpiderEgg(InfestedPlants).png Spider Egg 6 4 None Self-Destruct - Forest Spider Saccharum Cave
ForestSpider(Level5).png Forest Spider 5 12 Crawl - - Forest Web, Spider Fang Saccharum Cave,
Spider Egg
ElderForestSpider.png Elder Forest Spider 7 120 Jumper - - - At the end of Saccharum Cave
  • Elder Forest Spider: ......must............protect............
  • You can now harvest the Saccharum Plant!

Right-click the Saccharum Plant to harvest it, and then open the cave exit by right-clicking it with the Saccharum.


  • Ope: There you are! It feels like we've been waiting for hours.
  • Tasim: It... really hasn't been that long. Maybe ten minutes at most.
  • Ope: Well-... Anyway! Do you have the herb? It's very- uh, important! To cure me. Yep.
  • [-1 Saccharum Plant]
  • Ope: There it is! Eheh. Thank you kindly for your work, soldiers! Now, about your payment...Let's see, what do I have...
  • Ope: Oh. I seem to be out of emeralds. Well- I can, uh, offer some advice! There's lots to find in this forest. Plenty of caves with valuables to explore! Might be worth your time.
  • Tasim: Wait, are you seriously not going to-
  • Ope: It has been a time, soldiers, but I truly must be going! We're near Alekin Village, you should stop on by! Go and speak to the mayor! He can cover my expenses!
  • Ope: Well. Goodbye!
  • Tasim: ...
  • Tasim: That's... frustrating. He seemed shady from the start, I should have-... Well. What's done is done. Let's go speak to that mayor.

Stage 5

» Speak to Mayor Alvin in Alekin Village at [-181, 71, -1615].


  • Mayor Alvin: Ah, travelers... welcome to our humble forest town. Have you come to stay, or are you simply passing through?
  • Tasim: Probably the latter. Though, we ran into a man named Ope, who directed us to speak with you.
  • Mayor Alvin: Oh, Ope... I take it your meeting with him went poorly? I must apologize for him, he is... a tough man to deal with.
  • Mayor Alvin: Here, I may offer you a small sum of emeralds as an apology. I hope he has not soured your opinion of our small town, here...
  • Tasim: Oh... Thank you. That's very kind of you. We'll probably stay for a while, before we continue towards Detlas.
  • Mayor Alvin: Then feel free to make yourselves at home! We welcome all travelers here, no matter how long their stay is.